Season 1 Episode 17

That '70s Episode

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 1999 on The WB

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  • They chose the actresses well.

    I just love the actresses they got for Grams and Patty. They chose them so well. I just hate that throughout the series they constantly either mention Piper or Prue look 'exactly like mum'. HOW? In what Universe does anyone look more like them than Phoebe, I thought they chose it so well because Phoebe and Patty just have very similar facial features.

    I thought their behaviour was kind of stupid, I mean you're trying to sneak out of the house when you first get to the past, so instead of just leaving you decide to walk into the room with the girls and just start chatting away...

    I did love Grams grilling them for details though, that was kind of cute. I kind of want to know what they must of said to Nick in the past, like when he runs up stairs do they apologise and just say 'ok ok here's your ring, sorry we stole it' and he takes it and hopes they didn't unbless it? And in the years they went through the Book of Shadows since then they never came across the Nick must die spell, or that pouch never fell out? (Because you have to imagine that it has been there since the start of the series sorta) ... but those are just little things.

    Love this episode, little Piper is adorable.

    Fashion - Loved Phoebe's pink top at the end, and Patty's flower black dress she wore to see 'Victor'.
  • I'm In This Episode

    I worked on this episode. I'm outside the cafe and in the back booth inside. I've always been a Shannen fan. But when I meet and spoke with Shannen, I liked her even more! She is a professional actor, who truly appreciates her craft. I caught a episode here and there from seasons 4-8, but I NEVER missed an episode from seasons 1-3.
  • That '70s Episode

    That '70s Episode was a blast from the past and a perfect episode of Charmed! I really enjoyed watching because the Halliwell sisters travel back in time to save themselves from pact their mother made with a demon. I loved seeing the sisters see younger versions of themselves except for Phoebe who wasn't born yet. There was a lot of character and plot development along with action, magic and intrigue. Grams was a powerful witch and I wouldn't have crossed her. I think it was neat to see the sisters connect with their mother for a short time. Every thing works out the way it should in the end. This was a fun episode which really focused on building the sisters bond. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The Power of 3 Generations...

    Okay, I was wrong when I listed the best of Season 1 and left this off the list. This is clearly one of the top episodes of Season 1, which though clearly lower in production value and unspectacular in its villians is still turning out to be one of the better seasons dramatically. The sisters are forced to travel back in time to stop a deal that their mother made with, what?, a warlock, would be my guess, named Nicholas. I don't think he was called a demon at any point, he doesn't look like a demon, and warlocks again are Season 1's thing, so... Nicholas himself is neither especially frightening nor intimidating though he does have a rather sinister power, being able apparently to cause painful death with a turn of his hand.

    No, the best part of the episode are the characters of Grams and Patti, played very well throughout the entire series by Jennifer Rhodes and Finola Hughes. Grams especially is fantastic as the snappish, feminist superwitch, who seemingly was more the sisters' mother even before Patti died. Patti herself is more concerned with her daughters' normal lives than their magical ones, being similar to Piper in that way though few others. It is great to see the women work together to get rid of Nicholas and get back to their own time. The young girls as Prue and Piper were cute, of course. Anyone else notice that the young Piper had blue eyes? I guess they changed color at some point. Oh well, minor. Great episode.
  • Awesome Episode!!!

    I can't really describe this episode better than anyone else in this forum review. A great story line and the superb acting skills by all actresses are in their best. This episode is definitely in my top 5 episodes in season 1. I love the scene where the sisters end up forcing Prue to go downstairs to see what really happen when the phone's ringing. This is the first time she realized that they are back in the 70's.

    There are also many hilarious&sad moments found in this episode. It will make you sit and won't go anywhere from the fisrt till the last scene.
  • Groovy Baby, Yeah!

    The best episode from season one, That '70s Episode is one of the best examples of well-written Charmed, with an interesting demon storyline as well as some important family dynamics at the core.

