Season 6 Episode 16

The Courtship of Wyatt's Father

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2004 on The WB

Episode Recap

Gideon sends a darklighter after Leo, Phoebe, Piper and Paige but orders him only to harm Leo, not the witches. This plan failed when Pheobe fell from the roof of a builing on to a dumpster. Piper and Leo are accidently sent to a plane where no one else exsists.

Paige and Pheobe do not know where Leo and Piper have gone but they realise that they are not in this plane. Paige takes Pheobe to the hospital. Back in the plane Piper anticipates that Paige will take Pheobe to hospital so she and Leo go to the hospital.

In the normal world the doctor tells Pheobe that she has a mild concussion but Pheobe persuades him to let her go home. Pheobe goes to join Paige and we see a huge flood of injured people come in Paige tells Pheobe that a truck had hit a bus. They see the bus driver in surgery and his heart stops beating.

In the plane the bus driver appears and hears Piper call Leo by his name. In the normal world they charge the bus driver's heart and he comes back to life muttering "Leo. He must be an Angel". Pheobe and Paige hear him and Pheobe sort of "feels" Piper and says her name. Back in the ghost Plane Piper can also "feel" Pheobe and she can hear Pheobe say her name. Pheobe realises that she would be able to tell if Piper was dead and she couldn't and Leo realises that he and Piper were in the ghostly plane where they did not have their powers.

Pheobe and Paige return to the attic to find that Chris is beginning to disappear and that he is running out of time. Piper knows that Pheobe and Paige would be in the attic and she plans to go there and attempt to make contact with Pheobe. However Leo thinks that the dark lighter who got sucked in to the world with them would be waiting for them there and he would have his cross bow. Piper and Leo go anyway.

Chris has almost completley disappeared now and the angel of death comes after him however he still has a little time. Chris goes up to the attic and he disappears. He appears in the ghostly plane with Piper and Leo and then returns to the normal world. Pheobe tells him to ask Piper and Leo how to get them back and when he returns Piper and Leo explain that they think if they can get to the portal then somehow they can reverse it. After they had agreed to meet at the portal Chris disappears again, for good.

We go to the view of the darklighter who is watching through the attic window. The dark lighter shoots at them twice, the first arrow hits Piper in her upper arm and the second goes straight through Leos Left Shoulder. Piper and Leo return to the portal and wait, the poison starts to sink into Leo. Leo and Piper begin talking and they get "intimate".

Pheobe and Paige go to Gideon for help and he gives tham a book with infomation about Portals The next morning they manage to reverse the portal and bring Piper, Leo and the darklighter back into the normal world. Chris returns and Pheobe and Paige are surprised. The sisters take Leo to Gideon and he heals him.

Gideon persuades Leo to go up to heaven permantley with the other elders and Leo gives in. Back at the house Pheobe and Paige break the news to Piper that she is pregnant and that Chris is her son, Piper is very surprised.
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