Season 7 Episode 2

The Bare Witch Project

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2004 on The WB

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  • My favorite episode in all the Charmed history! (Do you believe it!?) I love so much this episode. Why? The story, the scenes, the music,the special effects... All that makes this episode so great!

    I think this episode is perfect! It's my favorite one:

    I has the perfect balance between the charmed demons-life and normal-life! In one hand, we see the sisters living their lifes... with her obsesions! that makes a funny episode.
    In the other hand, we see the demon story. Some people thinks that is a boring demon! i don't think that at all: The way that he gains power and how he comes more powerful as he feds is great

    And this episode has a lot of great special effects!!
    The explosion of the vanqhish! The way that the world return to "normal" (I mean that light that goes in circles and then grows in the center of the magic school's library!!
    And the remarkable final battle... (not so small as we use to see) when piper blows up the power ball and it creates the fluctuation in the air. Also the scene twith Leo throwing the lightning! I love it!

    And the music is so great!!! I love to wacth the episode when the music starts to play (especially when the Demon feds of Piper Frustration in magic school after a great silent)

    For all those reason I think this is a wonderful episode!! PD: What about the final? Did that made sense!? Xd