Season 1 Episode 3

Thank You For Not Morphing

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 1998 on The WB

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  • Thank You for Not Morphing

    Thank You for Not Morphing was a perfect episode of Charmed because it had a great story which shows the sisters are still discovering themselves and the hidden world around them. I really enjoyed watching as their father returned and tried to warn them about possible threats from evil entities after their powers. There was a lot of character and plot development and it was nice to see the sister's react in a way which definitely fit their birth order. In the end the sisters came to an understanding with their father and he left them with a precious memory from their pasts. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Piper: So last week we have no Dad, and now we have two?

    First of all, let me say that Alyssa is absolutely adorable with the hair just above the shoulders. This episode has a lot more going on than the last one. However, it is also a muddled mess at times. They might have been better off to just deal with Victor wanting the BOS, instead of having the shapeshifter demons at all. On the other hand, the demon subplot is pretty simple and straightforward. Victor's subplot on the other hand is the one full of holes. This is a rather forgettable first portrayal of Victor Bennet, the sisters' father. It isn't the actor's fault, who is quite good. It is the role. It is also probably not his fault that he automatically comes off as slimy, when Daddy 2.0, James Read, came off as honest and nurturing. The biggest issue is that many of the scenes with Victor don't make a lot of sense. He takes a trip down memory lane with Piper and Phoebe, who would have been too young to have anything but faint recollections of their father. He talks like he knows Phoebe, when in reality, he would know nothing about her, as she was a toddler when he left the house. And let me get this straight, knowing what we know later about Victor, he split with Patty over his desire that the sisters lead normal lives, and yet, now that they are witches, he comes back? Very odd. They did have normal lives as long as Grams was alive. So, where was he? The very contrived final scene of the demons and Victor all showing up at once at the manor is frankly uncomfortable. Great job by Phoebe to save the day though. And watching that home video at the end, it is actually pretty obvious that Alyssa Milano is playing their mother in the video. Haha....

    The best minute of the show is probably the last minute when a certain undercover whitelighter is introduced as handyman Leo. Good move... that.
  • Thanks For Nothing

    A mostly sucky episode which doesn't really serve any purpose when looking at it in retrospect and features some terrible direction and some standard Charmed demons.

    This episode marks the first appearance of Victor, the sister's dad, but he doesn't make much of an impression here. He's played by a different actor and he has a different surname. When Victor returns in season three's We All Scream for Ice Cream, he's portrayed by the more convincing James Read. All of the events in this episode seem to have been forgotten about in that episode, since Prue and Victor become buddies again at the end of this one. Obviously, this seemed to have been swept under the carpet for Victor's next appearance.

    The demons in this episode are unbelievable and extremely tedious. The three shapeshifting siblings are unexciting to watch and all tension is diminished by the awful direction by Ellen Pressman. The shot of Victor being thrown against the wall is hilariously lame, and by far one of the worst FX shots used on the show.

    This whole episode is rendered pointless and the reunion between Victor and his daughters is meaningless as the storyline between them seems to of been undone by Victor's next appearance. Avoid.

    Director: Ellen Pressman
    Writers: Zack Estrin, Chris Levinson
    Rating: D
  • Prue has father issues, and frankly, I’m kinda bored.

    It’s a quite average episode, which biggest asset is bringing up some of the history of the charmed ones. The shapshifting neighbours are really boring, and most importantly such bad actors, that I sometimes find myself in pain when watching. The acting in general is bad in this episode, and especially Victor bugged me. He was creepy and I hated how the sisters, even Prue, accepted him in no time, and just welcomed him back to the family. The actor who played Victor was quite bad, and James Read, who will later on play him, is so much better. The most of the episode is silly and frankly quite pointless. It has no character development, brings so new interesting facts about magic to the sisters, it establishes nothing except proving that Charmed’s filler episodes often are rather boring. The fact that the episode is horribly directed doesn’t make the result better. The script doesn’t make much sense either, and it just seems that the writers wanted to establish the sister’s history and making us know that they grew up alone without their father.