    In the episode, a demon called Nicholas tries to kill the sisters and tells them that their mother made a pact with him which allowed him to take the sisters' powers when they are given them. Whilst trying to find a vanquishing spell, the sisters are accidentally sent back in time to 1975 where they have to make sure Patty doesn't make the pact with Nicholas.

    Compared with Witchstock from season six, in which the sisters go back to the 1960's, That '70s Episode is a million times better. The events which unfold in this episode actually mean something. Phoebe finally gets to meet the mother she never knew whilst Prue and Piper discover that they had powers when they were younger. Jennifer Rhodes and Finola Hughes are brilliant in this episode as Grams and Patty and the scenes between them and the sisters (in particular the diner scene) are extremely meaningful.

    So many demons on the show nowadays just pop up and try to kill the sisters. Looking back on the old seasons, we saw demons that had proper motives, like Nicholas, who were determined to kill the Charmed Ones or steal their powers for actual reasons. It's sad to see how bad the show is in its current seasons compared to the brilliant writing and excellent acting in the Shannen Doherty seasons.

    I absolutely love this episode and despite being one of the earliest episodes of Charmed, remains one of the most classic hours of the show.

    Rating: A+
  • Definately one of the best Charmed episodes ever!

    I loved this episode, it was just like a little movie! The episode was very family orientated and it worked so well. I loved the way Prue and Piper reacted when they first talked to their mom in the cafe - it was so cute but absolutely hilarious at the same time! I loved the facial expressions and the way they delivered their lines was excellent.
    It really brings home to you judst how important your family is. Phoebe never really knew her mom and it was very sweet when she finally met her.
    The sisters had to work together to fight this demon guy (thankfully this is a common factor in the seasons Shannen starred in) and although the plot was complicated to a certain level the situation was resolved in a great way and when they leave to go back to their time there are some very emotive scenes. Saying that though, the whole episode is very emotive.
    I think what was great about this episode is that it is actually a very emotionally 'heavy' plot and the humour really does lighten things up, one minute you want to cry and the next you just can't stop laughing!
    I'd quote all of the funny scenes but there are too many lol. The afore mentioned scene in the cafe was absolutely hilarious, then there's all of the instances where Prue/Shannen is getting confused with her tenses, very cute and well-acted. The children as little Prue and little Piper were gorgeous and their lines are just all cute. The scene where Grams is questioning the sisters is funny too, along with the scene where they are sent back but it doesn't work, and with Prue just looking at her Mom and Grams then exclaiming 'oops' with tears in her eyes you can't help but laugh!
    The sad scenes and funny scenes balance the whole episode out and make it thoroughly enjoyable.
    If I was to watch this episode randomly without ever having seen Charmed then I would get hooked just because of this one episode. It's very well written and very well acted also. I would definately rate this as one of my Top 10 Charmed episodes...although it'd still be difficult to narrow down to just 10 great episodes lol.
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  • the sisters cast a spell to escape from a warlock named Nicholas and spell send them back to their past.

    One of the best! The spell that the sisters cast sends them back in time to try and stop their mother from making a pact with a warlock. This episode has it all. We get alot of information on the girls past. We find out why they did not get their powers until Grams died. We get to meet Patty, their mother. We get to see Prue and Piper when they were little. There are some touching parts when Phoebe gets to see her mother who had died when Phoebe was very young so she doesn't remember her. There is also alot of humor like when little Prue and Piper are arguing over a doll and the older Prue and Piper start also arguing about it. There is also some great dialoge when the sisters are trying to convince Grams that they are who they say they are. I also loved it the way Prue kept debating with herself every time she had to use a verb tense (past, present, future). This was a very well written and well acted episode.
  • When an old man comes to the door with flowers for Miss Penny Halliwell, the girls have to reluctantly tell him that Grams is dead, which was probably a mistake because the 'nice old chap' turns out to be a warlock who wants their powers for himself.

