Season 7 Episode 2

The Bare Witch Project

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2004 on The WB

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  • An ok one until the end.

    I think Phoebe's obsession with the column is a bit over the top. Don't go on holiday then! I actually hated it more and more as it went through the episode. Her obsession with Piper getting kicked out of the restaurant was beyond irritating, her obsession over her column and Les was ridiculous too "my readers are already noticing". Yeah no they haven't said anything at all. And somehow linking everyone's bad attitude to "they weren't breastfed as a child".

    I think the breast feeding thing is obviously a big on going issue in life. But if a restaurant doesn't want you to breast feed they have that right to ask you. Now, the fact she's using a blanket and is quite subtle about the feeding is one thing, not like the breast is all out there which I think is actually rude. And the waiter was actually very rude about it. But a restaurant says no smoking you don't smoke, they say no breast feeding then you don't. And Phoebe's protest was ridiculous, she should have been arrested on the spot and I hate that they actually win in the end. A business has a right to do what they want.

    The kids were being ridiculous too. They're old enough to not act this stupidly, either they want the school or they don't and they understand that.

    The Lady Godiva story line was really only introduced to allow the ending, and it was stupid. Like I said I still hate Phoebe's protest and hate that she wins. But I liked Lord Dyson and his whole situation, and how he dies from feeding on Leo.

    Leo not even being able to baby sit for a night because he needs to hunt demons? Really Leo, priorities, no wonder your sons grow up resenting you.

    I don't really see how these kids need 'help', they all seem to have perfected their powers and know how to use them, it seems to be that they need help maturing. It's not like the kid looked at her and did it by accident because he doesn't know how not to conjour something, he did it intentionally, he knows what he's doing.

    I also don't really believe her ride could've changed THAT much. So what nobody at all in the last however many years went for women's rights? I mean I know the tiniest things can make difference but wow. All of female kind, magic kind everything is gone?

    Once again, they realise they're in a different time and don't try and blend in. Women are wearing things covering them and black and white and you just don't care? Urgh silly. You go after this kid and instead of blending in you basically condescend him about his 'stash'. And he doesn't have a conjouring 'spell' he is a conjourer, he makes things. If he used a spell then surely you can just right one yourselves in a few minutes.

    Yay to Piper's anger being taken out of her! About time someone said that to Leo! and I did like Phoebe's "good luck man" to Leo.

    It's a smart plan to want to conjure her again but if she never did her ride she would never be in the history books? History books are for those that did something in history.

    And this episode was good until that ending! It took it down from my original score.

    And in the waiters defense. HE never said anything about barefoot and at home (wtf), he actually never said anything about breast feeding it was the other customers!
  • The Bare Witch Project

    The Bare Witch Project was a superbly entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was fun, dramatic, and full of character and plot development. It was great to see Piper and Leo deal with their issues and for Phoebe to take on a mission of her own as did Paige. Leo is confronted by an Elder about the death of another, and it was great to see him release his repressed feelings in the end. Lady Godiva was interesting and well played. The alternate world was also very interesting and scary for many reasons. I liked how every thing worked out in the end as each of the sisters seemed to achieve their goals. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • Almost Un-"Bare"-able


    The Charmed Ones have their hands full, when thanks to a bored Magic School student, they must keep Lord Dyson from killing the infamous Lady Godiva before she can travel back in time and complete her famous ride. Meanwhile, Phoebe has reservations about Les being able to properly write an advice column for women.

    My God, Brad Kern must be the horniest show runner in history! I else do you explain why Alyssa Milano is forced to wear next to nothing every episode to the point where now, in this episode, she wears complete nothing!! The whole Lady Godiva plot is simply a big tease to male viewers (although, I don't knw that many guys who watch this show!) to see a lot of skin this week. Which is a shame, because I actually thought Lord Dyson had a lot of potential as a villain. Being able to feed on a person's resentment and become more powerful by creating more chaos and suffering could have made for a twisted story. Unfortunately, the Lady Godiva plot is played for cheap laughs (as usual) and isn't interesting in the least. If anything, the whole plot is an excuse to get Phoebe all naked for the last season. In a terribly ironic scene, Phoebe speaks out on injustice against women and sending them back 1000 years when all this show does at this point is degrade women and make them look desperate, especially Phoebe!! *Forehead slap* Also, this whole Lesley arc with Phoebe is already starting to looked forced, it doesn't help that Phoebe gets a dumb plot about wanting Lesley to write a column about breast feeding, how exciting!

