Season 4 Episode 16

The Fifth Halliwheel

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2002 on The WB

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  • Paige's Distrust of Cole

    I believe the reason Paige has distrusted Cole for so long has to do with a multitude of things. She didn't start out distrusting him, but the moment she found out of Cole's former demonic half, saw that he couldn't even hack as a legal aide for half a day, then all of a sudden randomly getting a job out of the blue when he hasn't had a job for months on end. So I don't think her mistrust of him is unwarranted.
  • Go the Seer.

    See I don't like the justifications for Paige not trusting Cole. A legal aid and an Attorney are different jobs. Not to mention he was an ADA for a while before they got involved and his job was crap, underpaid, cramped office, treated like crap and had 2 hours to become an expert on a case? Yeah I don't blame him for reacting. She doesn't trust him because he can get a job at a proper firm, get proper pay, and do the job he was actually trained for.

    I know they were creating an Anti-Cole, but the real reason Paige hates him has been ongoing for ages and completely unjustified. Yes she sees him use powers here, or thinks she does, and then he puts the power broker on her so obviously she gets reasons eventually. But her hatred has been going on for ages. BUT I didn't like how quickly Piper dismissed Paige I guess. She was suspicious of him too for some time, and sure she just got given a honeymoon which makes him look awesome but yeah, I guess she dismissed Paige quite quickly. However, I don't like how we're supposed to sympathise with her, she makes it hard to feel for what she thinks/feels. She's hated Cole for no reason for so long.

    I liked the idea of demonic powers and power brokers etc it was interesting and I liked the job and how Phoebe finds her way into the workplace.

    I loved Piper being over the top horny after eating the chocolate and her phone call with Phoebe and her little 'ew' at the end.

    See the problem with feeling for Paige is that she's thought Cole was a demon since day one, even after his powers were stripped etc. So yes while now he's evil again, it's not Cole that's evil it's the Sources magic, Cole is hardly in him anymore. So while she was right eventually, she wasn't always right and that's what's annoying.

    As always, Seer is amazingly evil and smart. And her power makes me wish Phoebe's premonitions weren't so crap and random.
  • The Fifth Halliwell

    The Fifth Halliwell was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was entertaining and engaging, there was lots of drama and intrigue, and the stakes get higher as Cole as The Source manipulates the sisters and his demons. It was awesome to see what Phoebe did for Karen her coworker was awesome. The character and plot development were spectacular and I look forward to seeing how things play out now that Cole/The Source is playing both sides!!!!!!!!!
  • Turn the Paige...

    We have been building towards a Cole-Paige conflict really ever since Black as Cole, but where last episode was playful, this episode the conflict begins in deadly fashion. This is another very dark Season 4 episode where the real stars are the tremendous Seer, a deliciously evil Cole, and a completely besieged Paige. Once again Cole and the Seer manipulate the sisters masterfully as like last episode evil wins this one. Yes, Cole just manages to save Paige's life at the end, but our final scene leaves Paige alone, doubted and unappreciated by her sisters. When juxtaposed against the scene where the sisters get ready in the same bathroom, we see the real threat that Cole poses as the Source and his ability to break the sisters apart and set them against each other.

    The writers have done a brilliant job here of setting up Paige as the sympathetic figure of latter half Season 4, since the audience already knows she is right in her suspicions. This episode bears similarities to Heartbreak City, where Phoebe was the 5th wheel. The bathroom chat scene is virtually repeated in Still Charmed and Kicking, and Paige's assertion that she doesn't hate Cole, just doesn't trust him is immediately reminiscent of Prue. However, it is the attic scene where a Source-dominated Cole torments Paige into madness that sets this episode apart.

    I also enjoyed Brian's brief turn as the Source. Brian gets to impersonate nearly everyone in this show, and he is unfailingly good.

    Fortunately, Paige doesn't have to worry too much. Charmed's plotlines continue to move at break neck speed, and as such, Cole's secret won't last for long.
  • With both of her sisters now married, Paige is feeling like the odd one out.

    Leo and Piper are married. Now Phoebe and Cole are married. Poor Paige really feels like an unnecessary extra, but that doesn't stop her continuing her dislike and mistrust of Cole, which, unfortunately, nobody else seems to share. It's a pity that they didn't take her more seriously because it turns out that The Source has plans to impregnate Phoebe with the spawn of evil so that she will, almost literally, give birth to the "Charmed" version of Rosemary's Baby.

