Season 5 Episode 7

Sympathy for the Demon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2002 on The WB

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  • It's great! It's a entire hour of effects/wicca/powers and there is aswell a brilliant character development. Besides this episode has one of the best camera work ever in Charmed. A terrific acting aswell.

    I really want to give a congratulation to the whole camera job that they did in this episode. The scenes were so great! They did some really interesting scenes and the episode was able to transmit the feeling. I really loved the way they filmed the "Prudence, Patricia, ..." spell, that scene is amazing. Seconds later you can see how Alyssa open her eyes and then whoe they made the windows disappear after she. Besides there is more! Piper remembering scene was so brilliant! How they filmed the demon burning next to her! I loved it. Phoebe fighting page scene was great too. I think the whole episode was filmed so amazinly that it deserve a good puntuation at least for that.

    In the other hand this episode had such a great acting, for the three of them and I would add Cole too. Barbas is brilliant aswell, I know that a lot of people hate him but I don't, in fact I think this episode is his best! Holly was a ten, like she always is. Alyssa was great aswell, so that was a surprise for me and Rose is always that good xd Anyway the scenes were meant to be that... I don't know. They were meant to transmit. In fact this episode is very emotional.

    About the feelings I think most people misunderstood the whole episode. Paige was not feeling insecure for no reason, she does not think she is inferior always, in fact he felt that way coz Barbas was manipulating her. She said "This feeling I've had these last days" that means that Barbas was there whispering in her ears. Anyway I think that without manipulation she does not feel like she is so inferior to Prue. Piper feeling is the best way to understand her character, we have seen her talk about it the whole show. She is completely obssesed about happyness, she believes she is not going to be happy any time. Always things are being good, something happens. In that scene she fears that something will happen to her baby coz there is no way to be happy, and if her baby is ok she will be. Phoebe being bad feeling was amazing, anyway it is not only about season 4 finale, it's like the one in Piper, it's been that way like the beginning. Do you remember the wogy episode? There she thought that she was evil, at least more evil that her sisters.

    Well, ending this episode was fantastic, the beginning was a little boring and seeing them repeat what Barbas said was really anoying but the whole direction and the camera can make this episode at least a 9.5. You gotta see it.