Season 5 Episode 15

The Day The Magic Died

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2003 on The WB

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  • Yay Wyatt.

    I love Stanley Especially when his fireball goes out "was afraid of that' and rans at Paige with his arms out.

    While I get while Doris doesn't want to leave, I'm surprised Victor would take a 'mortal human' into a house of witch craft with regular demons... I actually found it ridiculously rude of him as well. And everything she was saying was gross about the cruise.

    I did love all of Pipers facial expressions trying to deal with Doris and Victor.

    I like when we don't have to wait until season finales for things to happen. And it kind of keeps things interesting because you just don't know when something might occur. So I liked finally getting the baby
  • The Day The Magic Died

    The Day The Magic Died was a perfectly entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of great character and plot development. It was great to see the sisters deal with a lack of magic in the world as they team up with evil to figure a way to restore order. It was interesting to learn more about Piper's baby and it was a great ending to see him born. I liked the unicorn and the reason it was sent to the sisters, what a brilliant strategy! I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Meet the (new) Parents.


    There's a lot of fun to be had with this one. After a couple of catastrophes masquerading as storylines, it's good to know that this witchly series is still capable of producing a genuinely funny episode. There's a lot going on here, with all magic having been erased, a new step-mom in tow, bluffs and double bluffs, and a twist ending of the cute variety. And let's not forget Paige's chain-mail vest, and handcuffs she used just only ''last week''. Kinky witch. The majority of the laughs stem crom Piper's reaction to putting up with Dorris, her new step-mom; a scene in particular where Dorris declares her love for Victor to the sisters, followed by ''and he's the most amazing lover. Let me tell you, girlfriends'' was just laugh out loud funny. Throw in a home-made wiccan arsenal courtesy of Paige and you have a strong episode that's not exactly taxing, but it will surely leave you with a smile, as well as having you go ''awwww'' by the end. It's a boy! Awwwww!

  • Congratulations! Its an orbing baby boy!

    Only 3 episodes after ending the Cole storyline, Season 5 ends its other main plotline with the birth of Wyatt Matthews Halliwell, the Chosen One. In hindsight, it is certainly debatable whether that was a good idea with 7 episodes still left.

    The episode maintains the great dialogue that we've seen throughout this season, and there are some sensational guest stars, headed by James Read making another appearance as Victor and Cheryl Ladd surprisingly in an incredibly short stint as his wife. Another plus is the glamour look of Paige, reminiscent of Ginger from Gilligan's Island, except cuter; have I said before that I LOVE all the little faces she makes? Her and Phoebe both have some great comedic moments, especially when talking to Cronyn at the manor. This is a truly unique episode with the loss of all magic being the primary conflict until the end. The sisters have fought without their powers before, but seeing demons having to do likewise is a new one. The three threads of Piper's condition, Victor's arrival with his new wife, and Phoebe and Paige trying to figure out why magic is gone are all well-connected, though possibly one thread too many.

    The best part is that the episode ends with one of those virtually perfect scenes: the birth of Wyatt. The acting is phenomenal, especially from Holly, Brian and Alyssa, and I love the chandelier announcing the return of magic and how Wyatt was orbing out of the womb. Nice shocker that it ended up being a boy. Of course, I already knew that and have been laughing at every mention of "niece."

    Reminiscent of Piper and Leo's wedding, which happened in nearly the exact same spot, this is a HUGE scene that was perfectly handled. BRAVO!

    I can't quite rate this as high as the best of Season 5. It starts very slow and tries too hard for comedy at times. I found Stanley and the scenes where Doris talks about Victor's sexual prowess somewhat painful to watch. Unfortunately, such desperate attempts at humor will become more frequent for the remainder of the season.
  • Birthday Boy

    The Day Magic Died-After Piper is put on bed rest for high blood pressure, Phoebe and Paige discover that all magic has disappeared from the world. While attending a summit meeting between good and evil to attempt to restore it, they learn that there is a connection between the loss of magic and the birth of Piper's child. Wow, in the mist of all the mediocrity of Season 5, the writers manage to deliever in the one storyline that has been at the back burner of the season so far: Piper and Leo's baby. Sure, we've had mutiple teases of the baby's powers and how much it will effect the magical world, but we haven't really had a full length episode devoted to the next generation of the Halliwell wicthes. "The Day Magic Died" was that episode and it's definately the strongest episode of the season. For the first time in a while, all the characters feels like a family and the cast brought their performances up a notch for such an occassion. Hell, even the guest stars are in top form with William Morgan Sheppard as Merrill the Sorceror, J.P. Manoux as Stanley, Merrill's idiot apprentice and one fo the original Charlie's Angels Cheryl Ladd as Doris, Victor's new wife.