    Once a year, an old man arrives at Halliwell Manor to give flowers to Grams. This year, the girls must sadly and reluctantly inform him that Grams has recently passed away. With that, he reveals himself to be a warlock from the past who has come to claim their powers for himself following a pact he made many years ago with their mother, Patty, before her death. He has a ring which, apparently, Patty blessed, which makes him immune to anything the girls can throw at him and they know that they have to somehow stop him from taking what is theirs. The only solution, it seems, is to go back to the past, meet up with Patty and Grams and stop the pact with the evil Nicholas from ever taking place.

    This is a wonderful episode, superbly written and acted by all concerned. Using a spell, the girls travel back to the 1970s where they not only meet Grams and Patty but also a young Prue and Piper. (Phoebe is in utero at the time.) There are a lot of heavy, strong emotions abounding as Phoebe in particular gets to meet the mother she never knew and the five witches, as well as little Prue and Piper, work together to stop Nicholas in his tracks.

    Terrific work by all concerned. Grams is a fantastic character, very funny and yet very strong while Patty is so very, very happy to see her girls, most especially to meet Phoebe. Kudos to the writers and the actors for a terrific hour of television.
  • A warlock comes to the door and is immune to the girls powers. He says he has a ring immune to their powers blessed by their mother. He wants their powers. They return to the 70's to keep their mother from making the pact with the Warlock.

    I usually don't like time travel episodes of any kind but this one was pretty cool. It made perfect sense and they didn't really have to warp too much to make it happen. Simple to the point and clean.

    Finola Hughes was exceptional as Patty Halliwell the sisters mother and we get to see the charming Jennifer Rhodes again as Grams. When the sisters go back in time they are mistaken at first for Warlocks. They are driven out of the manor by Grams. So they go to seek out their mother and find they have no powers. It seems that they and the current young girls can't have the powers at the same time.

    After meeting their mother they decide they will get the younger versions of themselves to help them. The younger girls agree but the police show up and arrest the three sisters for kidnapping the little Prue and Piper. Patty goes to meet Victor her husband but it was a trick and the Warlock is waiting for her. She makes the pact to save her girls lives by blessing his ring against their powers. Afterwords she goes to the jail to talk with the sisters. She realizes that they really are her daughters. They all return to the manor once she bails them out. The scene with Grams was very entertaining as the real Grams comes out. You had to like the question about IBM! The girls go and steal the ring from the Warlocks room and then Patty removes the blessing from it. Working with the two younger girls, Patty who is pregnant with Phoebe invokes the power of three and sends the sisters back to their own time where they can deal with the Warlock and destroy him with the new spell in the Book of Shadows put in by Grams and their Mom.

    It was interesting that they finally explained why they never had their powers until their Grandma died. Fun episode with a pretty good storyline. Believable as a time travel plot as well. Acting was good and overall an enjoyable show. Thanks for reading...
  • The sisters time travel!

    I love this episode, the sisters work together to undo their supposed downfall. I love the fact that the girls got to see themselves as little children, complete with powers. The way they meet their mother is a tearjerker. My favourite part of this episode was seeing Phoebe finally get to know her mother, as she did not have any memories. The sisters meeting grams was quite funny, in my opinion, but also quite a classic moment of the series. The farewell was great and i think all the actresses played their part well in this episode, its not everyday you get to see members of your family that are no longer alive!
  • A good episode made better by the proper introduction of Grams

    The highlight of this episode is the character of Grams. She adds a light-heartedness that only Phoebe seems to have inherited. She's a great character and come to think of it so is their Mother Patty.

    It all starts out interesting enough as it is by having old man Nicholas make his yearly visit to give flowers to Grams
    only for him to be revealed as a Warlock. One with an interesting blood boiling power as well. The sisters escape by accidentally travelling back in time to the 70s which is where the fun begins.

    Despite Grams and Patty the other notable thing about this episode is that the sisters had powers from birth. The kid counterparts of Prue and Piper were actually more coordinated than their adult selves because of this. It is an interesting development considering that one of the sisters powers grow a few episodes from now and fundamentally changes some of what has already been established.

