Season 4 Episode 16

The Fifth Halliwheel

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Cole gets a corporate job. Phoebe says that she wants to get a job, too. She doesn�t want to sit at home and do nothing, and she has no interest in having children for at least ten years. Phoebe and Piper are out together shopping for lingerie for their respective honeymoons.

An innocent journalist is possessed by a Broker demon. Phoebe and Piper see her lurching through traffic and Piper is able to freeze her and stop her from getting killed. Phoebe touches her and

Paige talks to her coworker about Cole and mentions that he couldn�t handle the social worker job she set him up with, and she doubts his ability in his new job as a lawyer.

The Seer tells Cole that Phoebe has to eat a special chocolate that will make her become impregnated with Cole�s demon baby. Piper and Phoebe walk into their house just as Cole is talking to the Seer. He turns the Seer into his male law-clerk and sends him out the door.

The innocent journalist Karen recounts how she was possessed to Phoebe and Piper. Phoebe tells Cole that they have to postpone their honeymoon because innocents come first. Cole pledges to do whatever he can to help. He shoves a chocolate in Phoebe�s mouth and they kiss. Piper interrupts and winds up eating a chocolate as well.

Cole uses his powers on Karen to determine who attacked her. Paige walks in at that moment and sees Cole using demonic magic.

Cole turns to Paige and questions her about what she saw. The other sisters rush in Paige announces they have a problem, but quickly changes her tune.

A person possessed by a Power Broker demon will become confused, frightened, paranoid and demonic and will ultimately die if the power isn�t withdrawn. They use people to store powers until they find a buyer. Paige whips up an antidote.

Paige tries to tell Piper that she saw Cole use demonic powers. Piper cuts her off and refuses to listen. Paige questions Karen about what Cole did. Cole morphs into Leo and has �Leo� talk to Paige. Paige confides in �Leo� about Cole, and �Leo� defends him and accuses her of being paranoid and hateful.

Cole returns to the Seer and changes her back. The Seer reminds Cole that Paige must die since she is on to him. Cole devises a scheme to have Paige infected by a power broker, which will make her unstable. Her sisters will be on their honeymoons before anyone notices that she�s crazy. He summons a Power Broker.

Phoebe goes to Karen�s office to try to get her boss to give her an extension on her deadline. The editor refuses. Phoebe steps in and writes the advice column from Karen.

Piper and Leo are getting it on at P3 when Phoebe calls to ask for advice in the advice column.

Paige is back at the ranch trying to make the medicine for Karen. Karen goes nuts and runs out. The Power Broker demon attacks and Cole pretends to save her. The other sisters go off after Karen, and Cole terrorizes Paige by showing her all his powers. He drives her towards paranoia and insanity so she�ll die faster. Cole breaks her extra bottle of the antidote.

Piper, Phoebe and Leo go after Karen and meet up with her at her newspaper office. They freeze Karen and forcer her to drink the potion. Phoebe turns in her article on Karen�s behalf, and the editor loves it.

Cole continues to torture Paige. Phoebe calls Cole and they make plans to head to the hotel for their honeymoon. Cole suggests that Piper and Leo should orb right to Hawaii instead of coming home.

Paige is outraged and starts blowing up the house. She orbs to Phoebe�s hotel suite just after Cole and Phoebe have finished up getting their groove on. Paige attacks Cole. Piper and Leo orb in. Piper hits Paige over the head with a candlestick. They realize she has been possessed and is nearly dead. Phoebe is mortified to think she might lose another sister. Cole�s heart is turned, and he feels horrible about his actions. He suggests that they orb to the underground to find a Power Broker to remove the power from Paige.

They orb down. Cole reveals to the Power Brokers who he is from behind the sisters so they don�t know. The brokers bow before the Charmed ones, which perplexes the girls, but they take it as a compliment. A power broker removes the spell from Paige and she wakes up but can�t remember what happened.

Cole visits the Seer and claims he saved Paige to get credit. The Seer says he is still prey to his love. Cole is the one threat neither one of them can control. He asks her to look at the future and see if Phoebe is pregnant. She sees conflicting futures and only time will tell.

Back at P3, Karen visits and offers her journalism job to Phoebe. Phoebe realizes that Paige attacked Cole because she hates him. Paige says she doesn�t hate him, but she doesn�t trust him. Phoebe is so upset that Paige can�t accept Cole that she gets up and walks away. Piper follows.

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