Season 2 Episode 4

The Devil's Music

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 1999 on The WB

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  • Darryl the Man!

    I do understand Pipers anger in this episode. I mean she lost a loan because of a demon showing up, and every time they fight demons at the manor it requires costly labour to fix some sort of issue AND it's her new baby, why wouldn't she be upset when someone just goes and does something behind her back that brings another demon to her business.

    Which on that note makes me annoyed about Prue and Phoebe going behind her back. Yes they are partners in the business, but realistically it is Pipers business, and no decisions should be made without her involvement at the least. And while I don't believe Barker could just go to the bank and now own this place without Piper signing something over (I don't know much about banks though), they still shouldn't have approached him.

    Jenny was annoying in this episode (as usual), but she is old enough to not act like such a brat, and she isn't even old enough looking to pull off a 21year old. But all that aside, if I was Piper I'd just say "I'll get you an autograph" or something. Make up for it. But urgh. But I'm sorry, I've been clubbing besides the fact you can't just sneak behind a bouncer! You can't just be pushing in saying 'excuse me' and have nobody care about that fact.

    I liked Darryl here! Guessing they work with the CIA actually seemed kind of cool, and really confronting them about working together and not having to hide things from him was nice. All he needed to hear was 'We're working on it'. And at the end "I guess that's all I need to know", I like he isn't as nosy and intrusive as Andy, he knows he'll get the truth in time.

    I like the addition of P3, realistically girls their age don't spend all day every day at the house in their free time, so I liked for the next few seasons how the end of most episodes has them at P3. They needed a good money source to pay for all the things they need to fix around the manor, for the future and it's still her dream to own a place. She did say how it's easier to own a club than restaurant so I have no issue with her opening a club. All in all I liked this episode because it was a realistic way for the club to kick off and be on the map.

    Fashion: I liked Piper in this one, she looked natural but pretty, seemed to have to a glow to her. And the blue top she had was nice.

    Phoebe I like her hair, while the colour is kind of mousy and I like the dark brown she gets later, but this style is definitely better than the weird ass bob she had going on in S1. Her club outfit was definitely something! I know she was going for skanky titbit to get in with the manager but damn ha. Although it was kind of inconsistent, when she kicked the door down her skirt was barely stained, but when she was standing again it was a dark green stain again.

    Prue - I liked her cream cardigan type thing she was wearing about 20 minutes in. I am sick of her wearing the exact same black tight clothes and chokers and looking depressed, but it suits her I guess.

  • The Devil's Music

    The Devil's Music was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written and had some interesting parallels to modern conspiracy theories regarding the music industry and its connection to other worldly beings of some sort. In any case the character and plot development was excellent for Piper mostly but also for Prue and Phoebe along with Dan and Leo. It was great to see Piper caught between both men. It was great at the end how Piper was watching Dan from the shrubbery. P3 is now open and thanks to Leo it will continue on after its first success and the sisters saves some innocents. Be careful what you wish for was a great theme and it was well done! I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Season 2 = Bigger and uglier demons

    So P3 gets off the ground with the help of Dishwalla in this episode that actually I found very entertaining. This is actually another Piper-centric episode, which is once again a good thing. Yes, the infamous, soap opera, manufactured conflict of Leo doing something for Piper and her actually being upset about it, for no good reason I may add, is somewhat annoying. BUT, I give the writers and Holly credit because this is the same snapping turtle Piper that becomes part of the charm of her character. She doesn't need a good reason to say something cutting, and that will remain constant through 8 seasons, coincidently, another good reason why she had better marry an angel. She does have an understandable reason to be frustrated with her relationship with Leo, however; as obviously, he hasn't been around much. I still don't buy how she can really love Leo if she is lusting after the next door neighbor, but I'll get over it, eventually. Piper looked great in the black dress at P3s, and the last scene with her and Leo was at least some direct talk about the state of their relationship.

