Season 5 Episode 7

Sympathy for the Demon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2002 on The WB

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  • An old enemy comes back for revenge with the help of some fears.

    Fantastic episode. It was pure Charmed. Barbas is back and I really do enjoy his character on charmed. even though billy drago tends to read his lines kind of slow he does an excellent job at portraying a demon of fear.

    the teaser was done really well. I was like is cole dreaming or what. it was weird but then barbas came on the screen and it was all clear.

    Piper: she is finally in the second trimester and she seems to have loosened up on the baby issues. She is much more happy and ready for life with the baby. so apparently she has a spider fear which has never been stated before this episode, but then again characters in every show dont lay everything on the table at once, they unfold eventually. although i wished they played on her previous fear of flying from back in season 1 she never conquered that fear.

    Phoebe: She is also ready life and what it offers her. she is finally moving on with he rlife and getting out their and dating. miles didnt seem like her type at all. he just didnt even look like her type but whatever. barbas plays on two of her fears in this episode. one being she only attracts demons and the other is that she is pure evil.

    Paige: she has suddenly developed an inferiority complex with prue. i thought that was covered last year. anyway prue seemed to be working on a animal conjuring spell ( wtf?) anyway she cant do it and has serious issues with tight spaces, or in her case the closet.

    I absolutely loved the plot. Paige feels sorry for cole and wants to get rid of his powers. she goes solo but winds up helping barbas. piper and phoebe were really mean to paige and i was totally shocked because it wasnt really her fault she didnt know barbas was around. in any event paige says sorry like 200 times and cole is temporarily human.

    phoebe taunts barbas to come to the manor so they can vanquish him witht he spell used on the source. he comes but the spell doesnt work. i was irritated at the way he acted when he was in the cage. i dont know what billy drago was going for but what ever it was, it sucked. barbas blocks up all the windows and doors. i was totally shocked, it just gets better from here on out.

    piper and paige try to get out but fail. suddenly all of them are subject to their fears. it was a great scene. paige is claustrophobic and the babys room is closing in on her and Rose did a great job with portraying her fear, well done. piper seems a bunch of tarantulas on the floor but phoebe helps her get out of it. phoebe got rid of her fear rather quickly by just punching the "miles demon"

    "leo" orbs in from the first fllor and asks for pipers help with cole. she goes with "leo" and the other two go to the attic to make the potion to extract coles powers from barbas.

    Hollys exceelent talents come to play with her next fear that barbas plays on. she experiences happiness but then terrible things happen eventually( this is her fear) the scene involves her grams and her father.the moment he left the house and his family. holly is just watching the scene and her eyes just swell up and she just starts to cry, i love holly, terrific. then he turns it ont he torment her baby will face and she basically collapses on the floor cradling her stomach and dealing with her fear.

    alyssa milano was also terrific in the fight scene. barbas stands in as paige and taunts phoebe that he already killed the other two and that she should kill him. she attacks him, but it is really paige. phoebe really kicks some butt and destroys some furniture too. she grabs a knife and stabs hima nd then he transforms into paige,omg what a scene. phoebe begins to cry and i am just shocked.

    piper blasts barbas and talks phoebe out of her fear which apparently is that she is evil. the blocks begin to disappear and leo heals paige. the finals howdown is good and challenges paige to pull a prue. barbas send s a shockwave out, destroying the vial but paige orbs the potion into his mouth, cole gets his powers back and vanquishes barbas. fear be gone,lol.