    I have to say the script was not only touching and hearfelt, but had some hilarious one-liners:

    Merrill: "You got demons suck in the underowld with no way up, demons stuck top side with no way down."
    Phoebe: "Poor evil creatures."

    Paige: "Stand back, I think he's gonna break into song."

    Also the hilarious moments between the sisters and Doris when she takes about their father's "bed" skills, Stanley's death, Paige and Phoebe unleashing their homemade arsenal on those demons in the cafe, etc. Sure, the episode starts out pretty goofy with all ducks and the unicorn, even the sisters and Leo's overprotectiveness had me annoyed, but along the way, the episode shaped up fast into one of the most heartwarming episodes of Charmed. The final moments with the family surrounding Piper as she gives birth was brilliant with some the finest acting from the cast. The revelation of the baby's sex was infact a surprise and the fact that it's the first male born of the Halliwell line makes it interesting and makes you wonder what the child has in store for his family. Overall, "The Day Magic Dead" mixes in some great dark comedy, some geunine family moments and a excellent final act to make the best of Season 5. (Which isn't hard!)
  • Like daughter like father and like mother like son, son wait a sec what's going on

    I refer to of course Victor marrying a warlock/demon evil woman. Who hadn't guessed there was something up there ey. A bit of a shame as it would have been more fun if that had been played out over a couple of episodes. It would have also been more fun if she wasn't evil and just a witch. Victor marrying 2 witches in his life time would have been a funnier coincidence. Anyhoos I also refer to the birth of baby Wyatt as well and his brown hair (aka Pipers hair colour).

    This episode for me was a bit of a let down really as its been played all Season that they are expecting a girl. Nasty trick to pull therefore although already knowing about Wyatt as Ive seen season 7 and 8 episodes my opinion might just be different to others.

    Its a comedic episode but a lot of the humour came across as groan worthy. Stanley in particular felt just pathetic really and what was up with his paint/soup blood. I did laugh at the Unicorn eating Special K though. A nice idea for all magic beings to lose powers could have been played on better mind you. How dumb was it for Phoebe and Paige to go to that bar. They should have insisted on meeting at an outside cafe. Duh, obvious trap.

    So Baby Wyatt is born, no more reason for them to play with the fact that Holly Marie Combs in real life is not pregnant (I hated that aspect of the show, totally undermined the whole point of it so you end up not caring as much when Wyatt is eventually born). So the end of an era and the start of a new one.
  • It's a boy!

    Clever, clever, clever! An episode without magic may sound daft on a show about witches but that's what makes this hour so refreshing. All the usual elements are there: demons, sisterly issues, comedy moments, but the lack of magic provides a fascinating twist.

    We've seen the sisters without powers many times, of course, but seeing demons resorting to baseball bats was totally surreal. The fight scene in the bar was great, as were Paige and Phoebes' homemade weapons. I felt kind of sorry for Stanley as he didn't seem all that evil, although bleeding mint ice cream all over the cupboard floor was downright rude.

    Victor's wife turning out to be a demon came as a genuine shock. The guest actress was very good and didn't give anything away. It was a bit of a disappointing vanquish but at least they found a use for the unicorn. Same cannot be said for those stupid geese. What sort of gift is that for a baby?

    This episode is, of course, remembered as the one in which Wyatt is born. Unfortunately, knowing this means we miss out on the week's two biggest twists. First up, Piper wasn't due for another six weeks. And, secondly, the baby was expected to be a girl. Credit to the writers for both of these.

    The birth scene itself is beautifully directed. Holly is very convincing (especially considering she'd never given birth herself when they filmed this) and the light effects are spot on. The ending has plenty of "aaaahh" factor if you like that kind of thing.

    Lastly, I'm glad they waited until a few weeks after Cole's death to do this. The breathing space is appreciated. Welcome to Charmed, Wyatt!
  • Welcome to the world Wyatt!