    Even with these hard word, it’s a quite good episode, even in its boring main plot. The sister’s interaction is, as it always was in the beginning (and later on, even if we kinda takes it for granted now), very sweet and realistic. The main trio works better and better with each other, and they really feel like sisters. Prue opening up to Andy is also a good thing, and I’m a big fan of their relationship, even if it only lasted for half a season. It also brought us a new character, one that proved be one of the most long-lived and beloved of the series; Leo.
    Overall a slightly boring episode, and indeed a filler; but still sweet and an semi-adventurous episode, which mainly makes us get used to the characters.
  • Maybe the worst episode ever!

    I don't realy know why some people like this episode! I hated it! And these are the reasons why:

    Firstable the direction was completely AWFUL! Expept some moments,it sucks! The worst scene is the one were Prue is using her telekinisis power against Victor!I Truly hated it! And all the demons scenes the worst ever! Especialy the slow move scenes were comletely disasterous!

    Secondable the acting was bad! The actor who plays Victor s not realy good! I liked better the future Victor! Now the demon Girl ( I thing Syntha or something) was comletely annoying and I hated her from the first moment not because she was playing the evil, but because she was playing A-W-F-U-L! The other two shape-shifters were realy bad too. I didnt liked Holly's acting either! Shannen and Alyssa: the best!

    Now the writting was very good! Cleverly ploted, with very good quotes! I think that if the director was someone alse it could be a great episode! Now you can see why I hate this episode. I think that this one and The Marriage from Hell are the worst of the season!

    Blessed be, John
  • The Girls dad shows up and exspects to come right back into there life Phoebe and Piper are willing to make amends but Prue is still angry at him and refuses to see him.

    I liked this episode because it goes more into the girls past. All in all though i could see that the naboiors were evil from the very begining and it was kinda obvious that Victor was after the book and even though he was doing it for the better like the sisters I dident agree. I mean they are adults I think they have a right to choose wether they want to be witches or not. I did like how Prue set aside how mad she was at Victor and made up with him to save him. Like I said it opened up alot of doors to the past.
  • Daddy Dearest is back, bearing secrets. Ish.

    Possibly the worst episode of season 1, this episode marks the first appearence of two vital characters on Charmed, the father Victor and the handyman-with-a-secret Leo. The sisters' estranged father returns to San Fransisco for the first time in decades, and Prue is less than willing to bury the hatchet. Meanwhile, a trio of shapeshifters try to steal the Book of Shadows.

    Almost everything about this episode fails. The special effects are embarrassing and the plot is in great pain despite great potential and obvious effort. The shapeshifters, in particular the overly horny Cynda, just might be the worst villains to ever appear on Charmed.
    Tony Denison is not convincing at all as Victor - James Read delivers a much better performance from season 3 onwards - and his sudden alliance with the shapeshifters seems completely out of place and reeks of writers desperate for a plot twist. However all three sisters are still brilliantly portrayed by each actress, most notably Shannen Doherty, which goes on to prove what an amazing constellation the three of them originally were. A for effort, but F for failing.
  • The return of long-absent fathers and shape-shifters moving in across the street didn't really do a lot for me as everything was far too predictable.

    If we didn't realise it before, we certainly do now. The Halliwell sisters all have very different views and feelings with regard to their father, Victor Bennett, who suddenly comes back into their lives after a very long absence. Prue, to say the least, is less than happy. As the oldest, she remembers the most about him and cannot forgive him for walking out on his family the way that he did.

    Phoebe was only very young at the time and so she has a very strong need to get to know him, particularly as she doesn't remember their mother, Patty. As usual, Piper is somewhere in the middle, not really sure how she feels but not wanting to cause trouble either.

