Season 2 Episode 6

That Old Black Magic

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1999 on The WB

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  • Ah dan and jenny, annoying as ever.

    Disclaimer - I do love this show, do strongly dislike Shannen Doherty, but I love this show. But I feel the good is obvious, so I mention the things that bother me and I want to rant about and question loudly!

    I agree again (as usual) with Iltarion below, I like that they had a bad female. I do somewhat dislike how powerful she was, but at the same time her magic wasn't even HER. It was her taking away powers (that I'm sure other baddies could do they just weren't trained to) and her setting her snake on people. We didn't actually see her powers specifically I found.

    Prue's arrogance is showing once again with the whole "No I can defeat Tuatha". But honestly, it gets old really fast how untrustworthy they are of Leo as a whitelighter and how little they seem to care about his job. He comes in with an important 'mission' and they're all 'nope not going anywhere' 'nope we got time to chat' 'nope we'll ignore the man who's done this for 60 years because we who have been witches for one year must be right'. And it's an ongoing theme. Once the elders do become a bit douchy I get there rebellion but Leo is doing a job, and they have absolutely zero respect for that.

    And WHY is Jenny just waltzing into the house? She has next to no real interactions with the sisters, surely she has friends. On top of that, considering they're witches I'm sure if Jenny had just walked in before they would've told her off for it knowing how dangerous it is to just have people wondering in.

    I like the introduction of Kyle, the butt of everyone's jokes, the nerdy kid who never gets picked for anything is for once the most important person (we can all relate - well I can). But he was a doorknob and painful to watch.

    But the attitude from the sisters "It's nothing personal Leo it's just business", actually if it were proper business, you'd do like Leo is trying and discuss it, and not just go in arrogant after someone with NO plan, no spell, no potion and there is a prophecy about her and Kyle... They walked in half cocked, Piper and Phoebe just run in and instead of freezing her, they announce themselves, and Prue just runs to them. Then the sisters come back, talk him out of it basically and then get mad at Leo because he needs to try and give Kyle some courage. Honestly do not get why Piper is THIS mad at Leo.

    Did enjoy Phoebe taking charge and telling Dan, Jack and Leo what to do. Dan being pissy at Leo is a bit pathetic, you know nothing about the man, nor their history, Dan just hating on Leo gets old. Especially with the eventual background checks. And that whole calling him "Leon" thing... that is beyond pathetic!

    And seriously. If you left your child in someones care how would you feel that he let your 15 year old child get out of the car late at night, in the dark, to hang with a guy you've never met and HOPE she'll be home at a certain time.

    That pep talk too from Jenny - just no.

    Fashion: Jenny is a no. And what's with the 15 year old wearing red lipstick all the time.

    Tuatha - the dress did suit her for her time I guess (don't know much about clothes from 200 years ago). And love the hair style! Wish I could get curls like that.

    Phoebe - loving the flowers in her hair.

    Piper - interesting hair style, still dressing quite functional.

    Spells - introduction of Scrying yay, becomes very useful in later seasons. Mainly Paige's. I like that in seasons 4-8 they actually reuse spells and feels more connected.

    "From the bottom of my heart I thank you for yours" <3
  • That Old Black Magic

    That Old Black Magic was a perfect episode of Charmed for so many reasons. Let me count the ways; the acting was outstanding and deserves a standing ovation, the story was well crafted and formulated, the intricacies and intrigues added value and depth to the characters. There were also some very important lessons to be learned about the power of belief. It was cool how Prue used a "courage" potion on Kyle and also how she interacted with Jack who wanted to buy the wand. Piper was caught between Leo and Dan though in the end she made it very clear who she was interested in. Phoebe didn't have much going on except to help her sisters. Tuatha was great and played by a beloved actress. I liked the darkness and the light of the story and the characters. This was a very entertaining episode and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Piper's foolish heart and the chosen nerd.

    Unlike most, I really dig this episode. For me, this is the episode along with P3H20 that leverages the Leo/Piper/Dan love triangle and gets the most out of it.

