Season 1 Episode 3

Thank You For Not Morphing

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 1998 on The WB

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  • Prue has father issues, and frankly, I’m kinda bored.

    It’s a quite average episode, which biggest asset is bringing up some of the history of the charmed ones. The shapshifting neighbours are really boring, and most importantly such bad actors, that I sometimes find myself in pain when watching. The acting in general is bad in this episode, and especially Victor bugged me. He was creepy and I hated how the sisters, even Prue, accepted him in no time, and just welcomed him back to the family. The actor who played Victor was quite bad, and James Read, who will later on play him, is so much better. The most of the episode is silly and frankly quite pointless. It has no character development, brings so new interesting facts about magic to the sisters, it establishes nothing except proving that Charmed’s filler episodes often are rather boring. The fact that the episode is horribly directed doesn’t make the result better. The script doesn’t make much sense either, and it just seems that the writers wanted to establish the sister’s history and making us know that they grew up alone without their father.

    Even with these hard word, it’s a quite good episode, even in its boring main plot. The sister’s interaction is, as it always was in the beginning (and later on, even if we kinda takes it for granted now), very sweet and realistic. The main trio works better and better with each other, and they really feel like sisters. Prue opening up to Andy is also a good thing, and I’m a big fan of their relationship, even if it only lasted for half a season. It also brought us a new character, one that proved be one of the most long-lived and beloved of the series; Leo.
    Overall a slightly boring episode, and indeed a filler; but still sweet and an semi-adventurous episode, which mainly makes us get used to the characters.