    When we see more of Victor, we realise that Prue's instincts were right - Victor is in league with a gang of shape-shifters to try and steal The Book of Shadows away from Halliwell Manor. His motives, he says, are admirable, but we all find that rather hard to believe. (Victor becomes a much nicer chap later on when actor James Read takes over the role.)

    All in all, I found this episode trite and cheesy and nowhere near up to the excellent standards of almost all the other offerings. Still, it's early days and there are dozens of excellent episodes to come yet!
  • Suddenly after twenty years the girls father shows up back in their lives. There are also new neighbors across the street. All that and weird things keep happening around the house in general. One good thing, no one can just steal the Book of Shadows.

    An even weaker episode than the last one. The girls Dad, Victor played by Anthony John Denison shows up and wants to make nice with his daughters after twenty years. Luckily Prue has some sense but Piper and Phoebe seem to leave theirs somewhere other than in their brains.

    Besides the new neighbors next door the girls come home to find a strange dog in the house, birds in the house, and Prue finds Andy in the house when she gets home. He tells her that the door was open. They all seem to take this at face value like Phoebe is really just leaving the front door open every time she leaves the house?

    The neighbors turn out to be evil shape shifters that are trying to steal the Book of Shadows. They have been working with Victor who knows about the book and it seems is maybe trying to get the book to save himself in the end. Fortunately the book doesn't seem to want to go unless the girls are in control of it so at least they don't have to worry about that. I do think they might consider putting it in a less prominent place.

    The final scene has the girls destroying the shape shifters because of Phoebe's vision and their father admitting he was there to get the book. He is saved by a protection ring that he was given by their mother. Saved because the chant the girls read from the Book of Shadows destroys everything in the house but them and their cat.

    The father skips town leaving them a sentimental video of their early years together wiser but sadder. The effects were so so and the production value OK. The dialogue was a little weak but the acting by the cast pretty good. A good filler, fill in the blanks episode. Thanks for reading...
  • Neighbours at war!

    This was a poor episode about the return of the Halliwell sister's Father after 20 years, mixed in with shapeshifing neighbours who want the book of Shadows but can't et it out of the House.

    The main problem is the tone which is very serious. I don't think I smiled once and was pretty bored with what was happening. It also stretches credibility that after 20 years Piper and Phoebe would be so eager to meet with their Dad, they'd have at least a little doubt and trepidation. Prue is a little too angry for me as well. Another point in case is why would their father return so soon in the series, we don't know the characters well enough to care yet. If this had appeared maybe 8 episodes down the line in mid season then maybe it would have been more convincing. They could have built up more of their opinions on Daddy.

    The shapeshifters were cardboard cut outs which was very disappointing. They had one goal and that was to get the book (they obviously just got the attic door fixed as well so must be pissed off). Who hadn't figured that they would have some connection to Daddy either.

    So in all a miserable and boring episode, the point of Daddy returning may be built upon later but at this point in the story it felt pointless.
  • Daddy Don't Care

    Thank You For Not Morphing-The sisters' estranged father returns, but trouble arises when he teams up with the new neighbors, who are actually shape-shifters trying to steal the Book of Shadows. Meanwhile, a handyman comes to the manor to help the girls.

    Yet another episode that sees Charmed still struggling to sustain some quality as the Charmed Ones face off against some shapeshifters and...ohh...they're father comes back! This part of the storyline is enjoyable as the drama of the sisters' father returning is well acted by all 3 actress. I liked how Prue was very resistant and hurt of the sisters, as it would be obvious since she had to take care of her sisters because of her father's abandonment. Piper is very open minded to see her father again while Phoebe can't wait to reconnect with the father she never knew, despite even a poorly directed premonition she gets of him stealing the book, lol!The real downside is Victor Bennett himself! Poorly written as deceptive and manipulative as well as being acted with as much energy as a old man on his death bed by Anthony John Denison, the character just doesn't work and it's no wonder they re-casted and re-vamped the character in the future.