    I always approve of a hot female bad, and we got that here with the flame-haired Tuantha in her wonderful dress. Yes, Brigid Branagh plays arrogant better than evil, but I enjoy her turn here. It is possible viewers weren't so happy about a witch being more powerful than the Charmed Ones, since it goes against basic Charmed mythology, but the writers did a good job of showing that Tuantha's experience in the craft was her main advantage. Yes, the young actor playing Kyle was mostly wooden throughout, but he did seem to get into it more as the episode progressed and the tension built. The pep talk by Jenny was ridiculous, really, but I guess it gave her one last thing to do. In the end, I thought the final showdown was very riveting and the conclusion satisfying. Ultimately, Kyle made a great underdog that you were glad to see triumph.

    Jack is introduced here, and he immediately adds to the episode. He is an excellent character played by a very entertaining actor. The only problem is that he is a terrible match for Prue. Fortunately, he isn't around long, and in this episode, we haven't gotten there yet. I love the shot where Jack talks to Prue about her "assets" and she gives him an absolutely smoldering look. That is one of my favorite Shannen moments. This episode also introduces scrying and the spell to take a witch's powers away. We will see both again. Clearly, the highlight of the episode is the love triangle, which is actually born at the end of it. The writers manage to get both humor and drama out of it. Brian is great throughout, as usual, and also as usual, he is best in the dramatic scenes with Piper, most notably the scene in the kitchen, which is an all time great Leo/Piper scene. I had originally come into this with great foreboding, but Dan's presence gives us a moody, regret-filled Piper and a ticked off Leo and that rarity is wonderful drama on its own. Piper's request that they take her heart because it gets her in trouble is a wonderful line and classic Piper. No matter how snappish, and sometimes unfair, Piper is, you always want to pull for her.

    Leo, of course, opens the door for Piper and Dan by going the self-sacrificing route at the end. Fortunately, we all know it won't last long. Very enjoyable episode that is one of my favorites from Season 2.
  • Blair witch on the loose!

    Another interesting demon! Tuatha is an apparent invincible witch who, after being locked away in a lost cave for two-hundred years, seeks revenge on the person(s) who imprisoned her.

    I absolutely hate the whole 'chosen one' subplot, all that seventh son of the seventh son was bullsh*t. The actor who plays Kyle is untalented and he spends the hour whining and feeling sorry for himself. He does himself no favours and annoys me more because it seems all he's after is pity and attention. It would have been a lot better if the girls had had a big battle with Tuatha with some cool explosions!

    Shannen is great in this episode and I love the scene in which she comments on Jack's package. The scene in which Prue throws Tuatha through the door is fantastic - I'm not sure why but I always flip back to watch it again.

    This episode, for me is when Dan starts to ruin the show. The whole love triangle thing starts in this episode and becomes old before it even starts. We also meet Jack Sheriden who goes on to become Prue's new love interest. I always liked Jack and it's a shame he left as quickly as he did.

    A pretty average episode but I think would've been a lot better without Kyle.
  • Find The Chosen One, break up with Leo, start a thing with Neighbour Dan - quite a busy- and very boring - week.

    The main plot of this episode; the fact that Leo and the girls have to find a young man known as The Chosen One to help them vanquish an evil with is just about completely secondary to the fact that Piper decides that now is the time for her to end her relationship with Whitelighter Leo and start seeing Neighbour Dan, a character who was brought into the show for obviously this purpose only and no other.

    It's a shame that the writers didn't just leave things as they were. I have never been greatly enthused by Leo at all but Dan and his niece, Jenny, were just plain annoying and that was even worse. It doesn't really thrill me watching the whole Piper/Dan relationship unfold as I am certain that the writers could come up with something far more interesting.
  • Despite its obvious premise and its reference to one of the most unintentionally hilarious movies ever I found this episode quite enjoyable

    An Evil Witch trapped for 200 years is accidentally freed by an excited treasure hunter. She needs her wand though and sends her pet Snake to find it. At that current moment guess where the wand is, go on guess I bet you can't.

