Season 5 Episode 15

The Day The Magic Died

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2003 on The WB
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After Piper is put on bed rest for high blood pressure, Phoebe and Paige discover that all magic has disappeared from the world. While attending a summit meeting between good and evil to attempt to restore it, they learn that there is a connection between the loss of magic and the birth of Piper's child.moreless

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  • Yay Wyatt.

    I love Stanley Especially when his fireball goes out "was afraid of that' and rans at Paige with his arms out.

    While I get while Doris doesn't want to leave, I'm surprised Victor would take a 'mortal human' into a house of witch craft with regular demons... I actually found it ridiculously rude of him as well. And everything she was saying was gross about the cruise.

    I did love all of Pipers facial expressions trying to deal with Doris and Victor.

    I like when we don't have to wait until season finales for things to happen. And it kind of keeps things interesting because you just don't know when something might occur. So I liked finally getting the babymoreless
  • The Day The Magic Died

    The Day The Magic Died was a perfectly entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of great character and plot development. It was great to see the sisters deal with a lack of magic in the world as they team up with evil to figure a way to restore order. It was interesting to learn more about Piper's baby and it was a great ending to see him born. I liked the unicorn and the reason it was sent to the sisters, what a brilliant strategy! I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Meet the (new) Parents.

    There's a lot of fun to be had with this one. After a couple of catastrophes masquerading as storylines, it's good to know that this witchly series is still capable of producing a genuinely funny episode. There's a lot going on here, with all magic having been erased, a new step-mom in tow, bluffs and double bluffs, and a twist ending of the cute variety. And let's not forget Paige's chain-mail vest, and handcuffs she used just only ''last week''. Kinky witch. The majority of the laughs stem crom Piper's reaction to putting up with Dorris, her new step-mom; a scene in particular where Dorris declares her love for Victor to the sisters, followed by ''and he's the most amazing lover. Let me tell you, girlfriends'' was just laugh out loud funny. Throw in a home-made wiccan arsenal courtesy of Paige and you have a strong episode that's not exactly taxing, but it will surely leave you with a smile, as well as having you go ''awwww'' by the end. It's a boy! Awwwww!moreless
  • Congratulations! Its an orbing baby boy!

    Only 3 episodes after ending the Cole storyline, Season 5 ends its other main plotline with the birth of Wyatt Matthews Halliwell, the Chosen One. In hindsight, it is certainly debatable whether that was a good idea with 7 episodes still left.

    The episode maintains the great dialogue that we've seen throughout this season, and there are some sensational guest stars, headed by James Read making another appearance as Victor and Cheryl Ladd surprisingly in an incredibly short stint as his wife. Another plus is the glamour look of Paige, reminiscent of Ginger from Gilligan's Island, except cuter; have I said before that I LOVE all the little faces she makes? Her and Phoebe both have some great comedic moments, especially when talking to Cronyn at the manor. This is a truly unique episode with the loss of all magic being the primary conflict until the end. The sisters have fought without their powers before, but seeing demons having to do likewise is a new one. The three threads of Piper's condition, Victor's arrival with his new wife, and Phoebe and Paige trying to figure out why magic is gone are all well-connected, though possibly one thread too many.

    The best part is that the episode ends with one of those virtually perfect scenes: the birth of Wyatt. The acting is phenomenal, especially from Holly, Brian and Alyssa, and I love the chandelier announcing the return of magic and how Wyatt was orbing out of the womb. Nice shocker that it ended up being a boy. Of course, I already knew that and have been laughing at every mention of "niece."

    Reminiscent of Piper and Leo's wedding, which happened in nearly the exact same spot, this is a HUGE scene that was perfectly handled. BRAVO!

