Season 5 Episode 6

The Eyes Have It

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2002 on The WB

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  • The demon Orin's son begins to kill Gypsies in order to get revenge for his father's blinding years before. The sisters have to help Ava, a reluctant Gypsy, to find her heritage and destiny.

    This episode went beyond the boundaries of what typical Charmed plots are. We got to learn about a new side of magic, and see the struggles that go along with it. It took us away from the Halliwell Manor, which gave us some insight into the way the girls function in the real world.

    I was intruiged with Ava's difficulties accepting her magical heritage, and how they were so alike to the Charmed Ones.' It seems that all bouts of magic have their own grudging members. The way the three relate to many one-time characters, especially Paige at this point, is helpful in giving insight into how they think and feel.