Season 2 Episode 6

That Old Black Magic

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1999 on The WB

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  • An evil witch wakes up and sets out to kill the Charmed Ones, who has to train "The Chosen One" to kill the evil witch.

    This episode is really not my favourite in the world. The main story is just silly and quite boring, Tuatha is unorginal and much weaker than they seem to think. Kyle was really annoying, and just pissed me off with his constant running off and saying that the sisters had made a mistake bringing him there.

    Allthough this is one of the worst Charmed episodes ever, it had some great sequenses. First of all, it was the introduction of Jack Sheridan, who brought a more humurous aspect to the series, and set Prue off in the direction of her future character development. It was around the time Jack came on to the show she strated loosening up a bit, and care less about her work. The episode also had a lot of Piper and Leo moments, which are always gripping to the edge of tears. This is the first time they really see how things really are, and their decisions in the end, not to see each other more, is really impoortant for the rest of the season. For me season 2 was all about the Piper/Leo/Dan triangle, and this was really the beginning of it.

    I give this episode an 8, not because of the bad main plot, but because of the sub plots and great acting of the sisters and Brian.