    Another big positive in this episode is Darryl in both his first scene with Carlson and his second scene with Prue. I loved the writing in both scenes, and I thought Dorian was excellent. I very much appreciate his straightforward approach with Prue versus the frustration of her and Andy's relationship. I thought the demon was very creepy, and I liked the idea around it. I also liked that there was another layer of bad guys with Carlson and Barker also being in the mix. There are contractual agreements attached to any loan, and usually a bank doesn't have the right to sell a commercial loan to someone else, but whatever. Unusual that Prue of all people was being made to look pretty naive by getting help from a guy who was trying to date her.

    I hate to be unoriginal by agreeing with most other reviewers, but the best moment of the episode was probably when Jenny was swallowed by the demon. The vanquish was kinda lame, similar to the first potion vanquish in Out of Sight, but that is a minor complaint.
  • Piper's new club, P3, is not doing very well, so Leo steps in to help by luring a well known band to play there, however, he also has reasons of his own.

    From the time Piper opened P3, it felt as though the sisters spent most of their free time there and I found that just a tad boring because it went on and on and on ...

    In this episode, aware that the club is doing badly, Leo arranges for the band 'Dishwalla' to play there to attract customers. Leo, however, has another reason for wanting to do this. He has learned that the band's manager has made a pact with a demon whereby he will supply him with the souls of innocent young girls in exchange for wealth and success and, of course, neither Leo nor the girls can allow this to happen.

    The band themselves weren't much more than average but the story was fairly solid. I would have enjoyed it more though if it hadn't signalled the start of the girls spending so much time at P3.
  • Piper's new club P3 is floundering. Leo gets the group Dishwalla to play as their manager has a pact with a demon and Leo figures the sisters can defeat him and free the innocents he holds. Darryl takes over where Andy did and wants to help the sisters.

    Almost too much going on in this episode but it certainly was action packed. The demon was pretty cool but what a torturous demon it was. We were dealing with an investor who seemed really nice until he realized P3 could be a gold mine and then he turned into a turd. That line at the end about "Piper you can stay on a diminished capacity?" You wondered how long the sisters would really put up with that. You have to wonder about some people. Leo actually seems to be using the sisters so he can spend time with Piper. I'm not sure that is the best way to her heart but hopefully they'll find a way to make things work in the long run.

    Then we had to worry about Jenny who somehow ended up in the middle of the mayhem.

    Darryl's relationship with the sisters will obviously change. Hopefully the girls will handle this better than they did with Andy and work with him and at least keep him in the loop.

    The manager really was optimized as the standard music business smarmy personality. Who would really be able to live with themselves for what he was doing to innocent people. How can you feel like anyone deserves that kind of destiny and you put them there?

    I think this episode could have been a two parter as things seemed rushed. We assumed a lot and sort of went with the flow. It was very entertaining and nothing was really negative but I think it was a little busy. It was nice to see all of the women safe at the end. Sometimes you feel that things are setup in some of these episodes and for once I didn't feel that way at all. Really they needed more time with this story.

    An exciting episode with a lot of action. Thanks for reading...
  • A Dishwalla-Centered Episode About Dishwalla-Related Demons Who Are Eating Dishwalla Fans. Who Love Dishwalla's New Album Which Is In Stores Now. Buy Dishwalla. Dishwalla!

    Aaron Spelling personally requested the introduction of P3 into Charmed as to let popular music bands perform on the show, which is why Piper's wish in Déjà vu All Over Again to have her own restaurant is suddenly changed into a wish to own a club in the season two premiere. Sadly, this episode features a massive 12 name-checks to the group Dishwalla and feels like the episode was written around their performance on the show.

    In The Devil's Music, Piper's struggle to book performers at P3 is suddenly put to a stop when mysterious music mogul Jeff Carlton wants his band Dishwalla to perform there. Piper is overjoyed until she discovers that Carlton has made a deal with the demon Masselin, who grants him fame and fortune in return for the souls of young women.

