Season 6 Episode 8

Sword and the City

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2003 on The WB

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  • Piper gets a boost of power which could be deadly.

    This is one of my favoroite episodes this season and of the entire show. It opens with Paige and Richard creeping in the kitchen a night of doing I dont even want to know. Paige trips over Pipers feet and falls, I was cracking up she is so ditzy. ANyway RIchard uses his power to help Piper unclog the sink. Piper seems perplexed and so was I. Phoebes teeth enter the kitchen about 5 minutes before she does and is stumped to see Richard there. SOmeone had a teeth cleaning because that must the only reason for seeing so much teeth and not boob. ANyway Piper gets a watery message from the bathroom sink. WHy do all of the clogs have the same water color and material in it? The effects department decided to use some money wisely and provide us with a cool water effect. THe bubble effect and the lady in water form was great. SHe gets stabbed by some back clad demon and sword flies over ahead. THat would neevr happen because that thing looks 100 pounds. Phoebe and Paige battle two henchmen. Phoebe kicks some butt while Paige orbs the ax. I love these little battle scenes. Finally the writers have ventured into Camelot territory.

    Long story short Paige and Piper battle over the factual evidence of Camelot. Phoebe shows her teeth so much I want to punch her and RIchard feels uncomfortable, I wonder if was from her teeth or her hostility, tough call. Once again Piper is left to do demon duty while her sisters carry out there lives. Paige is working for Phoebe. I will cut this short because even though I love this episode this whole subplot got tedious. Paige is meant to open Phoebes eyes about her relationship with RIchard.

    Meanwhile over at the manor magical creatures have gotten wind of the sword and travelled to the manor to try and get it. My favorite little dwarf makes an appearance, sarcasm and all. I think he is almost as sarcastic as Piper. Theres a long line of some weird looking creatures and Leo makes an appearance instead of CHris,damn it. Eventually Leo gets Pipers sisters and Piper gets annoyed witht he whole situation. SHe pulls the sword out and some tackily dressed man tornadoes in. Holly delivers a terrific "Oh Crap!" which had me laughing for sometime. Mordon supposedly works for the sword and is meant to train Piper. THe Feebs cant get a read. THe guy has a potion to vanquish the dark knight which Paige and Phoebe go to make. Piper is becoming more intrigued with the sword. Leo orbs off with Wyatt,hooray and Piper is force dinto battle. Holly knows how to work that sword. THe thing looks extremely heavy but she seems to have control.

    Hostility is abound at Richards house. He has a creepy potion room with some freaky ass ingredients. Phoebe is curious and nervous for Paiges safety and Paige just wishes she would shut up. I have to agree with Phoebe because I didnt trust him at first either. They start to make the potion. We cut over tot he manor where a beautifully choreographed sword fight is filmed. This has to be the best fight sequence ever filmed. It is beyond entertaining and exciting. TUrns out Mordon works for the dark knight but he has his own plans. Piper vanquishes the dark knight with the sword in a quick swoop. SHe isnt really evil just drunk from power. THe Ps try to stop her but she "winds" out.

    Piper gets decked out in leather and Mordon convinces her to begin a new world order. The sword doesnt trust him yet so he has to keep her busy. I found the writing for this episode to be really good. so much treachery and backstabbing. In any event Piper goes out to search for powerful demons. Meanwhile the Ps bump there heads to try and save Piper. Piper tries to kill Paige, haha, and they lose their souls due to some soul snatcher. That was a wicked power and I wish we saw it again. Piper round table is filled and Mordon fills out his destiny. Fantastic effects sequence is done with the pentagram in the middle. Some magical mojo traces each side of it as it kills each demon. Mordon gets excalibur which I am not sure how that worked. sure he was powerful and all but the sword should have recognized he wasnt the true power. He stabs Piper which is gut wrenching and reveals Wyatt is the true possesor. I had to scratch my head because I wanted to know how powerful they want to make this kid.

    THe girls go get Piper while Mordon stabs a teddy bear. Piper allows Wyatt to use his power and kill Mordon. That kid is so weird. He stabs Mordon and Piper seems a bit more freaked out then anyone else. Piper, and me, seem freaked out at how much power this kid has but Leo seems content.

    A fantastic epsiode overall. It is a standout of this season. ALthough I think this could have been a interesting arc. THey could have stretched this out into 2 or 3, I mean there was so much material within this episode that could have been explained more. bUt ina ny event its still one of my favs.
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