Season 3 Episode 19

The Demon Who Came In from the Cold

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2001 on The WB

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  • The Demon Who Came In from the Cold

    The Demon Who Came In from the Cold was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was entertaining and full of action, magic, and intrigue. It was awesome to see Cole infiltrate the Brotherhood. There were many awesome scenes, some suspenseful moments, and character development. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Cole is working to assist The Charmed Ones ... Or is he?

    One of the continuous storylines througout Cole Turner's tenure on the show is the burning question - is he a good guy, a bad guy, a truly evil guy, or perhaps, all three?

    In this episode, he is definitely playing the good guy as he goes undercover as his alter-ego, Belthazor, to mix with a group of unsavoury demons whom, it would seem, answer directly to 'The Source'. He does a mighty good job of convincing the nasty underworld brotherhood that he is one of them (perhaps too good?) and his is, we hope, helping the girls with this deed rather than making life tougher for them.

    In an almost secondary storyline, Phoebe graduates. THAT certainly didn't take long! She must be a super genius to have gotten through all of her required classes that quickly. I'm impressed!

    Watching the Good Guy/Bad Guy Cole is very interesting and again, I will say how well I think Julian McMahon plays him; both his evil and his vulnerabilities. There is a lot more to come yet.
  • Undercover Demon...

    There is a lot going on in this episode, but only the acting of Julian McMahon keeps this a good episode, which is actually below average for Season 3.

    In this episode we find that, though Cole has helped Season 3 stay consistently good as first an antagonist and then as an ally, Cole as a central protagonist does not work quite as well. This episode uses the familiar story arc of a character going undercover in an evil organization and being tempted into losing himself to his undercover persona. Since this is a demon we are talking about, that danger is very real, though I don't believe the screenplay ever sold it. The Brotherhood of the Thorn is interesting enough, and it is made up of some decent enough actors. The problem is that they are overly forgiving and trusting for a group of demons. Belthazor merely steps back into their presence, and not only should he have been vanquished upon sight, but though a lot of mistrust is suggested, he is immediately given important tasks to do. The worst part of the episode is the by now well-worn mistrust that the sisters have of Cole coupled with Phoebe's annoying over-protectiveness. Yeah, she loves the guy, but they are all used to dangerous situations and he freely chose his role. He is not a child.

    We get a different ending here with a rare mid-season cliff-hanger. It works well to raise the interest for next episode.
  • Undercover Demon

    The Demon Who Came In From the Cold-Cole poses as Belthazar to infiltrate an internet organization run by evil, that plans on controlling the world's information flow on the internet. Meanwhile, the sisters must vanquish the warlock posing as the company's manager without exposing Cole's role in the situation.

    A solid episode that puts Cole right back into center stage and sees his loyalty being tested. The dynamic between Cole and Phoebe grows stronger each week as Alyssa and Julian play off each other so well. It's great to see Cole trying to commit to his path his taking to be good as well as Phoebe desperately trying to protect Cole. Both characters at the point are very dependent of one another and their relationship is becoming very surreal, despite a supernatural twist.

    The Brotherhood make for an impressive group of villains and their master plan throughout the episode was well done, even intelligent. The cast that make up the Brotherhood are all good in their roles and the way they act along side Julian makes you really believe these characters have history. Seeing Cole get pushed back into his old ways is great to watch as you don't whether he really enjoys being back with evil or if he feels unbelieveablly guilty about the horrific acts his doing. Julian plays that off very well and there are times where you think Cole has really turned. Luckily, in the end it was all an act with the nice twist and Cole does help save the day in the end. But his sudden capture by Raynor, the Brotherhood was a suspenseful little cliffhanger as it leaves you waiting eagerly for next episode. All and All, "The Demon That Came In From The Cold" (God who comes up with these long titles?) is a great episode giving us some insight on Cole's past and some dark storytelling.
  • Children of the Thorn

    This is different. Kind of like a cross between "Sleuthing with the Enemy" and "Apocalypse Not".

    As the title suggests, this one is all about Cole. Specifically, it's about whether the sisters can trust him. When Phoebe knifes a demon in (surprise!) a dark alley, Cole confesses he knows him from his days in a demonic brotherhood. To destroy the brotherhood, he must infiltrate them and convince them he is still evil. But that may not be as hard as it sounds....

    It's a well written episode, and Sheryl Anderson builds in plenty of tension. Were this happening to any other character, it would probably fall flat but Cole is the one grey area in the show and the tension is real. When even Phoebe starts to doubt him, you do begin to wonder. It's not Julian's best performance but it's still brilliant. When Cole is with the Charmed Ones he is tight-lipped and sinister but as soon as he joins his fellow demons it's as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. I particularly love the latter.

    Involving demons in human business is fine in theory but it never works well in practice on this show. This week, the demons are trying to take over an internet firm and, once again, it just isn't convincing. I think it's more the fault of the director than the guest actors. He needs to let the baddies act a little more human.

    There's a great twist at the end when head demon, Vornac, poses as Cole to avoid being vanquished. I didn't clock him until Phoebe was actually throwing the potion. And we even end with a cliffhanger. Bring on part two!
  • Cole is back and Phoebe is graduating

    They start off and you really think that they might be talking about the latest warlock or demon, but they're debating on what movie they're going to go see. I like when things like that happen. It's so cool to be slightly thrown off every once in a while and the writers actually pulled it off pretty well. I liked that Cole appeared and he and Phoebe went off together leaving Prue to be stuck seeing the Thriller with Leo and Piper.