    Despite the excessive Dishwalla promotion, this is a pretty good episode. Masselin is probably the most creepy-looking demon in Charmed history, with his Grim Reaper-like cloak, pointy fingers and demonic voice. It's annoying though that he isn't used much through the episode and that he doesn't succeed in killing any of the women he soul-sucks. Especially Jenny, who should be forced to spend a million years stuck in eternal torment inside his stomach.

    This episode evolves on the Piper/Leo/Dan triangle and it's pretty successful. You really sympathize with Piper's plight and her determination to be in a normal relationship with a normal guy. Holly Marie Combs is really good in this episode, as is Brian Krause. Shame that Greg Vaughan always has one expression and hardly does anything interesting though.

    Rating: C
  • Never heard of the band Dishwalla, not bothered about hearing them again

    Dishwalla, why didn't they just call themselves Dishwasser. It's an awful name for a band and can anyone tell me, were they popular back in 1999? I'm English but had Hip Hop not taken over by that point?

    Anyway, to the plot which had a Demon hiding out in a back room of a club waiting for the bands manager to feed him some soul food. Why the room looked the same in the first club and at P3 I don't know but he seemed a bit of a coward this Demon. Despite that he was reasonably thought out although had a bizarre tellytubby thing going on with his stomach of light. Although it's refreshing to know that Andy's partner Darryl Morris doesn't want to know the sisters secret he is just a little too aggressive here. Being more interested in the outcome is the way a cop should act like in this situation though. One thing I have noticed with later seasons is that there are less situations with cops involved so it's a good move to put the show in a different direction.

    Leo and Piper's relationship takes a considerable amount of the episode but as expected them arguing and Piper's worries are pointing her towards Dan. This is predictable unfortunately as they couldn't just put Piper and Leo together so easily now could they.

    Lastly, did anyone else think, 'why is Phoebe wearing a I dream of Genie?' outfit.
  • Dishwalla's a Great Band...WE GET IT!

    The Devils' Music-Leo lures the manager of Dishwalla to P3, aware that the manager has made a pact with a demon that grants him fame and fortune in exchange for innocent souls. Meanwhile, Darryl soon becomes involved when he investigates the mysterious disappearance of young women from many of Dishwalla's past concerts, and suspects that more will disappear when they next perform. The worst episode of the season so far, "The Devil's Music" is completely ridiculous from start to finish. P3, Piper's club, has always been one of the best and the most signature setting throughout the series. While most might compare to "the Bronze" from Buffy since it features geuest star artists and bands peforming on the series, Charmed's P3 featured more well known artists who would perform on the show like Dave Navaro and Ziggy Marley for example. But it's too bad that the introduction of P3 had to be developed into such a dull and boring hour of television. It seems Aaron Spelling and the writers got created away with the club craze angle of the episode as "The Devil's Music" runs like an hour long advertisment for Dishwalla that the demon, which is very weak anyway, seem severly irrelevant.

    Masselin, despite looking mildy creepy, is one of the lamest villains Charmed ever had. The scenes where he just stands there giving Carlton deadly threats are just a joke, especially with him sounding so cheesy! Speaking of Carlton, Larry Holden (Jeff Carlton) is laughably bad as the music manager who makes a deal with Messelin to give him innocent souls. But that's not even the worst of it when Jenny pops by up and is a constant annoyance throught! She is truly one of the worst characters the writers ever created (well, maybe until Billie!). She is completely useless, and I seriously wanted to rip my ears off everytime she came on screen and would whin, scream, complain...basically everytime she talked! It's too bad she didn't stay in Messelin's stomach after he ate as she would have been better off in there, ehw! Like with most bad episodes early on in the series, the 3 leads try to keep the episode afloat, but it just sucks so bad. Atleast, Piper and Leo's relationship is generating some nice drama as both are still conflicted about where their stand as a couple. It makes perfect sense that Piper would emotionally fragile thinking about her future with Leo since she saw her future 2 episodes as both her and Leo will be divorced. But despite that, "The Devi's Music" is terribly pointless and lackluster episode that feels like the writers pressed for time and just made a hack job of an episode.
  • Such a generous demon - Perfect hair and make-up, even after being eaten!

