Season 1 Episode 17

That '70s Episode

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 1999 on The WB

Episode Recap

Prue and Phoebe are sitting at the table in the conservatory looking through some old photo albums. Phoebe complains to Prue how there aren't family pictures of her. Piper walks in the room and goes over to the desk. She starts hitting the top trying to open a drawer. She is quickly trying to find a pen and paper. Phoebe gets up and walks over to the desk. She hits the top twice and then bumps her leg against the side. The drawer opens. Piper grabs a pen and piece of paper. The door bell rings. The sisters walk to the foyer to answer the door. Piper reminds Prue and Phoebe of the man that comes every year on the same day and time to bring Grams flowers. Piper was planning on writing the man a note to let him know that Grams is dead. Piper walks up to the door and opens it. An older man with grey hair and a bouquet of flowers steps into the room. As Prue and Phoebe say hi to the man the clock starts to chime. The man goes to hand the flowers to Piper saying that they are for a Miss Penny Halliwell. The flowers drop from the mans hands and Piper freezes the room. She grabs the flowers and then unfreezes the room. The man looks at Piper and tells her that he only heard five chimes. Piper confusingly looks at the man. We then learn that the man is a warlock called Nicolas who has come every year, waiting for the girls to receive their powers. Piper starts backing up toward her sisters. Nicolas puts on a large red ring and transforms into a younger man. He had to appear to age over the years so the sisters wouldn't get suspicious. Nicolas tells them that 24 years ago that day their mother made a pact with him. To spare her life she blessed a ring which gave Nicolas immunity to the girl�s powers, so he could take them for himself. Piper tries to freeze him and it doesn't work. Prue and Piper keep trying to use there powers on him. Then Nicolas points his ring at he sisters which was supposed to kill then, but Phoebe kicked him from the side, giving the girls a chance to run away. They run upstairs into the attic to look at the book of shadows. Prue shuts the door to the attic while Piper and Phoebe flip through the book. Phoebe finds a spell to unbind a bond. The sisters hear Nicolas coming. Phoebe reads the spell; white lights form around the sisters and then there back in the attic. The sisters think that the spell didn't work. Then they hear a phone start to ring and they all turn around facing the attic door. It keeps ringing as they walk to the door. They open the door. As they listen they realize that the phone isn't theirs. Phoebe and Piper push Prue out the door to go see what�s going on. A lady answers the phone. As Prue walks down the stairs she can hear the lady talking. Prue finds that the woman is her grandmother, Grams. As Grams carries on with her conversation two small girls come running through the room. They look young, about three and four. Grams yells at the girls to stop running through the house, and identifies them a Prue and Piper. Prue is confused as she walks back up to the attic. Phoebe and Piper are waiting at the door for her. Prue tells her sisters that she saw Prue and Piper as kids.

Piper is pacing back and forth through the attic, Phoebe is looking through the Book of Shadows, and Prue is looking out the window. The sisters are back in time, before the spell the used was ever written. Piper and Phoebe think that there is no hope that there screwed. Prue reminds them that at least they are safe. If they would have stayed in there own time then Nicolas would have killed them. They don't know what they are going to do. Prue suggests going and telling Grams who they are, but Phoebe quickly talks her out of it. Prue says that they need to get out of the house first. The sisters quietly start down the stairs but stop as they see Grams talking on the phone. She is talking to someone who she refers to as Patty. The sisters quickly recognize that Grams is talking to their mother. Piper turns around and picks up the receiver to a second phone. Prue and Phoebe run up to Piper and Piper holds out the phone for them to hear. The three listen. Phoebe wonders if that is really her mom's voice and Piper confirms that it is. The sisters here that Patty had a premonition of three women warlocks taking little Prue. As Grams and Patty end there conversation Grams hangs up the phone and walks out of the room. Piper puts the phone she has down and the sisters walk down the rest of the stairs. The sisters see two small girls run through the sun room. Little Prue uses her powers to move a chair in front of the doorway, so little Piper can't get through. This makes little Piper mad. The older sisters just look at each other, amazed at what they just saw. The sisters didn't think they even had powers back then. They thought they got them for the first time almost a year ago. The sisters walk into the room where little Prue and Piper are. Prue walks up to little Prue. Prue and little Prue say hello to each other and Prue picks little Prue up and hugs her. Grams walks into the room, concentrating on drying a plate. She looks up and sees Prue holding little Prue, the plate drops out of grams hands. Prue quickly puts little Prue down and steps back toward her sisters. Grams uses her powers to throw Piper, Prue, and Phoebe out the door. As the sisters get back up on their feet they start to run from the house. Once they are on the other side of the road Phoebe spies a newspaper and stops to pick it up, her sisters stop with her. The sisters find out that the day is March 24th, 1975, the the day that Patty made the pact with Nicolas. They realize that they didn't see a little Phoebe because Patty is barely pregnant with her. The sisters now know that they were sent back to that point in time to keep the pact from being made, which means there going to have to convince Patty that they are her daughters.