    I can't quite rate this as high as the best of Season 5. It starts very slow and tries too hard for comedy at times. I found Stanley and the scenes where Doris talks about Victor's sexual prowess somewhat painful to watch. Unfortunately, such desperate attempts at humor will become more frequent for the remainder of the season.moreless
  • Birthday Boy

    The Day Magic Died-After Piper is put on bed rest for high blood pressure, Phoebe and Paige discover that all magic has disappeared from the world. While attending a summit meeting between good and evil to attempt to restore it, they learn that there is a connection between the loss of magic and the birth of Piper's child. Wow, in the mist of all the mediocrity of Season 5, the writers manage to deliever in the one storyline that has been at the back burner of the season so far: Piper and Leo's baby. Sure, we've had mutiple teases of the baby's powers and how much it will effect the magical world, but we haven't really had a full length episode devoted to the next generation of the Halliwell wicthes. "The Day Magic Died" was that episode and it's definately the strongest episode of the season. For the first time in a while, all the characters feels like a family and the cast brought their performances up a notch for such an occassion. Hell, even the guest stars are in top form with William Morgan Sheppard as Merrill the Sorceror, J.P. Manoux as Stanley, Merrill's idiot apprentice and one fo the original Charlie's Angels Cheryl Ladd as Doris, Victor's new wife.

    I have to say the script was not only touching and hearfelt, but had some hilarious one-liners:

    Merrill: "You got demons suck in the underowld with no way up, demons stuck top side with no way down."

    Phoebe: "Poor evil creatures."

    Paige: "Stand back, I think he's gonna break into song."

    Also the hilarious moments between the sisters and Doris when she takes about their father's "bed" skills, Stanley's death, Paige and Phoebe unleashing their homemade arsenal on those demons in the cafe, etc. Sure, the episode starts out pretty goofy with all ducks and the unicorn, even the sisters and Leo's overprotectiveness had me annoyed, but along the way, the episode shaped up fast into one of the most heartwarming episodes of Charmed. The final moments with the family surrounding Piper as she gives birth was brilliant with some the finest acting from the cast. The revelation of the baby's sex was infact a surprise and the fact that it's the first male born of the Halliwell line makes it interesting and makes you wonder what the child has in store for his family. Overall, "The Day Magic Dead" mixes in some great dark comedy, some geunine family moments and a excellent final act to make the best of Season 5. (Which isn't hard!)moreless
Cheryl Ladd

Cheryl Ladd


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J. P. Manoux

J. P. Manoux


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Maggie Baird

Maggie Baird


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James Read

James Read

Victor Bennett

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • TRIVIA: Leo does not orb in this episode.

    • How did Paige manage to get the unicorn down the basement stairs so quickly? Horses (and the like) can walk down stairs with training and a person they trust, however even with this training any equine likely wouldn't fair well on the rickey, steep and very narrow wooden steps leading down to the basement. They creaked when Phoebe walked down them and she weighs a lot less that the unicorn.

    • TRIVIA: When Wyatt is born, the chandelier above the dining room table glows blue just like the one in the foyer did when Piper, Phoebe, and Prue became witches.

    • Piper's bathroom in this episode was used as a closet in the earlier season 5 episode "Y Tu Mummy Tambien".

    • In this episode, the door underneath the stairs is used as a closet, but in the season 1 episode "Dead Man Dating" it is used as a bathroom.

    • When Phoebe comments on the head of brown hair on the baby, Paige says "what did you expect - a blonde?" but in later episodes, baby Wyatt is indeed a blonde.

    • When Paige orbs into Piper's & Leo's bedroom the ruffles of her shirt are on the right side, but when she and Phoebe come downstairs to meet Piper they are on the left.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Leo: What did I miss?
      Piper (distressed): Alot!

    • (The unicorn suddenly appears in the dining room, eating the flowers that are on the table)
      Phoebe: I thought you tied her up.
      Paige: I did. She eats through everything.

    • (After Phoebe and Paige vanquished Cronyn, and Doris is with Piper, who is in labor on the stairs)
      Paige: Well, is everyone okay?
      Piper: I feel like I'm dying!