    I just had to refer to that. It really did annoy me when I first saw this episode. After being eaten and then freed from the demons insides, all the girls still have perfect hair and make-up and then proceed to walk out of the room as if nothing had ever happened…

    Aside from that, it was an ok episode. I loved the demon, it was possibly one the creepiest demons ever to be featured on Charmed. The make-up looked fantastic and extremely realistic so I praise the person who came up with the idea for the demon.

    My favourite part in this episode was when the entire main cast came together in P3. It was brilliantly choreographed and for once, Jenny didn't annoy me in this episode! This episode also marks the first time a real life band is featured on the show and this becomes a sort of tradition each week for P3.

    Not the best episode but not the worst, watch able and still quite exciting!
  • Devil's Manager...

    Piper is having difficulties paying the bills of her club P3, and Prue is trying to raise a loan with an investor, Chris Barker. Meanwhile, Jeff Carlton has a pact with the demon Masselin to grant fortune as manager of a successful band, Dishwalla, exchanging for innocent souls to be collected and devoured by Masselin in the concerts. Leo casts a spell in Carlton to bring the band to play in P3, and assigns the Halliwell sisters to vanquish Masselin. Meanwhile, Darryl investigates the disappearance of groupies of Dishwalla that disappeared in the gigs and Barker double-crosses Prue, trying to buy the club.

    "The Devil's Music" is one the best episodes of the second season of Charmed, since all the situations are well resolved. The three sisters act together to rescue and save the fans, and also their club from an ambitious investor. Darryl is satisfied with the resolution of the mystery and arrests Jeff Carlton for kidnapping. Leo casts a spell to make the victims forget their suffering. And in the end, Leo and Piper talk to each other.
  • Leo tricks the manager of the band Dishwalla into playing a gig at P3, knowing that the manager has made a deal with a soul-devouring demon, Masselin to give him success in exchange for willing, innocent souls

    A very strange, yet dark episode, 'The Devil's Music' contains a well plotted story, that is somewhat grating in certain parts

    For one thing Piper and Leo's attitudes towards each other were pretty harsh and you just know that Piper will get together with Dan. Also again the writers try and get the useless Jenny something to do, this being her sneaking off to the Dishwalla gig at P3 and being tricked by their manager into meeting the band and ending up devoured by the demon. Which in turns makes the viewers wish that the girls don't save her.

    A subplot sees Prue requiring a loan from a blood boiling banker, Chris Barker as business at P3 is not doing well, however Prue realizes she spoke too soon when she discovers that Dishwalla is performing at P3. Barker discovers this fact and decides to purchase the club, which in turn adds to he girls troubles

    In a turn of events the girls dispose of Masselin, which is done by Prue throwing the remaider of the potion down its neck. When Barker comes in too see the commotion he witnesses the vanquish and is thrown into the wall when the demon explodes sending it's green carcass everwhere. As usual Prue is coolheaded and tells him that he will never take the club off them. Things are wrapped up when Darryl arrests the manager for kidnapping and the girls watch the rest of Dishwalla's performance

    Overall an above average episode which contains an interesting demon plot, well wrapped up scenario with the only problem being Leo and Piper's issues which need to be sorted quickly as this barrier between them is getting old!
  • The gig from hell

    To celebrate the opening of Piper's new nightclub, P3, the writers have decided to write a whole episode based around it. Nice idea, but the plot really doesn't do it justice.

    It goes something like this: with P3 struggling to make any money, Piper accepts an offer from a promoter to have his band play at the club, unaware that he is in league with a demon who feeds off young girls' souls. When Leo comes round to fill her in, she reacts badly to the news and so begins a downturn in their relationship which eventually leads to their second breakup. It's a real shame the writers did this as the two of them had barely gotten started. Since when have Whitelighters been able to cast spells, by the way?

