Season 2 Episode 6

That Old Black Magic

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1999 on The WB

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  • Despite its obvious premise and its reference to one of the most unintentionally hilarious movies ever I found this episode quite enjoyable

    An Evil Witch trapped for 200 years is accidentally freed by an excited treasure hunter. She needs her wand though and sends her pet Snake to find it. At that current moment guess where the wand is, go on guess I bet you can't.

    This was once again referencing shows like Buffy by having a Chosen one who is the only person alive to be able to defeat the witch. Question is how does the 7th son of the 7th Generation make her defeat look so easy. It's the build-up with him training that's entertaining (if a little bland). However, Jenny popping in and giving him the will to go on was so badly acted that I laughed my arse off. The wand itself is quite nice hence it ending up in an Antiques Roadshow type programme at Bucklands. Although that scene was more to do with Prue meeting someone who wanted to outdo her and yet learn from her in the appraisal business. He's pretty arrogant this character Jack and I also noticed he had an 'As' credit so I'm assuming he'll return. Could be interesting.

    Anyway the Witch is suitably evil and its nice that for their still beating hearts she kills fans of the movie 'The Blair Witch Project'. I'm not a fan off that movie, in fact I thought it was one of the worst movies ever and unintentionally hilarious so that is fine by me. Was the show trying to make a statement or something though.

    Lastly it's nice to see Brian Krause really taking the role of Leo to heart now, why hasn't this man got a main character credit (he deserves it much more than that Jenny kid). I'm sure he'll still be showing up even though Piper is now dating Dan. Funny when all three main male characters stood at the door together looking uncomfortable. Dan's jealousy was obvious but funny.
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