    This was a very good episode, particularly in the area of foreshadowing for future events as there is quite a bit of very interesting television to come.
  • It's the small stuff that really rounds off the hour

    It's an exhilarating, trenchant hour from Charmed, a rare occurence, even from Season 4s second of half of admittedly solid episodes. The **** really hits the fan, as Paige witnesses Cole using demonic powers, only she's uncertain whether or not she can trust her own eyes. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Piper are too busy swooning, no thanks to some magical aphrodisiacs, about their respective honeymoons, to notice Paige in distress. Oh, and there's an innocent to save, which puts Cole's plan to impregnate Phoebe on ice, and being the evil genius that he is, orchestrates the demon that's after the innocent to attack Paige instead, infecting her with severe paranoia and demonic rage.

    To recap this entire episode would take awhile, there's so much that happens here. And it's the small stuff that really rounds off the hour. Little things like the opening scenes with everyone in the club; the sisters sharing a bathroom chit-chatting about their sex-lives; Paige constantly challenging Cole and questioning where his new 'perks' came from; Cole's persistence in tricking Phoebe to eat his poisoned chocolates; Paige doubting herself about what she saw Cole do to Karen, and Cole's efforts in destroying her confidence by shape shifting into Leo and shooting her suspicions down.

    The fact that the sisters feel like genuine sisters is a first for this season, especially since Paige is the newest addition this year. Their talks weren't just about demons, they were about trust, sex, maturing, having fun and random chatter. When does the show take time to do this? Not very often. Scribe Kirsta Vernoff allows time for character development, the overall arc, a very involving subplot regarding an innocent, and even gives Phoebe a separate subplot that marks her first ever advice column, which allows Alyssa to show off her comedic talent. Heck, Piper even has onscreen sex! And that NEVER happens. Maybe it was a little overkill, with the odd sounds and Leo's, erm, odd facial expressions, but for once her sex life isn't relegated to off-screen comments. Little things, people!

    Of course, it's the colossal advances that really make this episode what it is. Cole's officious behavior throughout the episode is edge-of-your-seat stuff. The attic scenes, of course, are the talking point of the hour. How he teases Paige, throwing fireballs and generally destroying the attic, only to ask if something is wrong, if she's seeing things, as he magically mends the debris, is just my kind of cruel. Julian and Rose are both stunning here. Hats off! When Paige attacks Phoebe and Cole, I loved the exchange they share when Piper hilariously knocks Paige out. When he insists he go down to the underworld alone, her response, 'You don't have any powers!' was fantastic. Not sure why, but I love that bit.

    Overall, this is an immensely enjoyable episode of Charmed. Everything feels plausible within the realm of the Charmed universe. Powers are used for practical reasons, whether it be freezing a car to save an innocent's life, or dosing chocolates with blood in order sway Phoebe to the dark side of the force. There's action, there's humour and, most of all, an uneasy risk-factor to the proceedings. Cole may be mostly evil, but he's still a character to root for. Paige, of course, is a very likeable character but could stand to lose everything she's built for herself so far, and Phoebe has just been impregnated with evil, and so we have 3 main characters, all likeable, with genuine stakes. There's going to be severe repercussions and casualties ahead. Can anyone believe I'm talking about Charmed?
  • I didn't like it at all.

    Paige feels like the 'fifth wheel' as Piper and Leo celebrate their first anniversary and newlyweds Cole and Phoebe paw at each other. Cole, however has other plans when he learns that he has to impregnate Phoebe within the next twenty-four hours in order to have a child that will turn out evil. Meanwhile, the girls encounter an innocent who was used by a Demonic Power Broker, to store a power, which could kill her if the girls can't get her the needed potion in time.

    Boring and well... plain boring again. It just didn't seem like a charmed episode for me.
  • When Paige Attacks!

    The Fifth Haliwell-Amongst newlyweds, Phoebe & Cole and already-married, Leo & Piper, Paige becomes like a fifth-wheel but she continues her suspicions about Cole. Meanwhile, the Source plots to impregnate Phoebe with his evil spawn.