    This was once again referencing shows like Buffy by having a Chosen one who is the only person alive to be able to defeat the witch. Question is how does the 7th son of the 7th Generation make her defeat look so easy. It's the build-up with him training that's entertaining (if a little bland). However, Jenny popping in and giving him the will to go on was so badly acted that I laughed my arse off. The wand itself is quite nice hence it ending up in an Antiques Roadshow type programme at Bucklands. Although that scene was more to do with Prue meeting someone who wanted to outdo her and yet learn from her in the appraisal business. He's pretty arrogant this character Jack and I also noticed he had an 'As' credit so I'm assuming he'll return. Could be interesting.

    Anyway the Witch is suitably evil and its nice that for their still beating hearts she kills fans of the movie 'The Blair Witch Project'. I'm not a fan off that movie, in fact I thought it was one of the worst movies ever and unintentionally hilarious so that is fine by me. Was the show trying to make a statement or something though.

    Lastly it's nice to see Brian Krause really taking the role of Leo to heart now, why hasn't this man got a main character credit (he deserves it much more than that Jenny kid). I'm sure he'll still be showing up even though Piper is now dating Dan. Funny when all three main male characters stood at the door together looking uncomfortable. Dan's jealousy was obvious but funny.
  • That Old Boring Episode

    That Old Black Magic-The sisters must find and train the Chosen One to vanquish a powerful evil witch that could destroy them. More like a lame attempt as a parody of "The Blair Witch Project" than a dark, thrilling episode, "That Old Black Magic" just falls flat before the episode is over. Both the Chosen One and Tawatha plots are lackluster and suffer immensely from the 2 performers cast in the roles. Brigid Brannagh (Tuatha) is very underwhelming as the evil witch and just seems bored in the role for the most part. But it could also be that she's a mediorce actress as her work on "Angel" was also sub-par. Also, Tuatha is made out to be this powerful big bad witch, but she honestly becomes a parody of herself before episode end.

    Jay Michael Ferguson (Kyle Gwydion) is just dull as Kyle and the character is never really likable because of it. Not to mention, the literally 5-minute relationship he has with Jenny has to be some of the worst scenes on Charmed. It's like the writers just can't find things for her to do so they just throw her in this episode just to create a digusting, not to mention disturbing relationship where Kyle is like 18 and Jenny's like 10! I'm thinking Brad Kern had a hand in that development, the pervert! Anyway, the whole storyline feels forced, especially the beyond lame snake attack that even so over-the-top and stupid I'm surprised Shannon, Holly, Alyssa, and Brian kept a straight face with that poor material. The only thing worth watching in this episode is Piper and Leo's shaky relationship that continues to be greatly developed. It's obvious that Piper still loves Leo, despite starting her relationship with Dan, and it makes for some nice little drama. But besides that, this episode tries too hard making a storyline serious when it's just unintentionally hilarious and bad throughout.
  • Never be afraid to trust yourself!

    While in a cave, two explorers accidentally release a powerful evil witch named Tuatha, and she casts a spell killing them and sends her serpent to chase her magical wand. Meanwhile, Leo meets Piper and Phoebe, tells them that Tuatha is free and advises them that they should find a teenager called Kyle Gwideon, the seventh son of the seventh generation, since he is the Chosen One to handle the wand and destroy Tuatha. Prue coincidently gets the wand at Bucklands and brings it home. Tuatha kills three hikers in the woods removing their hearts, which were needed to remove the sisters powers, while Leo trains Kyle, but the boy is afraid to face Tuatha.