    The shapshifters are also poorly acted and pretty much they just stand there not causing mush threat or any concern for they're existince. Yet again the only interesting thing about them is when they got vanquished by the sisters, which had some decent special effects. On a side note, this episodes marks the introduction of Leo, the sisters' handyman who will soon become a very important supporting character to the series later on this season and beyond. All and All, besides some nice drama, there isn't much going for this episode and is pretty passable.
  • My review for the third episode of Charmed

    The Halliwell sisters meet their father after a long time, while a group of shape shifters are trying to steal the book of shadows. I had mixed feelings about this episode. On a positive note, I liked watching the love-hate relationship between Prue and her father. You can see how differently each sister feels towards Victor, and that was very interesting to watch, since it showed more of their history with their family relations. I also enjoyed watching the shape shifters change into different creatures. And to top it, we also get to see Leo appear as the handyman, which was fun to watch. However, things just seemed so haphazard in this episode, like it was not properly coordinated. For one thing, I still don't understand why the shape shifters were after the book of shadows in the first place. Furthermore, why was Victor in touch with the shape shifters, and doing their dirty work, and later did a complete 180 to save his daughters? This episode seemed really slow-paced until the last 10 minutes, when it was completely action packed. Finally, although I loved watching the emotions that was portrayed by the Halliwell sisters, I personally did not like Anthony John Denison's portrayal of Victor. I mean, here is a man who has not seen his daughters in a long time, and yet, when Phoebe meets him in his hotel room, he treats her like an acquaintance, (not even knowing which daughter she is) rather than a daughter. I just felt like he didn't put much emotion in his role. In fact, I enjoyed the scene where Prue pushed Victor using her powers. I also felt that they could have involved the story of the shape shifters more into this episode.

    All in all, this episode is informative in terms of character history and development, but doesn't contain anything special that makes it memorable.
  • The Halliwells Father

    In this episode the sister's goes to their new neighbours house warming party. Phobie set's Andy and Prue up and prue is angry with her sister. But still, everything is going fine until we find out that the sisters father is back in town when he show's up when Prue is working. He invites his daughters to dinner but Phobie, so excited about meeting her fasther for the 1st time can't wait show's up in her father's apartment early. The haliwells father 1st greets Phobie as Piper but that does not stop them from getting along. The sisters soon realises that their father knows they are witches. Meanwhile, shape shifting demons try to steal the book of shadow's. Fantastic ep, 9.2
  • And we finally meet the father...

    In the first episode, we learn that the Charmed One's father left them and headed to New York. Well, in this episode, he returns. There is a little of confusion, in the beginning, to know if he is good or evil, given that the Book of Shadows was almost stolen right on the time that Victor (they're father) arrived in town. But that was the work of three shape-shifters that wanted the Charmed One's Power.

    With the arrival of Victor, Prue gets really angry, because she was the oldest, and she remembers very clearly the day Victor left. Piper and Phoebe were younger and don't remember him very well, so they are more receptive to his arrival than Prue.

    In the end, everything ends well, with Prue reconciling with her father and the shape-shifters vanquished.
  • The sisters absent father returns to see them but has his own agenda- to steal the book of shadows, which the sisters shapeshifting neighbours are also trying to do

    A pretty average episode containing some very good interaction between the sisters but containing extremely annoying and awful guest stars; particularly the actors who play the 3 shapeshifters who are acting as if they are auditioning for their roles and generally don't put any effort into their roles making them seem very lifeless and not menacing or threatening

    I also disliked Victor in this episode, perhaps due to the actor that plays him, who gives a very dull and lame performance unlike James Read who will reprise the role in later episodes

    It seems that the crew were not taking this episode very seriously as it contains awful directing, trashy, cheap special effects and goofs such as crew members proping up when the episode is being run

    A slightly annoying episode containing only superb acting from the 3 leads, one to miss definately
  • The daddy returns

    To be truthful, I was surprised we got to meet the girls' father quite so soon, but it made for an interesting episode.

