Season 5 Episode 6

The Eyes Have It

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2002 on The WB

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  • Phoebe loses her power of premonition so she looks for advice off a fortune teller.

    Phoebe seeks the advice of a fortune teller to figure out why she hasn't been having premonitions lately. She learns that its because her life is out of balance, now that she's spending more time with her job and less time with witch craft, and her power will not return until she remedies this. The girls also learn that the son of a Gypsy Hunter has been hunting down the last of a tribe of Gypsies, in order to restore the sight the Gypsies took from his father long ago. Meanwhile, Piper has concerns about Leo's wish that she doesn't see a doctor during her pregnancy and Paige feels her lack of employment has turned her into a loser.
  • Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves...

    After a couple really unique episodes, Charmed kind of gets back to its regular formula here with an innocent and a vengeful demon. The innocent is a strong plus whether it is the Chivani or the hot doctor played by Emmanuelle Vaugnier. Both are well played and well-written for the most part. The demon, however, is not as strong. Cree is somewhat threatening, though burdened with a boring name, but Oren, besides being a little creepy, gets way too little screen time to carry the final battle. The Evil Eye is essentially the ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes, which comes off as a little cheesy, and it is very hard to believe that this joker can take down the Power of 3, Leo, and the young gypsy when so many other powerful demons couldn't. No Cole is another drawback, though that does allow Phoebe to slip more back into her normal, non-paranoid, character. The big premonition she got at the end was excellent. Too bad it never happened again.

    This is sort of the introduction of Piper's obsession with giving birth at a hospital, which becomes a long term storyline. There is some humor in it, which Holly and Brian excel at, of course.

    Other than her continued dedication to being Paige Super-witch, Paige doesn't have a lot to do here, which is another negative.

    Not bad, but not as good as the episodes that precede or follow it.
  • The sisters help some gypsies fight a gypsy hunter and Phoebe has troubles with her powers.

    This was a good episode. Not my favorite, but it was still okay. I really liked the beginning with Phoebe's interaction with Madame Teresa. Especially the palm reading. I thought it was great. Phoebe loses her powers of premonition, so she goes to a gypsy fortune teller to find out why. I actually liked the continuity here. You don't actually see Phoebe use her premonition power at all in the first episodes of Season five before this. Eventually she gets them back, and with a cool result. Her powers of premonition grew, so now they are more powerful and vivid (meaning no more black and white). Piper doesn't want to have a home birth, but the others believe it's safer, so magic isn't exposed when her baby is born. Again, not my favorite storyline. It was alright though, and enjoyable at times.
  • Cross my palm with silver

    A forgettable hour which sees the Charmed Ones take on a pair of demons seeking to wipe out a coven of magical gypsies.

    The gypsy theme makes an interesting change but, annoyingly, comes with all the usual clichés - big hoopy earrings, long flowing skirts etc. Headscarves aside, they don't seem any different to witches; they have powers, they cast spells and they brew potions. All of which makes you wonder why we've never come across them before.

    Baddies-of-the-week Oren and Cree are very run of the mill but they do provide our first demonic family unit. I always did blame the parents. It's nice to see a bit of gore for once; all that business with the eyes reminded me just how sanitised this show usually is.

    Piper's pregnancy issues rumble on. The latest is that she is worried about not having seen a doctor. Sounds dull I know but the scene where she and Leo are watching the home birthing video is hilarious - especially when Paige walks in and asks if they are watching a horror movie. Tee hee!

    Julian's not in this one so we get a break from the Cole-Phoebe non-storyline. A bit of a surprise given last week's cliffhanger.

    Paige is becoming a seriously underused character. Even her 'overworked witch' mantle now seems to have passed to Phoebe. She needs either a boyfriend or a job to provide a few decent subplots.

    By far the best part of the episode is Phoebe's souped-up power of premonition. As she herself says, it's like astral projecting into the future. The direction is superb and it's great to see a bit of colour at last. I'd been wondering why she hadn't had any premonitions lately. All makes sense now. More please!
  • Should have gone to Spec Savers.

    Phoebe seems to be getting the brunt of the main story-lines this season while Paige and Piper complain and moan and moan and complain. It's starting to become a little irritating at this point, can we please find something for these two to do?

    Otherwise, this is a fairly good episode of Charmed. With some interesting guest-stars and a main plot that seems as though there was some thought put into it, ''The Eyes Have it'' is probably the best episode of the season so far.

    As villains go, Cree (SAW's Toben Bell) isn't someone to write home about, but he gouges out eyes, so there's that going for him. His vanquish was fairly unspectacular, although we find out Phoebe's power of premonition has advanced (we'll never hear of this again cos, ya know, it's pointless) and they have to use the same spell to vanquish the Source to beat him, I thought that was a nice touch.