    The magics disappeared from the world. The Elders can't orb down from the "heaven", the demons can't come out from the "underworld", the book of shadows has been blanked, the sisters lost their powers...Oh my god, this is one episode without magic. I don't expect this episode to be good, because no magic has been used. But I'm shocked when I watch this episode, it's great. Much better than what I imagined. Clearly the writer (Daniel Cerone) for this episode is a smart guy. I love this episode, just love it. I can't say this episode is perfect, because they don't have powers (I don't like it). But it's alright, the story is still good.
  • Magic takes a break to welcome Wyatt Matthew Halliwell ...

    Phoebe, Paige and Leo realize that their powers are down and try to keep the fact hidden from Piper after she had collapsed, so as not to worry her. They force Piper to rest while they try to figure out what is happening. Meanwhile, magical gifts keep turning up at the Halliwell mansion but Phoebe and Paige don’t know who they are from. Piper and Phoebe’s dad come to the mansion to help with the birth, along with his new wife, who turned out to be a demon set out to take Wyatt. Later on, Phoebe and Paige learn that the magical gifts were sent by the elders to protect them from the sorcerer who also wanted to take Wyatt. At the end of the episode, magic returns back as Wyatt is born on the dinning room.
  • Welcome mean...Baby Boy Halliwell


    The magical community is sending gifts left and right to the Charmed Ones as Piper nears her due date. One special gift, a unicorn, arrives. Piper, however, suffers from a medical setback and Paige and Phoebe, to keep her stress level down, try to keep these magical gifts under wraps. Chaos ensues when Dad comes by with his new wife and magic literally dies the world over. It turns out that this child to be is twice blessed and foretold. It also turns out that Dad's new wife is a demon waiting to take Baby Halliwell. The Charmed Ones save the day with the help of the unicorn (pure magic and a gift from the Elders-they've redeemed themeselves) just in time. Though Piper would have loved a hospital, it's a good thing she stayed clear. Little Wyatt comes into the world, surprising all with his gender, in a whirl of orbs. Since I have loved the Leo and Piper saga, watching every week to see their relationship develop, I obviously loved this addition to the repetoire. It was heartfelt and real. The two actors obviously have such a clear chemistry on the screen. Without it, the story (their relationship) would have petered out long ago. The characters are also just well-written. Leo is the yin to Piper's yang, the calming influence, the rational voice to her sometimes manic, controlling ways. I just love it! The bond between the sisters was of course present. The chemistry between the actresses had long been established. Sidenote: I used to complain about the effects. During the very first season, I thought the effects were anti-climactic. After having seen, though, what the messy cleanup of these vanquishings could be like, I have come to understand the genius behind the cgi.
  • Wyatt Matthew Halliwell

    When all magic, good and bad, disappears things go from bad to worse as Piper goes in labor leaving her and the baby very vulnerable to any demon foolish enough to attack. And, surprise surprise, a demon does attack. However it is kind of a surprise considering how the demon is, Victor's new wife. With Paige and Phoebe out of contact and Leo off searching for them Piper is left in labor at the mercy of her demonic mother-in-law. Just as the bad guys aare vanquished and magic returns to the world Piper gives birth to her child, a baby boy. Which is a big surprise all around.

    This really is a sweet and unique episode, especially considering it's the first child to be born on Charmed and into the Halliwell family. I think they handled it really well, as they did Wyatt's story line for the rest of the series. Charmed was one of the few shows where the birth of the kid wasn't what drained the show of it's powers.
  • Magic is out on... How convenient! The day Piper's baby is born!

    This is my favorite episode!!! Ever since the series began I knew that at least one one of the Charmed Ones would have kids! Baby Wyatt is soooooooooo CUTE!!! I cried when he was born! I love that baby to pieces! And all of the drama is heart pumping! It also has hilariously funny parts! Such as, Phoebe(to Paige after a goggle of geese runs in front of them)- I thought you tied them up! Paige- I did, but the little flockers got loose!. LOL!!! I really like the parts were Piper is in labor. She gets more upset and irritable than usual (and that's saying something!) Well, I may have already said it, but I will gladly say it again!!! I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!!!!!!
  • pipers baby is born

    this is an exciting episode when phoebe and paige discover that all magic good, and evil are gone while piper takes a fall she is advised to stay in bed and rest while magic is dead she is up in her bed relaxing. phoebe and paige have a meeting with demons to see if they can bring back magic but trust me they are well prepared for the demons secretly. the demons and phoebe and paige meet at a public bar to discuss where magic has gone but the bar is full of deomns with no powers but bats and weapons. meanwhile victor has a new wife who is a demon intending to steal pipers baby with another demon to raise it as there own but without magic the charmed ones seem to be doing quite good they defeat the demons and pipers baby is born expected as a girl but as a boy 1 month premature delivered by phoebe and paige then all magic is recevied when baby wyatt the twice blessed baby is born.
  • Piper's baby is born. magic dies.