Piper and Prue walk into a restaurant called Buddy's, which is where Patty works. Phoebe waits outside to watch for Nicolas. Piper and Prue sit down in a big white and black booth. Patty comes out of a room in the back carrying three glasses. She gives them the the customers and then walks over to the table Prue and Piper are sitting at. Patty asks them if they are ready to order. Prue and Piper just stare at her; they can't believe that there really seeing her again. As there eyes meet Patty asks if she has met them before, she says that they look familiar. Prue tells Patty that she looks familiar too. Piper then tries to freeze the room, so that Patty we believe that they are her daughters, but nothing happens. Prue tries to move a salt shaker but nothing happens. Patty just stares at them with a look of confusion on her face. Then a lady in the back of the restaurant tells Patty that she has a phone call. Patty tells Prue and Piper that she will be back and then turns and goes to answer the phone. Piper, trying to stop her, yells that she knows Patty is pregnant. Patty turns around and looks confused. Prue tries to cover up the out burst by saying that they are cousins. But Patty doesn't even think she can get pregnant, so she walks away. Patty walks into the back room and answers the phone; it�s her mother (Grams). Grams tells her about the three women who were in the house and Patty says she�s coming home. As Patty walks out to her car she bumps into Phoebe and objects from her purse spill out onto the ground. Phoebe knells down to help her pick them up and sees that it's her mom she is helping. As Patty stands up to leave a police officer appears behind Phoebe. He asks the women if everything is all right. Patty says yes and Phoebe immediately recognizes the officer as Nicolas. Patty gets in her car and drives away. Nicolas gets his keys out a walks toward his car to follow Patty, but Phoebe kicks the keys out of his hands and throws them. Phoebe then rushes inside to tell her sisters that he's there.

The sisters walk to the street where the manor is. They see that Patty is home and are relived that they know where she is. But they don't know how they are going to stop Nicolas without their powers. Phoebe reminds her sisters of little Prue and little Piper who do have powers. So the three walk toward the house to get the girls. Phoebe listens in on Patty and Penny trough a vent in the kitchen while Piper and Prue go get little Prue and little Piper. Prue and Piper walk in to see the little girls arguing about a doll. Prue and Piper gain the girls trust by telling them that there family. Prue and Piper get the girls to go with them. But as they start to walk out of the house little Andy comes. He is dressed in a cowboy outfit and is holding up a toy gun in each hand. He tells everyone to freeze. Little Piper freezes the room. Phoebe walks in to tell Prue and Piper that Patty and Grams are coming, but finds them frozen. Patty walks out the front door not seeing what's going on and Little Piper unfreezes the room. Prue and Piper grab their little selves and run out the door. Little Andy gets mad because he wants to come too but then little Piper freezes him. Piper grabs the keys to the car and they go.

