Season 2 Episode 6

That Old Black Magic

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1999 on The WB

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  • That Old Suck-Fest

    This is probably the most overacted Charmed episode in the history of Charmed overacting (which, honestly, happens all the time). What could have been a decent Blair Witch spoof ends up a mess and features an actress who's good in everything else she's in but is just bizarrely bad here.

    That Old Black Magic has the sisters protecting and training a teenage boy who is the only one powerful enough to defeat an ancient evil, Tuatha, who has recently been raised from her tomb.

    Brigid Brannagh (best known as Virginia Bryce on Angel) is the worse thing about the episode, being majorly OTT as Tuatha. I love female bad guys and she could have been really cool, a snake-controlling evil chick but, sadly, she turns out to be the complete opposite. About as threatening as an overpriced bagel, Brannagh puts absolutely no energy into her performance and acts like she's on crack throughout the entire hour. Meanwhile, Pamela Kosh puts almost too much energy into her performance as Betty; an old woman at Buckland's who wants to auction off an ancient wand. Her screaming makes you want to jump into the TV set and shake her to death, she's just so annoying!

    Jenny pops up to be part of the shortest relationship in the history of TV, with her dating "Chosen One" Kyle for the best part of 20 seconds. Why is it that all the writers could do with her character was have her talk about her vagina, talk about sex and date? Pointless. Creepily, she looks like she's around 13 whilst Kyle looks like he's 21 or something. Perverted much?

    Avoid this episode like it's Cujo on acid. The only major point is that this is Jenny's last episode. You never find out what happened to her but I always like to imagine that Dan got so annoyed at her tampon-talk, he killed her and buried her in the backyard. Can't blame him really.

    Rating: F