    "That Old Black Magic" is a funny episode of "Charmed" that plays with "The Blair Witch Project". Piper gets in trouble with Leo and Dan, and has to decide with whom she will stay.
  • The girls and Leo must locate the Chosen One as he is the only one who can use the evil witch Tuatha's septor in order to kill her. Piper also tells Leo it's over and so begins Piper's sickening relationship with Dan

    Most dfinatley the worst episode of season 2, containing terrible guest stars especially Bridget Brannagh who gives a performance worthy of a five year old on a sugar crash. The whole episode seems to drag with the completely useless Blair Witch Project gimmicks which arn't funny or scary

    It also marks the first time that the girls lose their powers, which to be honest is done to death and totally boring in this episode. We also meet annoying Jack Sheridan who will obviously be a conquest for Prue in later episodes

    The whole episodes is pretty badly wrapped up, with an embarrising fight sequence at the end which sees Tuatha and Kyle 'Chosen One' trying to get the wand which hovers in mid air lame! Kyle wishes for Tuatha to go which blows her up. Highlight of the episode!

    To make matters worse, Piper breaks up with Leo, and so begins the doomed Leo/Piper/Dan storyline. Overall extremely missable. An episode with no darkness, twists, suspense and meaningful drama

    On the bright side last episode with Jenny, the 2nd most useless character in Charmed History, (1st being Billie) although it would have been nice to see her pack up and leave it would have been more enjoyable!
  • He's the one, baby, the one!

    The opening scene of this episode reminds me of Season One's "Feats of Clay". Thankfully, it does get better.

    For the second week in a row, the baddie has more cleavage than the top shelf of a newsagent's. She's a witch called Tuatha, who has spent the last two hundred years holed up in a cave but who has now been released to do her worst. The plot is fairly predictable but at least it isn't too lighthearted.

    What really bugs me about this episode is the whole 'chosen one' storyline. Firstly, it's unoriginal and, secondly, it's nonsense: why on earth would a mortal have power over a witch's wand? And why does she need a wand in the first place? Nobody else needs one. Added to this, Kyle is a really annoying character who spends almost all his time whining and feeling sorry for himself.

    Despite the lame storyline, there is some good witchcraft this week. It was great to see an experienced witch with so many spells and potions at her disposal. Hopefully the sisters will be able to do this themselves before too long.

    This instalment marks the beginning of the infamous Leo-Piper-Dan love triangle, with Dan getting his share of the action even before Piper and Leo have called it quits. We also get to meet Jack Sheridan for the first time. I like this bloke! It's about time we had a plucky male character on the show.

    This is about the tenth episode of Charmed to have featured the line "what's wrong with this picture?" Please come up with something new.

    Highlight? Phoebe's little speech to Jack, Dan and Leo. Lowlight? The old woman's pathetic screaming at the snake. Dear God!
  • Boring for me.

    A trio of film students are the victims of a heart-stealing evil witch who escapes from over 200 years of entombment hunting for her magical scepter. Leo returns to help get the staff into the hands of the only person who can use the wand for good, The Chosen One, and bumps into Piper with her new love interest, named Kyle while Prue stumbles across the magical scepter. Ignoring Leo's warnings, the Halliwell sisters attempt to find and defeat the witch and barely escape with their lives. Protected only by a fake courage poDan. Trying to put the awkwardness aside Leo, Piper and Phoebe find the Chosen One who turns out to be a reluctant teenager tion concocted by Prue, Kyle saves the day destroying the evil witch by using the magical scepter. The victory becomes bittersweet when Leo faces Piper's choice to end their difficult romance and begin a new one with Dan.
  • nothing really did happen

    Ithought that this episode was really quite boring. Charmed is suppossed to be about them vanquishing demons. Not going to find a teenager to do it for them. I know thats how it worked out and that the teenager was good but who are they going to get to vanquish a demon next week an elderly granny.
  • Good writing, but a little unoriginal. The Charmed Ones learn not to rely on their powers so much...

