Season 5 Episode 6

The Eyes Have It

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2002 on The WB

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  • Cross my palm with silver

    A forgettable hour which sees the Charmed Ones take on a pair of demons seeking to wipe out a coven of magical gypsies.

    The gypsy theme makes an interesting change but, annoyingly, comes with all the usual clichés - big hoopy earrings, long flowing skirts etc. Headscarves aside, they don't seem any different to witches; they have powers, they cast spells and they brew potions. All of which makes you wonder why we've never come across them before.

    Baddies-of-the-week Oren and Cree are very run of the mill but they do provide our first demonic family unit. I always did blame the parents. It's nice to see a bit of gore for once; all that business with the eyes reminded me just how sanitised this show usually is.

    Piper's pregnancy issues rumble on. The latest is that she is worried about not having seen a doctor. Sounds dull I know but the scene where she and Leo are watching the home birthing video is hilarious - especially when Paige walks in and asks if they are watching a horror movie. Tee hee!

    Julian's not in this one so we get a break from the Cole-Phoebe non-storyline. A bit of a surprise given last week's cliffhanger.

    Paige is becoming a seriously underused character. Even her 'overworked witch' mantle now seems to have passed to Phoebe. She needs either a boyfriend or a job to provide a few decent subplots.

    By far the best part of the episode is Phoebe's souped-up power of premonition. As she herself says, it's like astral projecting into the future. The direction is superb and it's great to see a bit of colour at last. I'd been wondering why she hadn't had any premonitions lately. All makes sense now. More please!
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