    There are plenty of great sister moments here, though, and the magic isn't used as carelessly as we've seen so far from the show. Gypsy Magic in particular is treated with respect and it's a pity we're never introduced to more aspects of its lore – Paige mentions how powerful the remedies are – it would have been cool to see the show dabble with this sort of stuff in future episodes.

    Not too shabby.
  • Eye For An Eye!

    The Eyes Have It-While seeking the advice of a fortune teller regarding her missing powers, Phoebe discovers in a premonition that a demon is going to kill them all after murdering the last one of the coven they were supposed to protect. Meanwhile, Piper wants to see a doctor about her baby, but Leo is concerned about the threat of exposure. Now was that so far writers! Instead of going for the absurd and outlandish fantasy that the writers seem obsessed with at this point in the series, we get an episode with that classic Charmed style: a somewhat dark storyline that introduces quality guest stars and an solid demon of the week. I'm surprised it took the writers so long to introduce gypsies to the series considering their mythology seems so intertwined with the witch mythology. The gypsy characters we met here are quite good with Emmanuelle Vaugier ("Smallville", "Two and A Half Men") as Eva and even better is Shareen Mitchell as Lydia. She gives off a alluring, strong presence as a character and it's always great seeing a fellow witch (sort of) showing the sisters a thing or two about magic they haven't learned yet. Emmanuelle does a nice job of conveying Eva's resistence of his hertiage and magic, but it's also a nice transistion from when Lydia comes to her as a spirit to when she completely embraces her gypsy lineage. You know your in for a good episode of Charmed when even the guest characters get some nice development.

    Phoebe takes center stage this episode once again and I'm glad it's actually non-Cole related. It's great to see the writers realizing that Phoebe has been very distant from her magic lately and she hasn't had a premonition in a long time. Even more impressive is seeing Phoebe to pro-active about finding out why her powers are off lately. Alyssa finally gets act out a good script and see a glimpse of the old Phoebe who wasn't so consumed with work and other issues, but the woman who cared about being a witch and her family. Not let's see if we can keep her. The only downside to Phoebe's storyline is that this is the last time we witness the old premonition effects as Phoebe's power advances and we get a new version (which I find ridicous because as cool as her advanced premonition was, she never has one like that again! lame!) As for the demon(s) of the week, I liked Cree, especially Orin, played creepily by Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell. What I loved about them is that we finally got demons who were brutal and dark again with some good old fashioned eye-ripping, which has been seriously missing this year. The SFX continue to impress as well. I loved Orin's vanquishing scene with Eva, Paige and Phoebe using the Source vanquishing spell. All and All, "The Eyes Have It" is a dark, refreshing hour, with the best writing from the season so far.
  • Gypsy demons witchches

    When Phoebe goes to a fortune teller because she is having trouble with her premonitions, the fortune teller ends up channeling Phoebes power and recieves a very unfortunate premonition of a demon killing her and taking her eyes. Paige is feeling like a loser because she hasn't got a job or anything interesting to do. The girls obviously kill the demon in this case demons and they do it with help from their ancestors. Piper goes to see Ava a gypsy doctor who helped them with the demons at the end of the episode.
  • Continuing to strike a balance between the supernatural and daily lives of the Charmed Ones.

    Phoebe is bothered by the fact that she hasn't had a premonition in months--which leads her to consult a Gypsy fortune teller, who intercepts a premonition of her own death. This leads the girls onto the plan of a demon named Orin whose eyes were cursed by Gypsies--he is seeking a new pair of eyes which will give him the power of the evil eye and, in the process, exact revenge upon the tribe responsible for his condition. With Phoebe overwhelmed by work and Piper dealing with the effects of her magical pregnancy things get complicated as the Charmed Ones team up with a young Gypsy doctor to put a stop to his plans.
    Phoebe's boss Elise, played by Rebecca Balding, continues to snag most of the witty dialogue. Piper, as always, contributes some of the best lines of the show. Paige is at her best; the cute younger sister filled with enthusiasm for her craft.
    One inconsistent point was the fact that Piper didn't heal herself after being injured by Orin. However, the Gypsy angle to the magic is refreshing--especially the impressive powers of Lydia. It was great to see things come full circle as Ava came to terms with her heritage and in the end, managed to successfully combine her expertise in Western medicine with Gypsy traditions to help others.
  • Pheobe's powers stop working and they have to stop a gypsie hunter who is killing gypsies. Piper is struggling with having a magical baby and not being able to see a doctor.