Grams walks into the dining room to find little Andy frozen. She unfreezes him and asks him if he knows where the girls are. Little Andy tells Grams that the ladies look them. At that moment Grams hears the door close. Grams runs out the door and sees the car go down the street. She calls the police. Meanwhile Prue, Piper, and Phoebe take the girls to the park to teach them how to defeat Nicolas. Prue gives them a ball and instructs little Piper to freeze it then little Prue to move it. While this is going on a few police walk up beside Gram's car that is in the parking lot beside the park. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe see them and turn around. The sisters are taken to jail. Meanwhile, Patty is walking up to the door of Victor's (Prue, Piper, and Phoebe's dad) apartment. She knocks on the door and Nicolas pulls her in. Nicolas handcuffs her hands so that Patty can't freeze him. He then uses his powers to heat up Patty's body, make her blood start to boil, so she would die. He doesn't follow through though. He says he wants her daughters powers, the powers of the charmed ones.

Piper, Phoebe, and Prue are in the jail cell. Patty walks in and looks at the three of them. She asks them how they knew that she's pregnant. The sisters tell Patty that they are her daughters. Patty bails them out of jail. Prue tells Patty that they came back to stop her from making a pact with a warlock name Nicolas. Patty tells Prue that she's too late, Patty already blessed the ring. Patty tells them that Nicolas won't bother them until after Phoebe is born because he wants the power of three. The four women go to the manor to get Gram's help. When they get there Grams is having a hard time trying to believe that they are her granddaughters and not warlocks. But after a few answers from Prue, Piper, and Phoebe she is convinced.

Prue,Piper, and Phoebe go to Nicolas' hotel room to try and find the ring so that Patty can unbless it. Piper stays outside the building to watch for Nicolas while Phoebe and Prue go into his room. Prue finds the ring inside of a little box in a drawer. They take the ring back to the manor and give it to Patty and Grams. Grams tells the girls that she is going to return them to their time and then once their gone Patty will unbless the ring and then the sisters can vanquish Nicolas. While Grams is saying this Phoebe writes a note to her mom warning her to stay away from water on February 28th, 1978 (which is the day she dies).

Phoebe, Prue, and Piper say bye to and hug Grams and Patty. Then Grams reads the spell to send the girls back to their own time. Grams finishes the spell and nothing happens. Patty comes over to join her and they try it together. White lights form around the girls and they are gone, but then they reappear again. Grams is convinced that it must be the power behind the spell, there's not enough. They realize that they need the power of three, but the problem is it doesn't exist yet. No one knows what they are going to do. They need the power of three to say the spell but Phoebe isn't born yet. Then Patty remembers the premonition that the unborn Phoebe gave her. If she gave Patty a premonition then she must have her powers. So they decide to get little Prue and little Piper and have them say the spell with Patty. A door slams close down stairs Nicolas is yelling. He knows that the witches took his ring. Patty and Piper go to get the girls and Prue and Grams go to fend Nicolas off. Phoebe stays behind, she goes to the book of shadows and takes out the note that she put in it earlier. Then she goes to join Prue and grams. Patty gets the little girls up into the attic and teaches them the chant. Then everyone else comes into the attic. When Phoebe comes in she sees a camera and picks it up. She takes a picture of Patty with little Prue and little Piper touching her stomach. Then they start the spell. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe are suddenly back in the present day attic. They hear Nicolas coming and run to the book. Prue flips through the pages and tries to find the vanquishing spell. Nicolas comes into the room. He points his ring at the sisters. Prue uses her power to sling him into a cabinet, which means the ring is unblessed. Nicolas gets up and Piper freezes him. Phoebe finds a spell, The Nicolas Must Die Spell. Phoebe says the spell while Piper and Prue make the potion. Nicolas twirls around very fast and then explodes. His ring falls onto the floor.

Piper, Prue, and Phoebe are sitting in the conservatory looking at old photo albums. Phoebe tells Piper and Prue about the note that she wrote to their mom. Piper can't believe that Phoebe did that. Phoebe tells her sisters that she just couldn't let their mom go. Then Phoebe tells them that she took the note out and put it in her pocket. Piper starts flipping trough some of the pictures and finds the one that Phoebe took. Piper shows it to Phoebe and tells her that it's not a very good one of her. Phoebe replies by telling Piper that that is the best picture she has ever taken of herself.
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