Season 1 Episode 17

That '70s Episode

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 1999 on The WB

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  • Definately one of the best Charmed episodes ever!

    I loved this episode, it was just like a little movie! The episode was very family orientated and it worked so well. I loved the way Prue and Piper reacted when they first talked to their mom in the cafe - it was so cute but absolutely hilarious at the same time! I loved the facial expressions and the way they delivered their lines was excellent.
    It really brings home to you judst how important your family is. Phoebe never really knew her mom and it was very sweet when she finally met her.
    The sisters had to work together to fight this demon guy (thankfully this is a common factor in the seasons Shannen starred in) and although the plot was complicated to a certain level the situation was resolved in a great way and when they leave to go back to their time there are some very emotive scenes. Saying that though, the whole episode is very emotive.
    I think what was great about this episode is that it is actually a very emotionally 'heavy' plot and the humour really does lighten things up, one minute you want to cry and the next you just can't stop laughing!
    I'd quote all of the funny scenes but there are too many lol. The afore mentioned scene in the cafe was absolutely hilarious, then there's all of the instances where Prue/Shannen is getting confused with her tenses, very cute and well-acted. The children as little Prue and little Piper were gorgeous and their lines are just all cute. The scene where Grams is questioning the sisters is funny too, along with the scene where they are sent back but it doesn't work, and with Prue just looking at her Mom and Grams then exclaiming 'oops' with tears in her eyes you can't help but laugh!
    The sad scenes and funny scenes balance the whole episode out and make it thoroughly enjoyable.
    If I was to watch this episode randomly without ever having seen Charmed then I would get hooked just because of this one episode. It's very well written and very well acted also. I would definately rate this as one of my Top 10 Charmed episodes...although it'd still be difficult to narrow down to just 10 great episodes lol.