    The day that magic dies is a special episode. Piper gets sick, all these strange gifts are coming, magic dies, and Phoebe and Paige try to save it. All of a sudden Pipers father and new wife come to visit...? This was a great episode the only disappointing thing was that Piper had a boy and not a girl. It is interesting that the special baby is a boy and boy witches are not shown that much. But piper went to the future and had a girl. She was so cute so why not a girl. It was a special episode just loved it!
  • A definite classic.

    This episode is really good. I think its cool that neither side had their powers. It don\'t like the fact that it takes the whole episode for Piper to give birth. I felt bad for Piper having to put up with their dad and his new wife who is really annoying. It\'s funny how they have to find new ways of using magic. I love the way that they had Piper\'s water break at the same time that Paige and Pheobe had the meeting. They really could fight well with the everyday tools kicked up a notch. Poor Piper that would just freak me out having a baby at home and not in a hospital.
    The ending of the episode is amazing, and I knew from the beginning that their dad\'s new wife was someone that is evil it was just the way she was so annoying and had to do everything and know what was going on. I love the fact that the unicorn did actually come in handy. The ending is just plain awesome.
  • Of course we all knew the birth of Piper and Leo's baby would not go off without a hitch, but this exciting episode was packed with surprising twists!

    When Piper goes into labor prematurely, it is the least of the Charmed Ones' problems. First, there is their new Demon step-mom to deal with, an evil sorceror who wants to steal Piper's baby, an all-out brawl with a pizza shop full of bad guys, and--oh, yeah--NO MAGIC!

    Until Piper gives birth, there is no magic--and that means the Charmed Ones must fight evil without their powers.

    I enjoyed all the exciting twists in this episode--Piper's baby comes early, all magic is endangered, Victor's new wife turns out the be a demon, and the new Halliwell baby girl turns out to be (gasp!) a boy!!!!

    In addition, there was a much fun humor in this episode--the golden geese, the unicorn. And, some great lines: Paige on the geese: "The flockers got away." Piper to her dad: "Sorry about your demon wife." Phoebe on the surprise at the baby's gender: "You mean Mr. Winky?"

    This is a great episode--exciting, funny, touching!
  • Series Classic

    The Day The Magic Died is problably one of the best episodes of Charmed, in this episode we see really potential of the writers.The story was basically, the magic died in the day where Wyatt is going to born.This episode is very funny I love that scene that Paige goes after the unicorn, it is really funny.This episode saved this season, I mean this season started not so bad, but ended really bad, the worst thing they did was change the executive story editors (Monica Breen and Allison Schapker) for Curtis Kheel, he is not a bad writer, just a lame story editor, his only great stories were in this episode and in Centenial Charmed.
  • The Day Died

    a great get to the good part i'm gonna skip a few piper and phoebe's dad comes to tell them that he got married and he brings his wife to the manor.then they find out all the magic on earth has been erased from the phoebe and paige meet with demons(piper can't go cuz she's on bed rest) to try to bring magic they meet at a pizza place so they can't get hurt. so the demons check their purses to make sure they don't have any weapons. but the demons do they wern't gonna miss the chace to take out the charmed ones.but the charmed ones fight so they chain up a sorcere to find out why magic is gone he tells them that magic won't return to the world until the baby is born piper's baby the baby is a twice blessed child. so they find out that the demon or whateve wants pipers baby. they rush back home quietly knowing the demon is already there,meanwhile doris victors new wife is a demon who also wants the baby and has stabbed victor. to b continued
  • There is no magic anywhere and Paige and Phoebe have a meeting with a demon who tricked them and tried to kill them, Meanwhile Piper is giving birth to Wyatt.