    Prue seems to have a chip on her shoulder the size of Poland when it comes to her dad, which makes for some great dialogue. I didn't like the way she threw him against the wall, though. Not only was it out of character but the special effects were rubbish. Piper and Phoebe were far more accepting and it was good to see Piper go against Prue's wishes for once and agree to meet Victor for dinner.

    The shapeshifter demons were also interesting but they would have been better if they hadn't been playing second fiddle to the main storyline. On the up side were the plot to steal the book and Phoebe's premonitions slowly revealing the truth. On the down side was the lousy acting by the three actors.

    For some reason I found Victor rather smarmy in this episode. And could they have found three uglier children to show in that video? Dear God!

    Lastly, this episode marks the first appearance of a certain Mr Wyatt, even if it is only for two minutes at the end.
  • Victor the girls father finally comes in the picture. Plus, shapeshifters move in across the street and try to steal the book of shadows.

    This epsiode brings the girls and their father, Victor, back together. Making the girls a little more happier of being a little more normal family. Three shapeshifters move across the street and try to steal the book of shadows. With Phoebes premantions she was able to know that it wasn't her father who stole the book but the niehbors and find the spell they needed. Now the spell could kill their father also but luckly their father and a protection ring from spells to keep him a live while the girls said the spell. It all worked about. Plus, Leo came in the picture as the handy-man. Great plot.
  • Victor visits

    Okay this wasn't that exciting. It was a little interesting to see the girls' father but it was lacking a lot. You kind of were with Prue thinking that he must know about them being witches and he must be bad because he gave off that vibe the entire episode.

    It was completely annoying to see Prue fighting with Phoebe and Piper over whether or not they should go and eat dinner with their father. Prue had every right to feel the way she did about him but she shouldn't have been so harsh with Piper and Phoebe.

    I did love Phoebe being Phoebe and going to see him anyway. There was no way she would listen to Prue then anyway. It was great to see Phoebe trying to play over her vision and not tell Piper and Prue about it because she wanted to believe that her dad was a good man.

    The shape shifters were cool but lame at the same time because they changed really fast and it made it almost confusing. It was cool that they were after the Book of Shadows though because that made it a little bit more interesting.

    This was a pretty good episode of Charmed.
  • 3 little witches and a father.

    The sisters have bearly discovered their new powers when their long-lost father resurfaces in their lives. How convenient! Piper and Phoebe never really knew Victor Bennett, but Prue remembers all too well how he walked out on them. Prue is very suspicious as to why Victor returned. She gives Victor major attitude when she suspects he's returned to steal The Book of Shadows. It seems like everyone's in the market for a good book, because the shape-shifting neighbors have their sights set on the volume as well. They appear to be three single twenty-somethings, but when no one's looking they turn into attack dogs, Prue's boyfriend, and dear old Dad, all in an attempt to steal the book. After working out some sticky family issues, the sisters unite their powers to save Pops and vanquish the nasty shape-shifters. But before you can say, "Happy Father's Day," Victor has vanished from their lives again sending a video tape instead and the sisters are doing it for themselves -- again. Leo first appears in this episode as their Handyman.
  • Charmed

    When neighbors and demons Fritz, Marshall and Cynda attempt to steal the book of shadows and fail they come up with another plan. The girls father victor a human is in San Francisco and wants to see the girls. Having not seen there father since he walked out on them when they were kids they at first want nothing to do with them. The demons use Victor to get to the charmed ones. Saying a rhyming poem and vanquishing the demons works a treat for the sisters. The sisters arrange to go heve dinner with Victor but he left early and gave them a home video of a christmas when they were very young.

    Leo Wyatt a handyman came and fixed things around the house.
  • The sisters father returns after abandoning them when they were young. Demons move in across the street and try and steal the book of shadows.

