Season 6 Episode 16

The Courtship of Wyatt's Father

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2004 on The WB

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  • Poetic Justice Not Quite Realized!

    Anybody with the lack of Maturity that Chris had who comes back from the Future and plays a major role in Breaking up their Parents before his conception deserves to vanish into oblivion! I realize he has a very good reason for hating Leo. So do I! I have gotten so sick of hearing Leo say he had no choice but to become an Elder! Since he is a senient being, there is Always a CHOICE!

    Nevertheless, Just because one has seen the future, does not mean they have the skill to mess with peoples lives, especially when it involves altering the Future. This whole story line brilliantly illustrates that no mater how much knowledge one has, there is NO substitute for real life experience.

    Even though I like Season Six -- much more than Season Five, there were a couple of significant inconsistant mistakes involving Time Travel. Although it is clear that Leo and his precious Elders are responsible for the Timeline that has Wyatt as EVIL Ruler, realistically, Chris did enough to alter himself right out of the Future.

    Mark -- Chicago, IL
  • Making Love In The Ghostly Plane


    The Courtship of Wyatt's Father-Gideon makes a deal with the Darklighters to get rid of Leo, but they accidentally send Leo and Piper to the Ghostly plane, leaving Phoebe and Paige to believe that they are both dead. Meanwhile, Chris begins to disappear and reveals that he must be conceived before the night is over or he will vanish forever.

    Finally, an episode to be taken seriously! Like I said before, Piper and Leo seem to be the only thing that makes sense on this series anymore and which is good for this episode which sees both taking up a good portion of the episode. It's rare seeing an episode that has one of the sisters and Leo in actually danger, seeing as how every demon that they sisters' face now a days vanquished with some potion or Piper blowing them up. I liked the Ghostly plane....okay, I loved it! The black and blue tint was brilliantly used, not to mention the lack of any human being being there gave the world an empty, errie...dare I say, dark feel for the episode. Sure we've seen darklighters go after Leo and the sistersbefore but fact that their trapped in another world, powerless and being hunted no less made it different and intriguing. I also just loved just watching the scenes between Piper and Leo, Holly and Brian still got it in the chemistry department and I like them slowly rekindling the flame they thought that was gone. This was a much better way of getting Piper and Leo back together instead that focred "I gonna wish my parents to sleep together" crap from last episode. Piper and Leo deserved more than that and for once, the writers see that too.

    Meanwhile, Chris is slowing fading away....AWESOME! He even disappears for a good portion of the episode...almost like he was gone for good! Sigh. He returned moments later. The reveal of Gideon being behind the whole operation with the darklighters was a nice surprise....but I got to wonder, an Elder going bad and working with demons is BIG! How is it that Leo and the other Elders can't sense that one of them is evil? Or at least working behind their backs? Anyway, the episode ends with Piper finding out she's knocked up and Holly makes the best face when she sees Chris at the doorway. All and All, "The Courtship of Wyatt's Father" is a pretty good episode that has a dark(ish_ atmosphere with some nice performances from Holly and Brian.

  • Piper + Leo + Sex = Vomit

    It looks like Charmed is finally on the up. Three good episodes in a row? Impossible! The Courtship of Wyatt's Father is another Chris-centric episode and I've tried to ignore Drew Fuller's bad acting and instead learn to like the actual character, despite being portrayed by an actor who has all the talent of a deceased old lady.

    This episode has Gideon, who is revealed as this season's big bad, hiring a darklighter to kill Leo by sending Leo and Piper to the "ghostly plane", a place existing between life and death, and where both witch and whitelighter are powerless. Chris, meanwhile, has to be conceived soon of he'll fade away forever. Ooh, what could possibly happen next???

    Anyways, this is a very good episode which uses its "ghostly plane" setting very effectively. The blue tint on the camera is also brilliant and the deserted streets and creepy noises are all very spooky. It's good that the writers have created a big bad for the season. I can only remember around four big bads that stayed around for longer than one episode (Cole, the Source, the Triad, Rex and Hannah) and it's about time that they had a new one. Gideon is one of those old-fashioned British bad guys and Gildart Jackson is brilliant as he gets increasingly more evil as the season goes on. The Courtship of Wyatt's Father is a brilliant episode which answers a lot of questions and it's nice to see Piper and Leo back together again. Just ignore the painfully bad title...

    Rating: B+
  • It is time for Piper to know the truth. She will have another son and she has already met him. His name is Chris.

    Piper and Leo need to make another baby...Chris. Pheobe and Paige make potions. Pheobe and Paige make romantic arrangements...nothing works.

    Nope, it takes being chased by a darklighter and spending time in the ghostly realm to make it happen. There are some good scenes in this episode. They do a fairly good job at hiding the pregnacy. I enjoy the touching moments between Leo and Piper.