    A dark and sinister episode that sees poor Paige being shattered by Cole, once she discovers that he might be a demon again. It made for a shocking twist when Paige entered the room exactly when Cole was using his powers. Just the shire tension between Cole and Paige is flawlessly played by Rose McGowan and Julian McMahon. In fact, they are both the undeniable stars of this stunning hour. Rose gives a tragic performance as Paige goes through a series of emotions throughout this hour. First, is suspicion when she finds out Cole may be a demon, then low self-esteem when everyone gives her a hard time about expecting less from Cole, to confusion when being proven wrong to overwhelming paranoia when she becomes infected by a power broker to which Cole uses this as an opportunity to drive Paige into complete self destruction to finally, uncontrolable rage when she destorys parts of the manor and attacks Cole. The whole psycholoical aspect of the storyline has never before been seen on Charmed and it's used to perfection here. Julian McMahon has never been more convincing at playing evil and he's acting is truly a god send to this series at this point. The same can said for Debbi Morgan as the Seer who grows more powerful in her performances each week. This has to be finest plan Cole and the Seer came up with and it's written with intelligence. The power broker storyline is also solid bringing some fine guest star performances in Molly Hagan as Karen Young, the Charmed Ones' lastest innocent and Rebecca Balding as Elise Rothman. This episode also marks the introduction of Bay Manor, with Phoebe getting a job there and being an advice columnist. It's great development that's perfect for Phoebe and it's about time the writers gave her a job.

    During all this darkness, the episode does have some funny moments, especially involving the demonic chocolate that Piper eats and her getting busy wit Leo at P3 while talking to Phoebe on the phone was priceless. All and All, "The Fifth Haliwell" is a stunnning psychological thriller with stellar performances from Rose McGowan and Julian McMahon as well as the guest stars, some tragic developments and dark scenes.
  • Trust me, I'm a demon

    I like this - an episode centred on Paige's mistrust of Cole. This has been rumbling on for a couple of months now and this week's plot shows good continuity by the writing team. At least Paige now has something real to complain about.

    Krista Vernoff has woven a number of intriguing threads around this theme. We have the Seer plotting to get Phoebe pregnant, an innocent with an unwanted power and a bunch of identical demons called the power brokers. Oh, and Phoebe writes her first ever column for the Bay Mirror. As a rule, Charmed is at its best when it sticks to a single storyline but this is a welcome exception.

    The impregnation plot is really good. I liked the chocolates and liked even more that Piper nicked one. Cue a hilarious scene behind the bar at P3. Nuff said!

    The power brokers are an interesting bunch, even if the production team do seem to have skimped on guest actors. When they infect Paige, her mistrust of Cole goes through the roof. It's a great storyline and it helps keep the Source's secret for another week. The infected innocent plot is less interesting but is helped along by a good guest actress and some fast paced action.

    The pivotal scene has to be where the Source has Paige alone in the attic and is taunting her with his powers. This must be one of the darkest scenes in the show's history and both Rose and Julian are brilliant. I would have felt more sorry for Paige had she not been so mean to Cole while he was still himself. That said, I loved the fact that Cole had the strength to overcome the Source and save Paige in the end. You hang in there, bud!
  • Cool episode.

    Becky Wahlstrom was in this episode. She was in another episode. I'm totally obsessed with Becky Wahlstrom. I saw her on Joan of Arcadia and she looked really cool. She looked cooler in a leather jacket. I wish that I met Becky Wahlstrom and we were best friends. Becky is a lot older than me, but I hope that we'll still become friends. Me and Becky will go to Club Penguin and play Mancala and Connect Four all day. We'll also talk about Michael Welch. Then we'll have a sleepover and stay up all night and play Mario Party 8 50 turns. Then we'll fight each other in Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
  • In this Eposideo We see paige strugling with the fact that know shes the fifth wheel. But when she see\'s cole using magic on an inocent she trys to tell piper and phoebe who blow it up.