    The demon is possibly the creepiest they've yet had on Charmed but that doesn't stop this being one of the lamest plots to date. Still, it does at least give Jenny something to do for once. I had to laugh at the vanquish. Despite having just spent a good few days churning around in a demon's stomach, the kidnapped women all emerge from his remains with unsmudged makeup and perfectly styled hair. They then file out of the room as if they'd undergone nothing more distressing than a trip to the ladies.

    The highlight of the episode has to be the scene where the whole cast comes together in P3. This is packed with action and very well choreographed, and it's good to see Darryl getting involved.

    I like the idea of having real artists performing on the show, although I've never heard of Dishwalla, which is a shame as they're mentioned in every other sentence for the best part of an hour. Wonder who they'll plug next week?
  • A small bit boring well alot bit boring.

    Piper books special musical guest star Dishwalla at her night club only to learn that the band's manager has made his own evil arrangement. Prue, Piper and Phoebe find out the band's manager has made a demonic deal to trade female groupies in exchange for fame and notoriety. Meanwhile, Piper struggles emotionally with her feelings when Leo returns to help the Halliwell sisters save the fans and their young neighbor Jenny who have all fallen prey to the demon.

    If I were to rate this episode it would get a: C
  • deadly dishwalla

    Jenny defying Dans orders. A love triangle between Piper Leo and Dan. I know that Piper and Leo get together and get married have have two beautiful children but just watching her with Dan is frustrating when you know deap down she loves Leo. They are connected not only by the magical world but by the love they have for each other. Hurry up and get together.
  • Imaginative and creepy, this episode features good dialogue and the beginning of the Piper/Leo/Dan love triangle.

    This episode is classic "Charmed." It follows the normal storyline: a creepy demon attacks an innocent; the sister witches learn about the demon, formulate a plan, experience a setback, and finally prevail. It's the character development that makes each episode unique, and this one sets up one of the most fun storylines of the series: the Piper/Leo/Dan love triangle. Piper's love for Leo is forbidden, and their lives are too hectic for them to find time to spend together. And her new neighbor is an attractive ex-baseball player acting as a surrogate parent to his niece. What's a girl to do? Hold out for future she foresaw with Leo, or enjoy the present with the boy next door? This episode sets up Piper's dilemma well, demonstrating her frustration with her relationship (or lack thereof) with Leo, and the desirability of Dan as an alternative. (It doesn't hurt that Greg Vaughan is simply too gorgeous for words.)

    Chris Barker, the investor who wants a piece of Piper's club (and a piece of Prue's anatomy as well), is almost as creepy as the demon Masselin. In fact, the best part of Masselin's vanquish is seeing Barker covered with the slimy fallout. Dorian Gregory as Darryl gives a powerful, heartfelt performance. Darryl's honesty is a refreshing contrast to the secrecy of the sisters. A good, solid episode overall.
  • The evil band manager luring women to hell.

    This episode was pretty average. The scene when they show the girls trapped inside the demon was kind of gross and a little cool. I say that's what Jenny gets. That'll teach her a lesson about sneaking out and lying, if she could remember it. Lucky for Piper that Leo did get Dishwala to come to the club or she would have lost it. Poor Leo and Piper, they don't get to spend nearly enough time together. That darn work getting in the way. At the end Piper has to do a double take at the sexy ex-ball pro Dan. Though I don't blame Piper for crushing on him, I only like her with Leo.
  • Another dead demon, and Piper's heart is broken by Leo yet again.

    Poor Piper, Leo only has time for "business" and a mean man named Chris Barker is trying to buy P3. The manager Carlton seems like a nice guy and so cannot understand why he teamed up with a demon, although being manager to Dishwalla is pretty cool. I wish my siblings were as nice as Prue and Phoebe though - getting out a loan - although hopeful our loan shark wouldn't stab us in the back. I though Karis who plays Jenny acted well in this episode, especially when trying to persuade Piper and Dan to let her go. I cannot believe that Chris however believed their story about grusome stage theatrics and that stopped him buying the club - although if I saw what happened to Masselin I don't know what I'd believe.
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