    So a good episode, worth watching.
  • That 70's Classic

    That 70's Episode-A powerful warlock shows up claiming that he made a pact with the sisters' mother in which he spared her life in exchange for the girls' powers. Fleeing him, the three sisters go back in time to the 1970s when their mother was still alive and they try to prevent the pact.

    Probably the most touching and moving episode from the first season that combines all the essential that make Charmed such a great series. "That 70's Episode" is family drama with many memorbale family reunions and demon plot that action packed. The episode opens with all 3 sisters looking at pictures from the past, it brings back memories for Prue and Piper, but even looking at a picture with her and her mother, Phoebe doesn't have any memory of her. After that, the sisters are attacked by Nicholas, a warlock immune to their powers after their mother blessed it years ago. The sisters quickly rush up stairs and send themselves back to the 70s unknowningly by a spell.

    What's so great about the storyline is how the sisters get to relive their childhood, or more importantly Phoebe gets to see her mother for the first time. All 3 leads are wonderful throughout like when Prue and Piper see they're mother again, alive and well. It's a beautiful moment as they speechless and overwhelmed. Also, Phoebe running into her mother and speaking to her is a touching moment as Phoebe gets to be with her mom for the first time. Finola Hughes is an exceptional choice to play Patty Haliwell, the sisters' mother as she just has terrific presence and sincerity in her performance. Despite her vague first appearence in "Is There A Woogy in the House?", Jennifer Rhodes is fantastic as Grams, as we see the sisters' grandmother who is strong willed and a bad ass witch. The interaction between all 5 women is powerful, especially when the sisters hug they're mother for the first time. Also, I loved the revelation of the sisters having they're powers as children as little Prue and little Piper were also a highlight. It leads to some hilarious dialogue when Prue and Piper hear their young selves fighting over a doll which causes them to even fight abaout it:

    Piper: "You did steal it."
    Prue: "No I didn't."
    Piper: "Yes you did!"

    Andrew Jackson (Nicholas) is great as the menacing warlock and I loved his power to heat of the blood of his victims. The scene where he threatens the lives of Patty's daughters is suspenseful and wonderfully acted by Jackson. I loved how the Power of 3 is used to bring the sister back even though Patty was still pregnant with Phoebe. Also, Phoebe goes through much development in the episode as she almost tries to prevent her mother's death but then decides to let her go. It's moving moment as Phoebe explains that she has to let her go and it was meant to be. Filled with emotionally reunion, quality action, stunning special effects (Nicholas' vanquishing scene), unforgettable moments, and wonferful performances all around, "That 70's Episode" is instant classic from Charmed which showed be watch by the whole family again and again!
  • In this episode the Carmed Ones go to the past to prevent a pact between Patty and a warlock that will make him immune to their powers, so he can kill them.

    I loved this episode, because you can see how was the life of Prue and Piper with Patty and Grams, and also because they had they powers; another thing that I loved, is when the Charmed Ones proved that they are really their family.

    It would have been very interesting if Patty had seen the note from Phoebe, and saved herself from drowning; I wonder how would the Charmed Ones'lifes change if Patty were there helping them...

    It is one of my favorites episodes in the season and in the show, I love when they travel trhough time, it is really interesting.
  • A great episode.

    I really liked this episode cause the sisters were able to go back in time and not only once again see face to face with the ones they loved and lost but they were able to see themselves as children. How many people would love to do that? I know that I would love that for sure. This episode was a great one cause they were not only trying to help themselves as sisters to save themselves but were also trying to warn their mother of danger just for the thought of having her again in their lives instead of her not being their to help them out in tough times. If I could travel in time to fix thing's I would even to visit past relatives. I just think that this episode was great over all.
  • Back to the future...

    Prue, Piper and Phoebe are attacked by the evil warlock Nicholas that wants to kill them and steal their powers. The Halliwell sisters are unable to protect themselves since Nicholas is immune to the Power of Three. He says that he made a pact with Patty Halliwell in the past and he is invulnerable to their powers. The sisters cast a spell and travel in time to 1975, trying to avoid their mother's deal with Nicholas. However, neither of them has powers and they have difficulties to convince their grandmother and mother who they are.