    While this show is exalent to watch no mater what eposideo, I think this beter for the simple fact that you see it isnt cole any more, defintly after he infects her with the power ball which almost breaks your heart. This is one of the few eposideos that I feal sorry for paige, for piper is the one who usaly breaks your heart with her leo/piper story line which goes on from season 1 to season 8. Im not saying its the best of the bunch because its not but for season 4 is pretty darn well good. And thats the truth.
  • A painful episode that once more reveals the many changes the sisters will soon have to go through. Also a psychological drama that shows how vulnerable even the most powerful witches can be when they don\'t trust each other.

    I loved this episode, but it was very painful to both Paige and me. The brutal psychological fight between Cole and Paige clearly reveals the danger the sisters find themselves in without being aware of it. Even though Phoebe and Piper\'s reaction to Paige\'s feelings was necessary for the suspense, I thought they were just horrible. Even if Cole wasn\'t the Source, how can they possibly expect her to trust him if she can\'t? Doesn\'t Paige have the right to feel about Cole any way she wants to, as long as she knows how to judge reality? Also, I think Phoebe and Piper put the Power of Three in hgue jeopardy by not trusting their sister, a mistake that could kill them anytime soon.

    However, this episode gives a lot of things to think about, and they all have to do with both the personal and magical future of the Halliwell family. To me, the episode is one of the most important moments of the whole show, so I give it a 9.4 rating.
  • What a great episode!

    I can't put my finger on it, but for some reason I thought this episode was really great! I really like Paige, and I feel so sorry for her... Being the fifth wheel and having to deal with Cole all by herself.

    Plus I love Pheobe as an advice columnist! That's so cool!

    The whole thing with the woman going crazy was really well done, it seemed like an original story line, and Paige too! Wow! Plus the thing where they had to orb to get Paige healed, and Cole was there, was very dramatic. All together, this was a very good episode, balancing drama and excitement with classic Charmed humor.
  • Cole X Paige

    Well, there is not much things to say about this episode, that shows Charmed was really kicking on this season.The episode is great, the story of the warlocks was well done, and one thing that I like it a lot was that phoebe had to replace Karen that was infected by a warlock and she can't go to her work, she had a column to make but who did it was Phoebe and then she gets the job on The Bay Mirror, other thing was really great was Cole attacking Paige and a warlock infects her after she sees Cole using powers on Karen.A really intersting episode, was well written and had a great direction.

  • Great episode!

    Only one of the coolest episodes of the season. I just loved Cole & his evilness throughout the episode, & I was sad to see that it was only Paige who noticed that he's been acting very weird. She doesn't trust him at all & her sisters are beginning to notice. Come on Piper, wake up!

    I just loved how Cole shapeshifted into Leo so he could find out everything Paige knew about him, he obviously knew that she tells Leo everything. But Cole's love for Pheobe is still too strong for the source ignore.

    And what will happen now that Piper ate from Pheobe's chocolate?
  • The Rage of Paige

    An episode like this could easily be ruined if the two most prominent actors in the hour aren't brilliant at their job. Luckily, Julian McMahon and Rose McGowan are easily the most talented actors on Charmed and their talent makes sure that this episode is one of the best of season four.

    The Fifth Halliwheel has the sisters protecting a young woman after she is infected with demonic powers which have been stored in her by demonic Power Brokers. Paige discovers that Cole has his demonic abilities back but he uses the Power Brokers to store a demonic power inside her before she can tell anybody, making her self-destruct and go insane.

    Rose McGowan is absolutely amazing in this episode and gives a stunning performance. Paige goes through several different trials in this episode. Firstly, she feels alone and abandoned when everybody around her is in love and with each other. Secondly, she is ignored by both Piper and Leo after she tries to tell them that Cole is still evil and thirdly, when she is turned insane by the Power Brokers.

    Julian McMahon oozes menace in this episode and you can't wait until the sisters discover he's evil and vanquish him! He's just so insane throughout The Fifth Halliwheel and shapeshifting into Leo and slowly dragging down Paige's confidence is just so sad to watch.

    This is the best episode from late season four and it has amazing performances by two of the best TV actors at the moment.
  • Ooh. Um Funny kinda kool how paige destroys the manor!

    Oh God, i saw this episode for the first time at my friend\'s house on DVD. I think it is funny. Paige is full of Rage. And Piper eats a chocolate that is for Phoebe. My friend told me this is the episode where piper and leo conceive Wyatt. I dont know fo sure
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