    One of the worst episodes. some strange scenes like when one of the demons morphs his finger into a key to open the front door but is locked out of the attic so he breaks the door down. The girls come home and catch the demons in the house so they morph into crows and fly out over the sisters heads so the won't be discovered. Wouldn't flys or gnats be less conspicous? When Prue suggests that Victor may be trying to steal the Book of Shadows, Phoebe acts shocked and argues with her more then once even though she had a premonition of him doing exactly that. (it turns out it wasn't Victor but a demon who morphed into a Victor look- alike which brings up the problem as to why Phoebe even had the premoniton when she hugged Victor in the first place). Also it intoduces a few items that would become continuity problems in further episodes. the demons grab the Book of Shadows but in further episodes evil can't even touch the book. Piper says that the craft is "chick thing" that is passed down thru the female line yet there are male witches later on. Prue seems to make up with her father Victor, yet the next time he appears it's like they haven't met since he left. Since this episode is so fogettable, it's probably a good thing the writers of future episodes just ignored what happened.

    Also the Victor character was really creepy and poorly acted. The next Victor is much, much better. I also think it was poorly directed. The scene of Victor flying inot the wall was especially bad. and what's with the dog ?

    a couple of good points : It introduces the morphing power and a chacter who becomes a personal favotite - Leo.
  • we find out more about the sisters

    i really liked this episode, we find out even more about Prue, Piper and Phoebe. its not one of my favorites but i think its great that we can really understand just what the depature of Victor did to them. Prue has issues that i'm not sure she'll ever get over. We discover that Victor left as he didn't want to see the girls get hurt by magic.
    The special effects are also pretty good, i love the bit where the finger turns into a key.
    There are a few errors though such as evil being able to touch the book we later find out they aren't able to.
    The best part of this episode however is the debut of a certain Mr Wyatt!!
  • About three late teenage shapeshifters who want to steal the book of shadows.

    I found this episode very interesting. Although it does have a few mistakes, it was a great asset to the show considering it is one of the first episodes.

    There are a few mistakes on the DVD versions of this episode, although, the episode is still well written. It has great contrasting and we get to know the characters more. We also learn more about the girls which is fabulous.

    However, we do not get to see much personality. In my opinion, this show is not about three witches who are sisters, but about three sisters who are witches, and how they make each other who they are.
  • i love the ending

    its not one of my all time faveroites but i still love it. I think it's kind of sad when victor doesn't know pheobes name (its always makes me sad that pheobe never realy got to know her parents). I also love the ending were they show the video thier dad gave them (baby pheobe so cute!!!.
  • Did anyone ever notice that Victor is played someone else after this episode Wonder Why????

    Not one of the better shows I know that they probably did not know that they would bring Victor back in more episodes. They should have thoght about it a little more so they would not have to find a different actor when they do bring him back. It's kind of funny this is a kind of taller then the next Victor that they cast couln't they at least find someone who is the same height I know stupid this to complain about but everything time a watch this episode I think about it and it buggs me I don't know why
  • Good and bad.

    In this episode we get to meet the girls father Victor. He proceeds in this episode like there is nothing wrong. Like all is well between him and the girls. Which is so untrue. I didn't like the actor who played Victor in this first time showing of dad. The shape shifters were kind of a filler I believe. I feel this was not one of their best episode of this fantastic show.
  • good episode!

    I like this episode! it shows Victor! (prue, piper, and pheobe's dad) he shouldnt have had 2 deal with the shape shifters. but they did good too. i would of thought that victor would of come a long later in the series. u need 2 watch this episode if u like the series.
  • Thank you for Being a Dad!

    And here we have the infamous father on the scene!

    And Prue's anger is easily shown, along with Piper's surprise and Phoebe's hint of curiosity. Surprisingly, all three being emotions which can alert there powers - and they do.

    Phoebe's power is alerted when she goes to visit him at his flat and she receives a premonition of him stealing the book. Yet somehow we can see that she still trusts him regardless of her premonition - up until she is given greater reason to believe her premonition is real.

