Season 7 Episode 2

The Bare Witch Project

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2004 on The WB

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    The boobs have it

    A rather ridiculous story but some good effects and a decent demon. This is Season Five all over again.

    I'm not a fan of these 'historic' episodes and I cringed when I saw Lady Godiva appear. She didn't do anything interesting and, to be truthful, the story would probably have worked perfectly well without her. I didn't think much of the guest actress either but, then again, her lines weren't exactly inspiring.

    By contrast, I thought the demon was very good. His power was quite handy and he wasn't just there to kill the Charmed Ones. Good actor too. The alternate reality was intriguing, although I don't see how a protest about taxes could turn San Francisco into some kind of Taleban wonderland. Still, worth watching and a shame they didn't explore it further.

    In terms of subplots, Piper gets chucked out of a cafe for breastfeeding Chris, Phoebe doesn't understand the meaning of 'sabbatical' and Paige continues her quest to keep Magic School open. Unlike last week, these subplots do actually relate to the main plot, although I don't understand the sudden obsession with breasts. The school setting also works well, even if none of the pupils looks under eighteen.

    By far the best thing is the action. The fight scene at Magic School is extremely well choreographed and the vanquish is the best we've seen in ages. Also really loved the way Piper sent out a shockwave when she blew up the energy ball.

    Annoyingly, just as I was beginning to think this was a good episode, we get one of the worst scenes in the show's history. I am talking, of course, about Phoebe's naked horse ride. Even by Bran Kern's standards, this is totally gratuitous! As if anyone in trouble with the law would behave like that. And all this to make a statement about the exploitation of women? You're having a laugh, right?

    Score: 8.5