    Leo's storyline was the only decent part of the episode. His meeting with another Elder was great, with more mentioning of the big threat that's coming and how much Leo is spiralling out of control. The mysterious floating head is pretty creepy and everytime it appears, I have to admit, I get chills! I also, like the way Leo vanquished Lord Dyson by letting him overdose on his resentment and pain. Some really awesome SFX work when Dyson exploded. I also loved the SFX of when Dyson through an energy ball at the police car. All and All, "The Bare Witch Project" is boring filler, as simple as that.


    The boobs have it

    A rather ridiculous story but some good effects and a decent demon. This is Season Five all over again.

    I'm not a fan of these 'historic' episodes and I cringed when I saw Lady Godiva appear. She didn't do anything interesting and, to be truthful, the story would probably have worked perfectly well without her. I didn't think much of the guest actress either but, then again, her lines weren't exactly inspiring.

    By contrast, I thought the demon was very good. His power was quite handy and he wasn't just there to kill the Charmed Ones. Good actor too. The alternate reality was intriguing, although I don't see how a protest about taxes could turn San Francisco into some kind of Taleban wonderland. Still, worth watching and a shame they didn't explore it further.

    In terms of subplots, Piper gets chucked out of a cafe for breastfeeding Chris, Phoebe doesn't understand the meaning of 'sabbatical' and Paige continues her quest to keep Magic School open. Unlike last week, these subplots do actually relate to the main plot, although I don't understand the sudden obsession with breasts. The school setting also works well, even if none of the pupils looks under eighteen.

    By far the best thing is the action. The fight scene at Magic School is extremely well choreographed and the vanquish is the best we've seen in ages. Also really loved the way Piper sent out a shockwave when she blew up the energy ball.

    Annoyingly, just as I was beginning to think this was a good episode, we get one of the worst scenes in the show's history. I am talking, of course, about Phoebe's naked horse ride. Even by Bran Kern's standards, this is totally gratuitous! As if anyone in trouble with the law would behave like that. And all this to make a statement about the exploitation of women? You're having a laugh, right?

    Score: 8.5
  • Better than the previous episode.

    A lady came out from a book? This sounds very, very silly. But it's a show, what things make sense in this series? Paige tries to run the magic school, which she failed for this episode. A demon is also released with the lady, so the Charmed Ones try to help the lady before she is killed. Leo is an elder, and he is still afraid and haunted by what he had done to an elder (he killed him in the previous episode "A Call to Arms"). I find this episode a little boring, but because of reality world, I love this episode.
  • My favorite episode in all the Charmed history! (Do you believe it!?) I love so much this episode. Why? The story, the scenes, the music,the special effects... All that makes this episode so great!

    I think this episode is perfect! It's my favorite one:

    I has the perfect balance between the charmed demons-life and normal-life! In one hand, we see the sisters living their lifes... with her obsesions! that makes a funny episode.
    In the other hand, we see the demon story. Some people thinks that is a boring demon! i don't think that at all: The way that he gains power and how he comes more powerful as he feds is great

    And this episode has a lot of great special effects!!
    The explosion of the vanqhish! The way that the world return to "normal" (I mean that light that goes in circles and then grows in the center of the magic school's library!!
    And the remarkable final battle... (not so small as we use to see) when piper blows up the power ball and it creates the fluctuation in the air. Also the scene twith Leo throwing the lightning! I love it!

    And the music is so great!!! I love to wacth the episode when the music starts to play (especially when the Demon feds of Piper Frustration in magic school after a great silent)

    For all those reason I think this is a wonderful episode!! PD: What about the final? Did that made sense!? Xd
  • Phoebe near naked.. what a surprise..

    This episode seemed pretty pointless to tell you the truth, not what you would expect from a season opener. When Paige is trying to convince the elders to keep magic school open, (where are all the other teachers?) - a bored student accidently summons Lady Godiva.

