Season 5 Episode 7

Sympathy for the Demon

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2002 on The WB

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  • Oh Great, Barbas is Back #1

    Oh why can't they just keep him dead??!! I am getting completely sickened by the annoying fear demon Barbas continually coming back from the dead and ruining an episode which could of worked if he wasn't in it! Billy Drago can't act his way out of a paper bag and I want to kick in my TV set whenever he pops up!

    Sympathy for the Demon has Barbas somehow resurrecting himself and stealing Cole's powers. He then goes on to lock the sisters in the manor and releasing their individual fears, causing each one to slowly die.

    The fears of the sisters are brilliantly written and fit in with their characters perfectly. Piper's fear is that her growing paranoia that she won't be able to be there for her child, just like when Victor left and Patty died when she was a young girl. Phoebe's fear is that one of her sisters will die and she ends up almost murdering Paige due to Barbas' spell whilst Paige herself feels that the walls are closing in on her (literally) and she's feeling abandoned.

    Barbas has a "comedy" sidekick, the norm for Charmed demons nowadays and he follows the same routine that every "comedy" sidekick does: "stands there during lengthy exposition scene of where his master tells him what his evil plan is - then tries to persuade him not to go through with it - demon master kills sidekick". Boring! Julian McMahon was excellent in this episode and continues to be Charmed's most interesting character. It's a shame that for most of his short time in season five, he's not well used and ends up doing almost the exact same thing each week.

    This episode is hardly anything special (except the scenes where the sisters fears come to life) but far superior to the two previous Barbas episodes, From Fear to Eternity and Ms Hellfire.