    Nice allusion to the 1946 movie, "It's A Wonderful Life." Clarence strikes again and gives our "hero" another chance. I enjoy hearing the tinkling of the bells.

    There is a nice play between the sisters at the end of the episode.

  • Time's running

    Yet another great Charmed episode!
    It was so exciting how time was working against them once again, only that this time they had no influence on it. Piper and Leo didn't know what they needed to do - thank god they did it after all ;) And Chris was disappearing, but with his parents stuck on the ghost plane, he could hardly do anything to stop what was happening to him.
    In the end it was another happy Charmed ending. I hope I remember it correctyly, in the end Chris told Piper she was pregnant with him, right? That was great!
  • Yay finally.

    Since when is Phoebe such a prude? The idea of sex is 'disgusting' to this horndog all of a sudden.

    I was glad when Paige decided to do the love potion. Chris wants/needs to be conceived and Phoebe is obsessed with doing it naturally that the idea of any 'tricks' are 'disgusting' to her but to me every time she shoots down an easy way out she's condemning Chris a bit more. So was glad when Paige saw the dire situation.

    Yes I loved Gideon's lecture to Leo! It's about time someone gave it to him. You aren't their whitelighter anymore, you have no place in that house. Ok coming down to heal is one thing, being informed of Wyatt is one thing but just hanging around like you do is completely unnecessary! It's Chris's 'job' let him do it.

    What's with the Angel of Death and Chris? He's not actually a person dying, he's a person ceasing to exist, can't die if you never existed so his soul wouldn't be going anywhere because it was never conceived!

    "What about Chris" "well what about him".. how can Phoebe care so little about her relative? Not caring if he ever exists. So happy to just believe he's never supposed to exist. To me she's being ridiculous, and I'd feel crap if I was Chris.

    I thought Piper was being stupid, you're in the middle of an extremely busy street, not one soul is around and you can't think of anything else but Phoebe? I mean I get it you saw her get hurt but jeez, smarten up, there is nobody around, obviously there is something wrong here!

    They are really crap at explaining things on this show. They just keep beating around the bush and then wonder why people get snippy and have no clue what's going on. Them at the end trying to explain it to Piper was horribly done.
  • Shout out to the midnight madness!! Saved Chris life... I didn't want him to die.

    I'm nothing close to a Charmed expert and I'm not devoted to the serie, but I've watched the show on and off and I really liked thid episode.

    First, I like the hole Chris-came-back-to-save-Wyatt storyline and that's what actually got me hooked. I know that he wouldn't disappear, but I nearly lost faith until Leo and Piper finally did... well you know.
    Though as soon as Leo was doomed because of the poison, I kinda knew that it was about the bring them closer.

    I was choked by the ending!! If you'd ask me WHO was behind this all, I'd never would've Gideon... Now I know that Wyatt is a threat to EVERYBODY in the future, but why didn't he worked it out with Leo and Piper. Being Leo's mentor, I'm sure he'd have listen to him. At least he didn't embrace the dark side yet. Looking forward for the next episode and maybe one day, I'll catch up with the entire serie... who knows :P
  • Leo and Piper finally tell each other how they feel and baby Chris is concieved.

    This episode was amazing. First off Leo and Piper sort of get back together which is so great because they are the best couple in the entire world. They both tell each other their true feelings which they have been holding in for such a long time. Of course it is great because Chris does not dissapear. I also like that they, like always, bring humor into the episode. For example when Chris reappears and says that he is back. I also love that both Paige and Pheobe know what Piper did last night. It cracks me up that they sit Piper down to tell her that she is pregnant. All in all this is a reason that I watch this show.
  • Chris concieved

    This episode was full of adventure. It was fast paced and fun to keep up with. Knowing Chris's time was about to run out and not knowing if Piper and Leo would concieve Chris made this episode exciting and hopeful. The different plain that they got sent to was eire. It was a great effect that it was not in color. It was also a great episode to show that Leo really lovd Piper and that his family obligations were important to him. When Chris started to fade I wasn't sure his conception would take place. But it was fun when he returned and was all excited.
  • Yay Chris is saved!

    A really great episode, there may have been a few continuity errors but it was worth it. I am so glad that Chris was conceived, he is such a great character and deserves more time on the show, the only question is how long is he going to stay for now that Piper and Leo know who he really he?

    Its great to see Piper and Leo back together, they really are meant to be.
  • this was 1 of my fav episodes of this season!! i luv leo and piper

    i think leo and piper are such a good couple. it was about time they got sum action!!and chris was finally conceived..he is gorjuzz. but i still think thats a bit cheesey that they did it on a bench and the darklighter could of watched the whole thing!(but as if u'd want to)
  • The Courtship of Wyatt's Father

    The Courtship of Wyatt's Father was a very entertaining and informative episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development along with action, drama and plenty of intrigue. It was great to learn more about Chris, Leo, Piper and Gideon. I liked watching Piper and Leo reconnect and to learn just how important it is. Darklighters were dying by the handful as they tried to kill Leo and Piper and it was nice to find out why in the end. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next now that the stakes have been raised!!!!!!!
  • Finally, Leo and Piper are together again, except only for a night, and not even on this plane, but beggars can't be choosers.