    "That '70s Episode" has a great storyline, with the gathering of three generations of the Halliwell family.
  • The girls face a warlock who has been given immnity from the powers by their mother in the 70s, to spare her and her daughters lives. Evading the warlock the girls travel back to 1975 to prevent their mother from making the pact

    First time travel episode and absolutely fantastic, the actresses who play Grams and Patty are very good and I loved the part when Grams was questioning the girls (as she still beleived they were warlocks). The warlock, Nicholas had a pretty impressive and nasty power of heating his victims and appearing at different ages.

    The little Prue and Piper are very cute, and it is quite amazing to see them using their powers, which explains that Grams didn't bind the girls powers until later in their life.

    The scene at the end when the girls are sent back to the time was very strong and rather tear-jerking, with Grams, Patty and the young ones casting the spell to send the girls back. The end vanquish of the warlock was neatly wrapped up with Grams leaving them a spell in the Book of Shadows, plus it looked very painful. Don't mess with the Charmed family!!!!!!

    Well plotted episode and a series classic!
  • The kids are alright

    When I bought the Season One DVD from Amazon, the review said that this episode was one of the highlights of the season. They were right.

    After some wobbly early episodes, the makers of this show are getting pretty good at tying the weekly theme to the weekly demon plot and this is no exception. The reason for the Charmed Ones going back in time is to find out how to thwart a warlock who claims he made a pact with their mother 24 years earlier.

    The whole hour is well plotted, with no obvious inconsistencies (never easy when time travel is involved), and is gripping stuff from one end to the other. Finola Hughes and Jennifer Rhodes give great performances as the wildly different characters of Patty and Penny, and it's cool that they come back for future episodes.

    Favourite moments have to be Prue and Piper trying and failing to use their powers in the restaurant (hilarious), Phoebe meeting Patty for the first time (touching) and little Piper freezing big Piper and big Prue (cool). I think this is the only time Prue ever gets frozen. It was also good to see little Andy, particularly as big Andy isn't in the episode.

    The two children seemed a little too old for their roles (Prue should have been three and a half and Piper should have been one and a half) but I suppose they had to be in order to deliver their lines properly.

    The way they used the power of three at the end was just superb. Quality writing!
  • One of my favorites.

    When a warlock named Nicholas shows up and informs the sisters their mother made pact with him, they cast a spell to take them back to when the pact was made: the seventies.

    In the seventies the sisters learn they have no powers and have to gain the trust from Grams, their mother, and themselves as kids to work together to stop Nicholas and return home.
  • Charmed children

    When a demon named Nicholas attacks the girls and tells them that when they were children their mother Patty made a deal that when the were older he could have their powers, the sisters say a spell and end up in the 1970s. In the past they have no powers and have to come up with a way to get Patty to not make the deal with Nicholas. Piper and Prue meet a younger version of themselves and Phoebe hasn't been born yet. They also have to convince Patty and Penny their grams that they are who they say they are and that they are not demons. Everything works out and the sisters go back to there time and vanquish Nicholas. A good episode that was made more funnier by seeing what Piper and Prue were like as children along with Andy.
  • The charmed ones shown as children !!!

    To protect themselves from a power-stealing warlock who says he made a pact with the girls mother that he would spare her life for theirs and then take their powers, that their powers have no effect on, the sisters time-travel to the 1970s where they encounter their mother and grandmother...and themselves as children.
    They must earn the trust of their mother and grandmother who have no idea who they are. The girls are happy to see grams and their mother as Phoebe never seen her mother. The charmed ones are given a spell and then sent back to their own time to vanquish the warlock. great episode, I love seeing the sisters as children and they even use their little powers!!
  • We finally see the Charmed Ones as children...or at least two of them. We also meet their mother. She is well presented.

