Season 1 Episode 3

Thank You For Not Morphing

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 1998 on The WB

Episode Recap

The sisters are going to a party at the new neighbors house. Prue is reluctant to go but is coaxed into staying. There, they run into Andy, Prue's "friend". Andy asks Prue out to a basketball game, but she declines. Prue goes home and finds a rabid dog scaring her away.

The next day at work, a strange man visits Prue. He shows her a ring which makes Prue feel nostalgic. Once the man says that she knows who he is, Prue demands that he leave and orders him not to contact her or her sisters ever again. The man tells Prue that he's staying at a hotel and he wants to have dinner with her and her sisters tomorrow night. She threatens him with calling security. The man says, "Is that a way to talk to your father?"

At lunch, the sisters talk about the visit from their father, Victor. The other two want to go to dinner with their father since they don't have any memories of him. Prue is adamantly against it. Ultimately, they decide not to see him. Phoebe goes to Victor's hotel room, anyway. When giving him a hug, Phoebe has a premonition of Victor stealing the Book of Shadows.

At the manor, the mailman is delivering the mail. His finger transforms into a key and unlocks the door. The mailman goes to the attic and takes the Book of Shadows. He tries to leave, but the book won't allow it. Prue comes home, so the mailman quickly closes the door and morphs into Andy. "Andy" makes a hasty exit and Prue goes to the attic to find the door blown open. The sisters have a discussion about who would steal the book. They decide it would be someone familiar. Prue brings up Victor. Phoebe objects, but with doubt.

Phoebe and Piper go to dinner with Victor. They start reminiscing. Prue has Andy over for coffee and to talk about Victor. He convinces her to tell Victor how she really feels. Prue confronts Victor in the restaurant. The waiter comes with the Flambé, but trips. Piper freezes him and catches the Flambé before it hits the floor. Victor tells them that he knows about their powers. At the manor, the neighbors (shape-shifters) are planning to steal the Book of Shadows. The sisters and Victor come home and the neighbors turn into crows. They reminisce again, but somehow Victor brings up the Book of Shadows. Prue confronts Victor again, and Victor tries to explain by saying he's trying to protect them. Prue then uses her powers on her father, knocking Victor into the wall. He walks out the door. Piper and Phoebe are mad at Prue for accusing and attacking their father.

At the hotel, the neighbors confront Victor about their plan. They want to kill him, but Victor says they need him. Victor will try to coax Phoebe into bringing the Book of Shadows out of the house.

At breakfast, Piper and Prue don't talk to each other. Phoebe tells them that she had a premonition of Victor stealing the Book of Shawdows. Victor left his protection ring at the manor.

Phoebe goes to get the newspaper when Victor comes up. He grabs her, and she has the same premonition, but it's longer this time. The vision reveals that the neighbors posed as Victor. The neighbors come up to "help" Phoebe escape from Victor.

Phoebe runs home and quickly tells everyone that it's not dad that was after the Book of Shadows, but the neighbors. She runs up to the attic to get the spell to vanquish the shape-shifters. She runs down and standing there are two Victors. The other two shape-shifter walk in the room. One of the Victors said to kill them both. Phoebe starts the chant, and Prue uses her magic to give Victor the protection ring. The shape-shifters and Victor start to hurt and once the spell is said, the shape-shifters die. Victor accepts that they are grown up and are responsible enough to use their magic.

Prue finishes talking to Andy on the phone and calls Victor dad. Phoebe teases Prue about calling Victor dad, and Prue says that her dress looks good on Phoebe. The door bell rings and Piper gets it to reveal the handyman, Leo Wyatt. Leo comes in with a package that was on the door steps. Everyone is shocked, especially Phoebe. Phoebe drools over Leo. Leo wants a tour of the house, and Phoebe eagerly volunteers. Phoebe is about to go, but Prue stops her. In the package there is a note that says that Victor has to leave and with the note is a videotape of Victor and the sisters on Christmas morning many years ago.