    Charmed is cool, but this one has to be one of the weakest episodes. I personally like it, but it does seem awfully predictable. I liked the scene with Jenny and Kyle, and him trying to impress her. That was a good scene. The sisters really didn\\\'t shine much in this episode, but I think the reason for that is the way the episode was actually written. The Charmed Ones learn not to take their powers for granted which is a pretty tough lesson to learn. Especially Prue, who tries to go on after Tuatha. She should have known better. This was the last episode we got to see Jenny\\\'s character. Too bad - she would have made a good actress, and I can think of soem really good episodes which involve her finding out the siters\\\' secret. Too bad she was cut out.
    Overall, good episode, a little unoriginal, but good nevertheless.
  • That Old Suck-Fest

    This is probably the most overacted Charmed episode in the history of Charmed overacting (which, honestly, happens all the time). What could have been a decent Blair Witch spoof ends up a mess and features an actress who's good in everything else she's in but is just bizarrely bad here.

    That Old Black Magic has the sisters protecting and training a teenage boy who is the only one powerful enough to defeat an ancient evil, Tuatha, who has recently been raised from her tomb.

    Brigid Brannagh (best known as Virginia Bryce on Angel) is the worse thing about the episode, being majorly OTT as Tuatha. I love female bad guys and she could have been really cool, a snake-controlling evil chick but, sadly, she turns out to be the complete opposite. About as threatening as an overpriced bagel, Brannagh puts absolutely no energy into her performance and acts like she's on crack throughout the entire hour. Meanwhile, Pamela Kosh puts almost too much energy into her performance as Betty; an old woman at Buckland's who wants to auction off an ancient wand. Her screaming makes you want to jump into the TV set and shake her to death, she's just so annoying!

    Jenny pops up to be part of the shortest relationship in the history of TV, with her dating "Chosen One" Kyle for the best part of 20 seconds. Why is it that all the writers could do with her character was have her talk about her vagina, talk about sex and date? Pointless. Creepily, she looks like she's around 13 whilst Kyle looks like he's 21 or something. Perverted much?

    Avoid this episode like it's Cujo on acid. The only major point is that this is Jenny's last episode. You never find out what happened to her but I always like to imagine that Dan got so annoyed at her tampon-talk, he killed her and buried her in the backyard. Can't blame him really.

    Rating: F
  • An evil witch wakes up and sets out to kill the Charmed Ones, who has to train "The Chosen One" to kill the evil witch.

    This episode is really not my favourite in the world. The main story is just silly and quite boring, Tuatha is unorginal and much weaker than they seem to think. Kyle was really annoying, and just pissed me off with his constant running off and saying that the sisters had made a mistake bringing him there.

    Allthough this is one of the worst Charmed episodes ever, it had some great sequenses. First of all, it was the introduction of Jack Sheridan, who brought a more humurous aspect to the series, and set Prue off in the direction of her future character development. It was around the time Jack came on to the show she strated loosening up a bit, and care less about her work. The episode also had a lot of Piper and Leo moments, which are always gripping to the edge of tears. This is the first time they really see how things really are, and their decisions in the end, not to see each other more, is really impoortant for the rest of the season. For me season 2 was all about the Piper/Leo/Dan triangle, and this was really the beginning of it.

    I give this episode an 8, not because of the bad main plot, but because of the sub plots and great acting of the sisters and Brian.
  • this was a cool episode!

    i loved this episode! it was cool how a magician found out he was a 'chosen one'! lol! they should do more episodes like this! i liked it! nice staff by the way! it looked cool! i didnt like teh witch perdon that much though... but, she was cool! the end!
  • Goodbye evil witch, although you will not be the last.

    That Old Black Magic is not one of my favourite episodes but there are several things I like about this episode:
    1) Phoebe's hair - it looks great when she has it up.
    2) Piper and Leo's look into each other's eyes when Leo offers to heal her head - it shows that they still love each other.
    3) Another bad witch but this time the Power of Three can't stop her - another twist from the writers.
    4) Jack Sheridan and Prue's obvious attraction to each other.
    5) Jack on his own.
    Some things I didn't like about the episode:
    1) This is the last episode with Jenny in.
    2) Kyle's hair
    3) Snakes
    4) The fact Piper and Leo aren't together any more.