    The audience sees that the girls' mother and grandmother were strong women. While some facts were changed later in the series, most facts presented in this episode as well thought out and advance the characters. It is a good change to spend more time on the family and less on the demons and warlocks. The writers should have used more time researching the 70's and what really was happening in which years. Still, it was good to show the history of the girls. This is one of the best episodes of the season. It shows they do not need the male characters of the show to make it entertaining.
  • The Halliwell sisters travel back in time in order to save themselves from a warlock inmune to their powers due to a pact their mother did to save her daughters.

    Yep, a really good one. I was watching an episode from the last (8th) season, and then I came back to this one. Such a difference. "That 70s Episode" is one of the classics from Charmed, one of the best episodes of the 1st season and the whole show.
    And I must say that viewing it surprised me, because from the trailer it didn't seem as good as it got for me.

    We get to know Grams and Patty (a funny Grams, a more serious and loving Patty), and the revelation of the real motive from 3P not being the Charmed ones until much later.

    The three sisters show a sweeter side, their sisterly bond gets stronger.
    Love and humour mainly, in a good plot for the show. Sometimes is good to go back in time and revisit your life, even if you can't do it literally.
  • Back in time, classic episode!

    in order to save themselves from death, Prue, Piper and Phoebe travel back in time to the 70's where they are little and Phoebe wasnt even born yet. They must stop a pack from being made in order to defeat the warlock. A very funny episode. I liked how Grams questioned them in order to make sure thet they were family and not demons or warlocks. It was funny to learn how Grams was married alot of times and how Grams and Penny learned their destiny. it also helped the sisters get to know their mom and meet her as woman to have some memory of her.
  • Little Prue, Little Piper, but where little Phoebe?

    After being acttacked by a warlock that has a ring that the charmed ones mom but a spell on to immune the warlock of the charmed ones powers, the charmed ones go back into the 70's before phoebe was even born yet. While there the Charmed ones mother has a premonition about little Prue and little piper getting kidnapped by Three Warlocks(Piper, Prue and Pheobe). Well, their mother doesnt have the premonition power but its given to her by Phoebe who is in the womb at that time. They some how end up saving themselves from that ring that was immune to the powers and live on! This is one of my favorite Eposides of Charmed. It shows what Piper, and Prue Look like when they were younger and also tells us about their childhood.
  • By traveling back to the 70s, the sisters learn not only how to defeat the powerful Warlock that threatens them in the present, but also about the mother they hardly knew.

    This is one of my favorite episodes ever! It is so fun to see little Prue and Piper--as well as little Andy. It is very heart warming to see how the sisters react to the beautiful mother they hardly knew; there is much emotion in their ability to see, talk-with, and hug their mother again. For Phoebe, it is especially touching as she was too young when Patty died to even remember her mother. Phoebe also struggles with the question of whether or not she should interfere with the future by warning Patty of her impending drowning death. Ultimately, she realizes that she can not save her mother from her destiny.
  • This is one of my favourite charmed episodes.

    This episode sees the sisters going back in time to stop a warlock. This is the same Warlock that Patty makes a deal with to save her life and her daughters life. It takes a while for Grams to believe that they really are her grandaughters from the future. The sisters also end up meeting little Prue and Piper and they help them. Phoebe also gets to meet her mom for the first time (Patty died when Phoebe was born). They manage to save the day and get rid of the warlock and it leaves good memories for the sisters especially Phoebe.
  • A look into the charmed ones past...

    An inciteful look into the girls\' lives growing up and what they and Patty & Penny had to go through to ensure an atleast quarter normal life. Turns out they had their powers back then too! Manyother secrets revealed to themselves. Thought: Maybe Penny useda memory spell on them? Or with her death came other consequences??
  • One of my favorite episodes!!!

    This is my favorite episode in season 1. It is so so awesome! I love how you get to see Prue and Piper as little kids that is so cool. I actually really like all the episodes that go back or forward in time.

    If anyone has not seen this episode I would highly recommend buying the dvd's or reading the recap. It is such a great episode. And the girls that play little Prue and little Piper are so cute. I have actually been contributing to them both a little lately. Just in case you didn't know they are Emmalee Thompson(little Prue) and Megan Corletto(little Piper).
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