    Piper's surprise comes out when the cake is about to fall - hardly reflecting her father but after the scene is unfrozen Victor mentions their powers, which surprises Piper along with everyone else.

    Prue's anger comes out while in the manor and he is sent across the hall slamming into the wall. This reflects in my opinion, the stored anger she's had for her dad for a while and it just came blasting out at that provocative moment.

    I think that the Charmed writers have had better days than this (As have I in giving a review) but the introduction to the shapeshifting ability in the magical world proves fairly important in the future seasons.

    And at the end who can forget the 'Something Leo this way comes'. It may have been a short entry but in actual fact, it was one of the most impacting entries on the Halliwell lives.

    And in advance of a future review I'll make. Take note of how Prue likes her father at the end and Phoebe also liking her father throughout. This causes one of the many continuity problems Charmed has.
  • The girls' long lost father comes back to town and they have to deal with some shapeshifters.

    This episode contradicts one of the basic facts that we learn about Charmed in the future. It is common knowledge to any regular viewer of Charmed that evil cannot touch the Book of Shadows, but as we see evil can touch the book, hold it, the shapeshifter could have sat down and flipped through the book if it wanted, the only thing it couldnt do was take the book out of the house. In the future, any demon would love to be able to touch the book.

    The character Victor comes into the scene, and is given the name Victor Halliwell. The name Halliwell comes from the mother's side of the family. Later Victor get's the surname Bennett. THe actor portraying Victor sucked. He was cold and unsympathetic. He doesnt care that he abandoned the girls, or that they hate him. Luckily next time Victor comes into the show, it is a new actor who portrays Victor as a nicer man.

    The idea of the shapeshifters were pretty random. They just came out of no where. They arent even important enough to make the Book of Shadows. The spell used for vanquishing them wasnt even specified for shapeshifter, it was a general house cleansing spell.

    Not one of the better charmed episodes
  • The Wrong Parents

    Here we are introduced to one of the parents of the sisters. Although, they shouldn't really have bothered, as they later changed the character, the actor, and even the character's surname.

    Not that these changes are bad, as I prefer the second father and actor over the first. Tony Denison isn't a very talented actor in the first place. And the character comes across as a smarmy jerk, completely unsympathetic of the fact that he hasn't seen his daughters in so long he can't even tell them apart. The second father is a lot more likeable, so I'm glad they made that change.

    The appearance of their father stirs up different feelings in each of the sisters.

    Prue resents him so much that when he first shows up she pretends she doesn't know him, this must've sounded good on paper, but it didn't play out very well on screen and came across as unrealistic. She is unwilling to allow him back into her life if it is on his terms and not her's. Though, one can hardly blame her due to the way the character was written for this episode.

    Phoebe is the most eager of the sisters to have him back in their lives, mainly because she was so young when he left she doesn't even remember him being there at all. I really felt sorry for Phoebe as we later find out she was also too young to remember her mother. But that's for another episode. And even when she has 'proof' that he is after the book, she ignores it because she so badly wants everything to go well.

    Piper, while also eager to meet him, plays the mediator in it all, as usual. She is more or less in the same boat as Phoebe with the parent thing.

    The shapeshifters were rather lame and so one-dimensional that there really isn't much to say about them.

    One thing that always annoyed me, and still does, about this episode was the premonition. It was shot terribly, with the actors looking directly into the camera and smiling. That was beyond cheesy and I really wish they'd done it differently. But looking through the director's credits, I can see she clearly isn't that talented, as she is responsible for two of the biggest abominations of the Buffyverse, those being Inca Mummy Girl, and The Puppet Show.

    On the plus side, at the end of the episode we are introduced to Leo, Piper's future husband, who seems to be the only lasting effect this episode introduced to the show. Seeing him in his t-shirt, jeans and tool-belt, stirs up some feelings of nostalgia for the old Charmed.

    And here began the mini-arc of the Piper-Leo-Phoebe triangle. Of course we all know who won him over in the end. Was there ever any doubt?
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