    Then while Phoebe and Cole are out for a stroll they find a homeless guy who is going on about The Brotherhood of the thorn and then he gets himself killed and obviously Phoebe kills the demon that has committed the crime. And from there are story unfolds. It turns out that the brotherhood of the thorn is something that Cole himself is a member of and that Phoebe just vanquished one of Cole's brothers. I love Prue's reaction saying that coming home was better than the movie with the storyline.

    Cole risking his life for some stupid stock thing wasn't really interesting at all. It was like yeah having one company control all that stuff isn't good but it wasn't a real reason to risk your life

    Vornac shape shifting into Cole to see if he would be killed or not was interesting, I loved that they just killed him and he wasn't expecting it. Then Cole getting an energy ball thrown at him was also cool! This episode was very Cole focused and I strongly dislike Cole so I didn't really enjoy watching this episode. I did enjoy Phoebe though. It was kind of cute to see her all worried about Cole and seriously wondering what was going on behind the scenes. And I loved how they weren't sure if Cole was back with his demon brothers or not. This was a good episode but not one that I care to watch often.
  • Cole lies and lies and lies to Phoebe !!!

    When Phoebe kills a demon that just murdered an innocent phophet, she learns that the demon was one of Cole's brothers. Cole explains that he was hand picked by the Source to be in an elite demonic gang called the Brotherhood of the Thorn, and his brothers probably murdered the phophet so the plans of their current operation are not revealed. Against Phoebe's wishes Cole decides to return to the Brotherhood to discover their plan, so the sisters can formulate a plan to stop the Brotherhood.
  • Cole goes undecover with an Overworld faction of the Brotherhood of the Thorn. This is a demon gang that answers directly to the Source. The Charmed Ones are unsure whether Cole has returned to the 'dark side' or not.

    I think it's somewhat funny that there's little gang of demons running around. All the 'old friends' of Belthazar/Cole are somewhat melodramatic, with their empathic pauses and their sharp glares. This episode in general is drama, drama, drama. I know that's the point, but seriously, lay off it a little, right? Throughout the series, there are sometimes episodes like this, where everything is a problem and solutions all come with a catch. Many of these episodes revolve around the Cole-demon-human-Phoebe-love situation, which soon enough becomes a Phoebe-versus-the-other-two scenario, into a Cole-versus-Phoebe-feeling-betrayed, and so on and so forth.

    The sarcasm and humor in the series is used mostly by Piper, but we get quite a lot of absent minded and obviously scripted chatter from all of the characters. Many of the uber-dramatic episodes have that, including "The Demon Who Came in From the Cold."
  • This episode was all about Cole, and past actions coming back to haunt him. This episode reveals Belthazor was part of an elite gang of demons, known as The Brotherhood of the Thorn. The Charmed Ones send Cole back under to find out what they're planning.

    This episode was a classic. Cole returns to his old Brotherhood, to find out what they are planning, to thwart their plans. But will he be tempted along the way? His old feinds are suspicious of him, and watch him closely. Phoebe is hurt when she discover Prue kept some Belthazor flesh, in case they ever needed to vanquish him. It is interesting to note that Piper is suprised when Prue told her she kept it- and in their freezer. Piper is the chef of the family and the flesh is at the front- why didn't she notice. Anyway, they used Belthazor's flesh to vanquish his brothers and then realise vanquishing them had been too easy. The Charmed Ones arrive in the basement early enough to see Tarkin and Cole snatch their innocent. Have the Charmed Ones been played? Find out!
  • Yay, an episode all about Cole!

    Cole once again wants to prove to Pheobe that he's good now by risking his cover & going back to the Brotherhood he once was a part of to try & foil their attempt at spreading evil throughout the world by taking over an internet company.

    We are left wondering throughout the episode if Cole is still good or if he crossed over to the dark side again.

    This time Prue has more faith in Cole than Piper who throughout the episode is doubting his intentions, Pheobe has her doubts for a few seconds but still believes that Cole is good now.

    The ending was cool with Cole being knocked uncontious, and not turning up for Pheobe's graduation, leaving us to wonder what will happen to him now that the brotherhood know that he's betrayed them.
  • A Star is Thorn

    An acting tour de force by Julian McMahon, The Demon Who Came in From the Cold may be another Phoebe-Cole episodes but it does raise some interesting questions and some excellent twists and turns.

    The episode has Cole going undercover with his old demon clan The Brotherhood of the Thorn when they plan to take over an internet business to spread evil across the world.

    The internet plot may not be your usual Charmed storyline and I have to admit, I was bored by some scenes in this episode. It appears that the writers realized they hadn't written enough to fill the time limit so they had to quickly add in a bunch of unnecessary or overlong scenes just to make up for time. There were a surprising number of twists throughout the hour, Cole being knocked unconscious right at the end and Vornac shapeshifting into Cole for instance. It was a good decision by the writers to make the audience continually guess whether or not Cole has actually crossed over to the dark side or if it's part of some big plan. It's very confusing and even at the end of the episode, you still aren't sure.

    The whole episode is pretty much average but Julian McMahon gives a brilliant performance which is well worth watching.