Season 1 Episode 3

Thank You For Not Morphing

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 1998 on The WB

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  • Thanks For Nothing

    A mostly sucky episode which doesn't really serve any purpose when looking at it in retrospect and features some terrible direction and some standard Charmed demons.

    This episode marks the first appearance of Victor, the sister's dad, but he doesn't make much of an impression here. He's played by a different actor and he has a different surname. When Victor returns in season three's We All Scream for Ice Cream, he's portrayed by the more convincing James Read. All of the events in this episode seem to have been forgotten about in that episode, since Prue and Victor become buddies again at the end of this one. Obviously, this seemed to have been swept under the carpet for Victor's next appearance.

    The demons in this episode are unbelievable and extremely tedious. The three shapeshifting siblings are unexciting to watch and all tension is diminished by the awful direction by Ellen Pressman. The shot of Victor being thrown against the wall is hilariously lame, and by far one of the worst FX shots used on the show.

    This whole episode is rendered pointless and the reunion between Victor and his daughters is meaningless as the storyline between them seems to of been undone by Victor's next appearance. Avoid.

    Director: Ellen Pressman
    Writers: Zack Estrin, Chris Levinson
    Rating: D
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