    Very humerous episode, especially at the start where Leo is trying to catch the geese which are magical presents for baby Wyatt. And poor Piper has to spend the day in bed, watching daytime television. Leo did such a bad job of lying to Piper which made that even more humerous. That woman that was Piper and Phoebe\'s dad\'s fiancee, (I hope you all got that hehe) would have done my head in, poor piper again!! A good twist at the end where she turned out to be a demon. Also, It was smart how Paige and Phoebe thought of all the weapons to use out of hairspray etc. Overall, A very humerous and good episode, one of my all time favourites.
  • This episode is a exciting episode becuse Piper is going to have here baby, but at the same time magie dies and they try to not have Piper no abot it. Than her father comes with he's wife and there stepmother. then magic comes back.

    Well in this episode ever one is happy and the Elders are giving gifts for Piper's baby and than Magic dies and they don't what Piper to no about it so they don't tell her. Then There Father comes with His new wife. And she trys to take over every thing. Demons set a date with them so they go with there magice the demons try to kill them but they win. there father's wife trys to get the baby but Paige and Pheobe comes and kills her. So Piper is in the table giving life and magice comes back
  • Baby On Board

    A well-written episode which perfectly sums up all the awesome aspects of Charmed, the birth of Wyatt was a storyline that, in the hands of a less capable writer, could have been a mess. Thankfully, Daniel Cerone creates an unusually dark episode with some various splashes of comedy.

    The Day the Magic Died sees Piper going into labor. At the same time, all magic in the world has suddenly disappeared. Whilst Victor and his slightly psychotic new wife take care of Piper, Phoebe and Paige attempt to discover what was responsible for the loss of all magic.

    Piper's birth is written well and despite a few instances of shoot-the-TV-in-syndrome (specifically Phoebe's penis comment), it's a really emotional and, dare I say it, magical scene, with all the lights and sparkly balls in the air etc. The build-up to that moment is also really entertaining. Former Charlie's Angel Cheryl Ladd gives a decent performance as the sister's new stepmom Doris and the revelation that she was evil was actually really shocking, as was the moment when she stabbed Victor in the back with a knife.

    This episode is also filled with a lot of action and mystery. You are constantly guessing whether Cronyn's actions are justified or if he is secretly manipulating the sisters and the fight in the pizzeria is excellently filmed and choreographed well, with people flying all over the place.

    Featuring some great comedy, some ingenious twists and turns and an excellent piece of stunt casting in Cheryl Ladd, The Day the Magic Died is a really awesome episode which is easily one of the few good episodes in the latter part of season five.

    Director: Stuart Gillard
    Writer: Daniel Cerone
    Rating: B+
  • It's always cute when a baby is born into this world...even if it's a magical baby!

    Charmed One, Piper Halliwell finally had her baby. After losing their powers, vanquishing the demon who wanted Piper's baby to raise as their own, she was able to deliver a healthy and safe baby.

    Because Wyatt was born to a witch and a whitelighter, it's no question that he's going to be a twiced blessed child. He is the most powerful child in the world, none the less. The twins who play Wyatt Matthew Halliwell...well, let's just say they couldn't have picked any two cuter babies to play the part. They are so adorable. Their facial expressions is what gets me going.

    This episode was definatly a tear jerker when Wyatt was born into the world. I cried!!!!
  • Second classic episode of this season. A must watch episode.

    This episode has to be the best one of the season, it's just a piece of art (compared to other episodes of course) and Little Wyatt coming to life, the best thing this season.

    The whole plot of the whole magic gone and the prophecy and of course, the birth of Wyatt made this episode an awesome one, in my book, the plot is just wonderful, the script is great and the acting is pretty much awesome, there is also some humor in it as usual.

    I think that in the end of the episode, where we see the whole family around Wyatt is priceless and well, I think it was a perfect episode.
  • So Good this is one of my favorites

    ok this is one of the episodes that you can\'t stop watching until the end
    there are tons of twists and turns throughout the episode including a demon wife and a baby boy (wyatt) that was a surprise for sure
    i loved the episode and i love the show.
  • In this episode magic is completely wiped out. Phoebe, Paige & Leo all worried about Piper's blood pressure dont tell her there is no magic. Instead they go make a deal with evil to try and get magic back. This doesnt go well. Wyatt is born.

    This eppy was very good. I think making the entire world magicless so wyatt could be born was a cool idea. The arrival of the evil stepmother was a funny addition. Also the episode title was very well thought up. I loved this episode and think it was a good way to bring wyatt into the world!