Season 1 Episode 3

Thank You For Not Morphing

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 1998 on The WB

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  • Piper: So last week we have no Dad, and now we have two?

    First of all, let me say that Alyssa is absolutely adorable with the hair just above the shoulders. This episode has a lot more going on than the last one. However, it is also a muddled mess at times. They might have been better off to just deal with Victor wanting the BOS, instead of having the shapeshifter demons at all. On the other hand, the demon subplot is pretty simple and straightforward. Victor's subplot on the other hand is the one full of holes. This is a rather forgettable first portrayal of Victor Bennet, the sisters' father. It isn't the actor's fault, who is quite good. It is the role. It is also probably not his fault that he automatically comes off as slimy, when Daddy 2.0, James Read, came off as honest and nurturing. The biggest issue is that many of the scenes with Victor don't make a lot of sense. He takes a trip down memory lane with Piper and Phoebe, who would have been too young to have anything but faint recollections of their father. He talks like he knows Phoebe, when in reality, he would know nothing about her, as she was a toddler when he left the house. And let me get this straight, knowing what we know later about Victor, he split with Patty over his desire that the sisters lead normal lives, and yet, now that they are witches, he comes back? Very odd. They did have normal lives as long as Grams was alive. So, where was he? The very contrived final scene of the demons and Victor all showing up at once at the manor is frankly uncomfortable. Great job by Phoebe to save the day though. And watching that home video at the end, it is actually pretty obvious that Alyssa Milano is playing their mother in the video. Haha....

    The best minute of the show is probably the last minute when a certain undercover whitelighter is introduced as handyman Leo. Good move... that.
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