Season 5 Episode 15

The Day The Magic Died

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2003 on The WB

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  • Birthday Boy

    The Day Magic Died-After Piper is put on bed rest for high blood pressure, Phoebe and Paige discover that all magic has disappeared from the world. While attending a summit meeting between good and evil to attempt to restore it, they learn that there is a connection between the loss of magic and the birth of Piper's child. Wow, in the mist of all the mediocrity of Season 5, the writers manage to deliever in the one storyline that has been at the back burner of the season so far: Piper and Leo's baby. Sure, we've had mutiple teases of the baby's powers and how much it will effect the magical world, but we haven't really had a full length episode devoted to the next generation of the Halliwell wicthes. "The Day Magic Died" was that episode and it's definately the strongest episode of the season. For the first time in a while, all the characters feels like a family and the cast brought their performances up a notch for such an occassion. Hell, even the guest stars are in top form with William Morgan Sheppard as Merrill the Sorceror, J.P. Manoux as Stanley, Merrill's idiot apprentice and one fo the original Charlie's Angels Cheryl Ladd as Doris, Victor's new wife.

    I have to say the script was not only touching and hearfelt, but had some hilarious one-liners:

    Merrill: "You got demons suck in the underowld with no way up, demons stuck top side with no way down."
    Phoebe: "Poor evil creatures."

    Paige: "Stand back, I think he's gonna break into song."

    Also the hilarious moments between the sisters and Doris when she takes about their father's "bed" skills, Stanley's death, Paige and Phoebe unleashing their homemade arsenal on those demons in the cafe, etc. Sure, the episode starts out pretty goofy with all ducks and the unicorn, even the sisters and Leo's overprotectiveness had me annoyed, but along the way, the episode shaped up fast into one of the most heartwarming episodes of Charmed. The final moments with the family surrounding Piper as she gives birth was brilliant with some the finest acting from the cast. The revelation of the baby's sex was infact a surprise and the fact that it's the first male born of the Halliwell line makes it interesting and makes you wonder what the child has in store for his family. Overall, "The Day Magic Dead" mixes in some great dark comedy, some geunine family moments and a excellent final act to make the best of Season 5. (Which isn't hard!)