    Chris-Crossed, I Dream of Phoebe, and this episode make Season 6 before the finale. I am surprised this episode is not rated among the best episodes of Charmed. It should be. Once again we have a darklighter after Leo. Except this time, with the help of a certain elder, the darklighter has teleported Leo and Piper into the ethereal plane where they don't have their powers. At the same time, we have the ticking clock winding down on Chris; Leo and Piper must renew their love for each other and consummate it, or Chris ceases to exist. No pressure.

    The climactic scene between Piper and Leo is well-written and wonderfully acted. Holly and Brian have always had a fabulous chemistry between them. Frankly, it is about as moving a scene as you will find on Charmed, and it never feels contrived. More like, it is affirmation of what you already know; you know these characters love each other, and their separation is a sham.

    That is not the only great scene in this episode. We have the final scene, which reveals Gideon as the central antagonist for the remainder of the season. Very effective.

    We also have Leo and Gideon's talk on the bridge. Here we finally see all the sorrow and agony out of Leo that we didn't see at the end of Oh My Goddess. This is what we should have seen from the beginning. If the writers insist on Leo being away from Piper, I can understand why, but that doesn't mean Leo has to like it.

    Lastly, we have the fantastic scene between the sisters as Phoebe and Paige reveal to Piper that Chris is her son and she is now pregnant with him. Holly, Alyssa, and Rose are amazing here, as usual, especially Holly, who obviously is a little more pregnant than she should be but no one cares. That awesome scene ends with Chris showing up and Piper finally seeing him as her son. It is a top 10 Charmed moment, easy.

    Great stuff.
  • No time like the present

    After last week's fun and games, Charmed turns darker than it's been all season for this one. It's a bold decision but a good one. It would have been all too easy to fill the hour with smutty jokes but instead we have one of the most sombre and emotional episodes in ages.

    Rather cleverly, last week's subplot becomes this week's main plot, with poor Chris now having one day to get his parents together before he fades away completely. (I say "poor Chris", let's not forget he split them up in the first place.)

    This puts Piper and Leo centre stage and, for once, their fans have something to cheer about. When Piper tries to blow up a baddie she plunges the two of them into an strange world called the ghostly plane. I wasn't expecting this at all and I found it totally gripping. Charmed isn't known for its surreal stage sets but this one is beautifully filmed; the blue filter and wistful music are spot on. Having the two of them alone for so long really works and when they kiss it doesn't feel at all rushed. Great acting and great direction.

    The moment where Piper sees Chris as her son for the first time is very special. For once, there are no witty one liners or dodgy words of wisdom, just a long look between the two of them. All credit to Brad Kern for holding back on the script.

    It's nice to see a few darklighters again (the ginger one can shoot me anytime); I've always preferred them to demons. They do need to give them more effective weapons though; in six years we haven't seen one kill a single whitelighter.

    I guessed it was Gideon behind the plot but that shot of him walking out of the shadows still made me shiver. Can't wait to see how the season unfolds now.
  • Piper and Leo get stuck in an other plane... and Leo is hit by a darklighter arrow...

    This episode is one of the best of Charmed I think. The way it has been written is fantastic. A lot of different big events happen in this episode, little Wyatt has his birthday, Leo and Piper get stuck in an other plane, where Leo nearly dies as he gets hit by a darklight arrow, promting them to tell each other how much they love each other, and sleep together. Paige and Phoebe then have to tell Piper some news... Chris isn\'t who she thinks he is. She is going to have a baby... and that baby is Chris. The episode ends with Chris knowing his mum knows, and they both staring lovingly at each other.
  • Piper and Leo get it on!!

    Piper and Leo get together again, what more could you want?? i love this episode soo much!! it was really interesting the way the writers sent Piper and Leo to the ghostly plane! i was nearly crying when Piper kissed Leo because she thought he was going to die, and then for them to concieve Chris! Poor chris fading away throughout the episode- but he came back so that\'s all that matters now!! Amazingly acted and written- it was very powerful to watch- had to be one of the best episodes of Charmed ever!! i loved it to lots and lots!!
  • Brilliant episode but who got the title ???

    A Darklighter named Damien, accidentally sends both Leo ) and Piper to the Ghostly plane, leaving Phoebe and Paige to believe that they are dead. Unbeknownst to everybody, Gideon has made a deal with the Darklighters to get Leo out of the way. Meanwhile, Chris does the math on his birth nad shockingly find out that he has to be conceived on less than the day to be alive and we all know what that means!!
  • One of the best this season! Chris's fate is decided..