    This is easily one of my favorite episodes. Their struggle to find a balance between their charmed lives and their "normal" lives is great. This is a story line that will never get old, but this episode brings it to the forefront in a good way. EXCELLENT EPISODE!!!! I felt bad for Pheobe because she is having such a hard time with her divorce. When Cole is out of the picture it will get easier for her. Paige needs to find an extraciricular activity because if she focuses on magic too much, she will go crazy. And Leo needs to let Piper go to a real doctor and deal with the problems as they come up.
  • The demon Orin's son begins to kill Gypsies in order to get revenge for his father's blinding years before. The sisters have to help Ava, a reluctant Gypsy, to find her heritage and destiny.

    This episode went beyond the boundaries of what typical Charmed plots are. We got to learn about a new side of magic, and see the struggles that go along with it. It took us away from the Halliwell Manor, which gave us some insight into the way the girls function in the real world.

    I was intruiged with Ava's difficulties accepting her magical heritage, and how they were so alike to the Charmed Ones.' It seems that all bouts of magic have their own grudging members. The way the three relate to many one-time characters, especially Paige at this point, is helpful in giving insight into how they think and feel.
  • Phoebe is having power issues leading her into the world of gypsies.

    This was a very dark and creepy episode. really well written and fun to watch.

    Piper: SHe is trying to convince eveyrone that she will be having the baby in a hospital. everyone else wants her to home birth but she isnt having any of it. She is still concerned over the baby and has problems with the fact she cant see a doctor, a real one anyway. i was a bit surprised because what in the world would the baby do? it is good, which piper says in the episode. everyone is way too tight in that house, give the girl some room to breath.
    phoebe: she is swamped with work and this offsets her powers. none of them seem to be working and she needs help to get them back. her issues leads us into the demon of the week. she is on the fast track but this completely screwing her up and she doesnt know what to do.
    Paige: she is getting more and more bored. her friends all work and she has nothing to do. i wasnt really feeling her issues this episode. they were really boring.

    so the dmeon has a sick way fo killing his victims. really gross stuff for this show but it was cool anyway. they remove the eyes. it seems that the gypsies blinded a demon called orin and his son has been exacting revenge for his father. he wants the evil eye, which he eventually finds and orin gets a really powerful boost in power.

    phoebe also gets a boost of power. her premonitions advance and that scene was awesome. the wind blows her hair around and she "astral projects" into the future. that is a really powerful advancement but also dangerous. she sees them all dying.

    the final battle was really good. piper gets a hole blown through her chest, leo has something done to him. he looks really weird but whatever. phoebe, paige and ava cast a spell to her the gypsy ancestors and they kill orin. the ghost effect was nice.

    really good episode, well written and good special effects.
  • Another alright one.

    So my only issue with this episode is the fact I hate the idea of people laughing at or telling a pregnant woman what to do with her child.

    I understand guiding her, giving your opinion on what to do. But laughing at her when she says she wants real doctors and a hospital, and forcing her to do it at home with you two as midwives to me is wrong, no matter what it should be Piper's decision. Even if she chooses to do it in a hospital and Leo needs to use memory dust later to make them believe nothing magical happened - so be it.
  • The Eyes Have It

    The Eyes Have It was a perfect and extremely entertaining episode of Charmed because it had an amazing guest cast, a spectacular story and lots of magic. There was a lot of character and plot development for the sisters as Phoebe struggles to keep balance in her life, Piper worries about giving birth while fighting nausea, and Paige continues to find herself. The Gypsy women were all awesome and the Gypsy Hunters were great in their own ways. I liked how every thing played out and how the story ended. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Gypsies, Tramps and Pheebs

    One thing Charmed didn't do enough of was exploring other types of magic. With this episode, they successfully feature the magic of gypsies, with an intriguing, violent mystery for the sisters to unravel.

    One thing I loved about this episode was the sense of space director James Marshall conjured up. Season five obviously had a major budget increase from the WB, ensuring many episodes, and most notably this one, look and feel as if it was really filmed in San Francisco, instead of on the WB backlot.

    The performances from every single member of the cast were all surprisingly good, especially Alyssa Milano. Usually when it's a Phoebe-centric episode, she acts mainly juvenile and pathetic but, for this episode, she actually maintains her straight face, never breaking out of character. The demons in the episode are portrayed well by Channon Roe and Tobin Bell and the way that Cree kills, by cutting out the eyes of gypsies, is surprisingly violent for Charmed, making it all the more better.

    Sadly, the home front storylines continue to bring down the show with this episode seeing Piper worried about going to a mortal doctor due to her magical baby. It's nice that Eva, one of the gypsies, lends her help to them at the end of the episode but it's a shame that when she re-appears later on this season, she's played by a different actress, presumably due to Emmanuelle Vaugier's commitments on Smallville.

    A dark, dramatic, body count-heavy episode from start to finish, The Eyes Have It is probably the best episode of the season so far.

    Director: James Marshall
    Writer: Laurie Parres
    Rating: A