    • Phoebe (about the geese): I though you said you tied them up?
      Paige: I did, but the little flockers got loose.
      Phoebe: Ok, we have to do better than this for Piper. I mean, if we can't keep geese away from her, how are we supposed to protect her from demons?
      Paige: Ok, you're right, you're right. I think we should take turns guarding the manor. You know, who knows what kind of wierdo stuff will show up here.
      (She goes into kitchen and sees a unicorn.)

    • Cronyn: Demons stuck in the Underworld with no way up. Demons stuck upside with no way down.
      Phoebe: Poor little evil creatures.

    • Leo: Okay, uh, well it's really nothing to worry about. Uh magic has disappeared from the world and Phoebe and Paige went to have a summit meeting with evil so they can fix it. See, nothing to worry about.

    • Phoebe: Its like magic and science and fairy tales all rolled up into one.
      Paige: Actually, its ions speeding into the earth's magnetic field and then they collide with air molecules.

    • Piper : I may be stuck in bed, but I'm not stuck on stupid.

    • (Cronyn is holding a knife to Piper's throat while she is in labour on the stairs)
      Piper: Phoebe, if you love me you will send this crazy bastard straight to hell!

    • Leo: Something's wrong, something's wrong! I can't orb. I was trying to go to the Elders to find out how to get rid of the golden geese -- and why is there a unicorn in the kitchen?

    • Phoebe: Yeah, but I liked his whole 'world without magic' speech. Very Capra.
      Paige: Pure Crapa.

    • Phoebe: Okay, Paige, while unicorns may be very magical and cool, I'm not so sure it's appropriate for a baby. Have you seen those hooves? And how are we gonna baby proof that horn?

    • Cronyn (as he pulls out a business card and hands it to Phoebe) My cell phone's on the back in case your sister changes her mind.
      Phoebe: Cronyn, huh? Since when do sorcerers have cell phones?
      Cronyn: You think that's bad? I've got a taxi waiting out front. Call me.

    • Paige: Is that what I think it is?
      Phoebe: Uh, if you're referring to Mr. Winky, between the legs, yes.

    • Leo (while chasing a goose down the hall): Here, goosy, goosy...

    • Leo (upon seeing a dead Stanley): What's with the leftovers?

    • Paige (to Phoebe): These were mine, and now will be yours. Chain-mail top, from my club days. Steel-toed boots, from my mosh pit days. Handcuffs, from last Friday.

    • Cronyn: Magic must be saved. And it's up to us.
      Paige: Us? We're us. You're them. We don't help thems.
      Phoebe: Sorry.

    • Cronyn: I hate good magic...fairy tales, wishes on stars, and children who believe in Santa Claus. Mortals don't know it exists, but magic infuses all their hopes and dreams.
      Paige: Stand back. I think he's gonna break out in song.

    • Phoebe (to Doris when she is about to deliver Piper's baby): Step aside, bitch.
      Paige: Yeah, that's our job.

    • Paige: Who the hell are you?
      Stanley: They call me...Stanley!

    • Stanley: My name will haunt you to your grave! (He keels over dead)
      Phoebe: What was his name again?
      Paige: I don't remember...

    • Piper (while in labour, to her father): Dad, I'm sorry about your demon wife!

  • NOTES (3)


    • The show Piper's watching when she's trying to relax is the NBC soap Passions, where the witch Tabitha Lennox (played by Juliet Mills) is trying to obliterate the people of Harmony, the seaside town Tabitha lives in.

    • Title: The Day The Magic Died

      This is a reference to Don McLean's song "American Pie", where a line from the song that goes "the day the music died," refers to the February 3rd, 1959 deaths of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. Richardson (aka The Big Bopper).

    • Phoebe: Yeah, but I liked his whole 'world without magic' speech. Very Capra.

      This is a reference to the famous director Frank Capra and, indirectly, to his 1946 film "It's a Wonderful Life".