    Unfortunatly when they try to send her back, it doesn't work as they have also summoned an evil emotion sucking demon with her. The demon sucks up emotions from several students and when they finally manage to send them back, the world has changed as the demon was more powerful thus changing the future. The world was all grey and woman were not allowed to speak in public. That bit was neat.

    At the end once again Phoebe wears next to nothing and they save the day.

  • The Brava witch Project

    I found this episode had many references to history, before I watched this episode I didn't know Lady Godiva existed, I found this episode very intresting and full of information.

    This episode really focuses on breast feeding issues, and the igornance people have towards this fact of nature.

    Paige fights to save magic school, when a student conjures Lady Godiva from a history book she may face losing her chance to save it. In a race against time to not change history Piper, Phoebe and Paige must send Lady Godiva back to her own time before she misses her ride.

  • ok episode but phoebe always goes and pulls a crazy stunt

    i liked this epiosde and all but the naked women???? i mean thats crazy.but what really bugged me is phoebe phoebe phoebe it's all about phoebe.she goes around pulling a stunt,first of all why did she get blond hair second were did she get the horse third why would she go around getting naked for everybody to see her and fourth isn't there a law about naked people walking(well in this case riding a horse) around in the street???!!!! but over all i liked this episode because it shows lady gadiva(i have no idea who she is but whatever)made her ride and what would have happened to women if she didnt do her lng ride.

  • Enough with the Phoebe Nudity Already!

    An OTT villain. A bit of titilation. Phoebe in no/barely any clothes. Yes, it's classic filler episode Charmed again. The Bare Witch Project is an appalling hour with absolutely no entertaining storylines in it at all.

    The Lady Godiva plot is Charmed on auto-pilot again and it's only an excuse to get Phoebe into no clothes again. The final scene where she explains that "it's a shame women have to be naked to be heard" is not only laughable but also extremely patronising.

    The B-plot, in which Piper is barred from a cafe after breast-feeding, is ludicrous and even Holly looks embarassed by the material she's been given.

    Phoebe and Leslie's relationship continues to be as interesting as watching paint dry and you can only hope he eventually leaves (which, like every boyfriend character before him, will hopefully happen as soon as possible).
    Absolutely nothing exciting here, another round of boring Charmed which has been slowly becoming the norm on this show.
  • The Power of Three and the Naked Woman

    The Power of Three and the Naked Woman

    Main Storyline:
    One of the students from Magic School, Duncan, conjures Lady Godiva, a naked, blonde woman on a horse, who, apparently, according to legend, brought about Women's rights (News to Me!) However, along with Lady Godiva, he also brings back Lord Dyson, a demon who feeds off of Repressed emotions (A phrase used 46 times in this episode). (Didn't really get this part...but, I'll go with it...) The Charmed Ones send her, and a stronger Lord Dyson back to their own time, but find that their world morphed into a world where women are not free, and they bring the two back, vanquish the Lord, and yada-yada-yada...Laughable story, especially the boys at magic school. (Oh, note here, those boys do NOT look like 16!)

    1. Paige's Quest Continues: It got much more interesting this week, and I'm glad. I thought that it would be dull, but I'm beginning to like it. I think that Paige will be a great headmaster, kinda like Harry Potter's Professor McGonnagal, but completley different.
    2. Leo and the Kids: Leo makes vanquishes Kid Friendly! He said that Chris stopped being fussy after he saw the vanquish, and, just a theory here, but maybe the same thing with Leo happened to Chris?
    3. Phoebe's Column: I still like their chemistry, and I think it'll be good for the series. I hope that Les is the one Phoebe saw in her vision. The bickering makes me smile. So does Paige.
    4. Phoebe's Ride for Liberation: Two things, how'd she go blonde? And another, why the heck would she do that? Isn't there something like a law against naked people in the streets? I'm not complaining, but I just didn't understand this aspect of the story AT ALL!

    Once again, average...solid story, and obviously the producers are playing up the whole "Charmed's a Guilty-Pleasure" deal. I liked the episode, and the Lady Godiva actress looks familiar. Other notes, Paige's hair has looked great lately, and I liked Phoebe's tonight. Now I'll stop with critiquing fashion. Haha.

    Grade: C+