    This episode was fantastic!
    The twist at the end with Gideon being the evil one was a shocker. (not literally, because I'd already read the spoilers, but if I hadn't, great story arc).
    In this episode Gideon hires the darklighters to transport Leo into the ghostly plane and kill him. Unfortunatly for them Piper gets taken along. Chris slowly disapears but as Leo sits on deaths door he is conceived. Paige and Phoebe try to figure out a way to get Piper back, with help from Gideon along the way.
    Eventually they are saved.. just in time.
    At the end of the episode the charmed ones still do not know Gideon was responsible for the events, nor that Gideon has convinced Leo to go "up there" permenantly. It's a very humerous scene when Paige and Phoebe tell Piper Chris is her son.
  • Existense of Chris!

    We found out that day is Chris to disappear forever and will not exist anymore unless his parents do it. Chris felt really weird and cant felt his body lot. Phoebe and Piper tried to help Chris, Leo, and Piper in this episode. Later, Chris are disappearing and can walk throught walls and needed help fast! Next morning, Piper and Leo did it, then Chris is back and his existense is good! Ending of this episode, Leo left his family behind to be full time elder. Leo took very hard! Also Phoebe and Paige had to tell Piper that she is pregnant and Chris is her second son. Great episode!
  • Charmed,is just really great T.V. I love it very much. I'm sure in 10-20 years people will go back and glean fun and cute things from it just like the writers did with "The courtship of Wyatt's father" very, very,fun.

    Charmed, the best thing that "used "to be on T.V. why did they take it off the air? We'er the girls's just tired of doing the same type of show? They are all such great actors even I can tell by watching the show they can do any thing that "Hollywood" gives them to do!!!!" Charmed is great. I get up on my days off (in the morring) to watch it and have all my work done (out side the house) to get home and watch the afternoon shows. The show about how chris got here is sooo sweet the writers " we'er the best!!!!!"
  • I liked it, because i saw, what i was waiting for the long time...Leo is nice father and husband, i think.

    I was waitting this episode for a long time, and at last i saw it.So, i think it was very interesting and nice episode.I like this film very much and i saw all episodes till now.I would like to send all episodes, but i have no time for this action.It is interestig how much seasons will be at all?!Here in Lithuania it is only 6-th season.Perhaps needs to ask my friend in USA, to send me all seasons dvd's :)But now, i don't have all serries so i want to see episodes here on TV com.And i am very thankful, that i can do this.
  • yay leo and piper!!!

    chris is saved.

    im soo glad that leo and piper admit their true feelings for one another...its good to know that they still love each other. they are perfect for each other...if magic could stop ruining everything

    piper and leo are sent to the ghostly plane that was only meant for leo to go to so he could be killed by a darklighter, because he is an elder. piper gets stuck there two and the two remember the love they share for one another when trying to save one another's lives and make it back to their own plane before being killed.

    I LOVE THIS EPISODE...its great.

    It is Wyatts first B day. After his party with afrodisiacs a Dark lighter whose name was Damien shows up and starts shooting. They save Wyatt and Leo. Damien gets away from the sisters. Phoebe Paige and Chris try to make Piper and Leo have sex. So they go after Damien. Damien was working for Gideon. Damien was supposedly vanquished. Piper and Leo were sent to an alternate dimension. Leo gets shot by the almighty jackass Damien. Leo and Piper do the romantic dialouge thing then they do each other. They get out. Piper finds out she is pregnant with Chris.
  • The episode entitled, ‘The Courtship of Wyatt's Father' focused on Piper and Leo’s relationship and whether or not there was still something between them.

    The episode entitled, ‘The Courtship of Wyatt's Father' focused on Piper and Leo’s relationship and whether or not there was still something between them.

    It is the final day for Chris, and Phoebe and Paige are completely out of ideas on getting Piper and Leo back together. I found it incredibly funny to watch and see how they were going to manage this.

    Once the threat of the Darklighter arose, Chris’ existence got put on the back-burner so that the sisters could concentrate on saving Piper and Leo.

    I really enjoyed seeing Piper and Leo together, working together like they had never been apart. I forgot how much I missed seeing the two of them together. I hope that the future brings nothing but good for this couple, but I fear the writers have something else entirely in mind. ;)

    The end of the episode, when Phoebe and Paige told Piper that she was pregnant and that Chris is her son was classic. I loved that scene. It was funny and heart-warming all at the same time. I love that about Charmed. It’s scenes like this that make this such a great show.

    Overall, I would give this episode a 10 out of 10, nothing beats Piper’s expression in the ending. I can’t wait for more.
  • loved it

    This episode was wonderful and exciting. I love the character of Chris, I am so glad Pipier finally knows. I ws dying for them to find out. I love season 6 I think it is the best episodes besides the ones with Cole being the source. The ghostly plain was very well done