Season 1 Episode 3

Thank You For Not Morphing

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 1998 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • It is learned that Phoebe is three years younger than Piper.

    • It is learnerd that only the sisters can take the Book of Shadows out of the Manor.

    • Goof: At the beginning of the episode, Prue comes home to find a dog in the house, which turns out to be one of the shape shifters. The dog is shown lurking outside the house before the girls leave for the party, but when they get to the party, all the shape shifters are there, talking to them.

    • Goof: During Phoebe's first trip to the attic, the Book of Shadows independently flips the pages and reveals that many pages were actually doubles of previous pages.

    • Goof: When Prue slammed Victor in to the wall, Piper found his ring the next day at breakfast on the floor by where Victor landed. However, when he's in the hotel you can see it on his finger.

    • Goof: At the party Prue and Andy are talking, when Fritz comes over and starts talking to Andy and Prue leaves. The next shot however shows Fritz standing next to Marshall and his sister, and Andy is nowhere in sight.

    • Goof: How is it that the conversation that Prue and "shapeshifter" Andy had never came up when her and the real Andy were sitting in the kitchen talking. Obviously, the real Andy somehow learned of his plans to hang out with Prue rather than her go with her sisters to have dinner with Victor. So wouldn't Andy have originally expressed confusion when Prue discussed their plans, since he was never there and therefore tipped Prue off to something being wrong? While they never discussed the previous visit onscreen, it seems highly unlikely it would not have come up since he somehow managed to wind up spending the evening with her!

    • Goof: In the scene where the shape shifters are disguised as Piper and Phoebe, "Phoebe" is sitting in the chair and stands up in front of it, between "Piper" and the mailman. When they morph back, the one that was Phoebe is standing behind the couch and walks forward.

    • Goof: When Prue is talking to Andy by the front door somebody is visible sitting in the kitchen wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

  • Quotes

    • Marshall: I don't know what kind of people you're used to dealing with, but I'd lay serious coin that they aren't willing to rip you into a thousand pieces and dance in your entrails.
      Victor: Oh, so you're lawyers.

    • Piper: Wait a sec. Last week we had no Dad and now we have two?

    • Prue: Some of us have a job.
      Phoebe: Some of us have fun.
      Piper: And some of us are having a really bad hair day.

    • Victor: Always in a hurry, Prue. You skipped crawling and went straight to walking.
      Prue: Oh, we're sharing memories. Well, I've got one of my own – your back walking out the door.

    • Piper: Okay, we have to call the cops and report it as a break-in.
      Prue: And tell them what? That someone broke into our house to try and steal our broomsticks?

    • Piper (about Victor): I wonder why he went to you first. I mean, why not Phoebe or me?
      Prue: Piper, it's not like I won the lotto.

    • Phoebe: Hey, I have an idea. Why don't we throw a party and charge admission. It's a great way to make extra cash.
      Prue: Hey, I have an even better idea. Why don't you just get a job?

    • Piper: Hey look. (she picks the ring up off the floor) It's dad's ring. What's it doing here?
      Phoebe: It must have slipped off when he, uh... fell. (referring to when Prue made him hit the wall)

    • Phoebe: How big was this dog again?
      Prue: Huge. Did you see the scratches on the attic door?
      Piper: What was it doing in the house?
      Prue: I don't know. Someone obviously left the front door open again.
      Phoebe: Why do you always assume it was me? What about Piper?
      Piper: Not it.
      Phoebe: Well, it's not a big deal. We checked the house and nothing is missing except my Pat Boone Christmas CD.
      Piper: Now this is really creepy. If there were a dog in the house, then it had to have an owner. No dog I know can open that front door, let alone reach the top shelf.
      Phoebe: Hey, maybe we should get a security system.
      Prue: No, they are way too expensive. Besides after what happened, Andy will be checking in every five minutes.
      Piper: Oh, you told him.
      Phoebe: Convenient. So what should we do?
      Prue: Well, either we could rely on our vicious guard cat to protect us or we could remember to lock the doors.
      (Prue walks in the laundry.)
      Phoebe: That is a really good idea, Prue.
      (Phoebe walks over and locks the door. Prue wiggles the door handle. Piper and Phoebe laugh.)
      Prue: Unlock the door, Phoebe.

    • Prue: So we're agreed? Twenty minutes?
      Piper: Prue, you can't do a party in twenty minutes.
      Prue: Watch me.
      Phoebe: Prue's party tips - meet, greet, and bail.

  • Notes

    • While filming this episode, Shannen Doherty was very sick. This explains why Prue looked quite pale and tired.

    • International Episode Titles: Spain: Gracias Por No Cambiar De Forma Czech Republic: Návrat (Return) France: Au nom du père (For the name of the father) Italy: L'anello magico (The Magic Ring) Germany: Die Formwandler (The Shape Shifters)

    • Music:
      Prophecy by Remy Zero

    • In this episode, the sisters' father was mistakenly billed as Victor Halliwell.

    • In the video that Victor sent the girls, it is highly speculated that it was Alyssa Milano playing her mother.

    • Actor James Dineen who appears as the shape-shifted mailman also appeared in the original unaired pilot as Inspector Heater who was originally Andy's partner. Once the pilot was picked up the show decided to go another direction and created the character of Darryl.

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