Season 4 Episode 16

The Fifth Halliwheel

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2002 on The WB

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  • Turn the Paige...

    We have been building towards a Cole-Paige conflict really ever since Black as Cole, but where last episode was playful, this episode the conflict begins in deadly fashion. This is another very dark Season 4 episode where the real stars are the tremendous Seer, a deliciously evil Cole, and a completely besieged Paige. Once again Cole and the Seer manipulate the sisters masterfully as like last episode evil wins this one. Yes, Cole just manages to save Paige's life at the end, but our final scene leaves Paige alone, doubted and unappreciated by her sisters. When juxtaposed against the scene where the sisters get ready in the same bathroom, we see the real threat that Cole poses as the Source and his ability to break the sisters apart and set them against each other.

    The writers have done a brilliant job here of setting up Paige as the sympathetic figure of latter half Season 4, since the audience already knows she is right in her suspicions. This episode bears similarities to Heartbreak City, where Phoebe was the 5th wheel. The bathroom chat scene is virtually repeated in Still Charmed and Kicking, and Paige's assertion that she doesn't hate Cole, just doesn't trust him is immediately reminiscent of Prue. However, it is the attic scene where a Source-dominated Cole torments Paige into madness that sets this episode apart.

    I also enjoyed Brian's brief turn as the Source. Brian gets to impersonate nearly everyone in this show, and he is unfailingly good.

    Fortunately, Paige doesn't have to worry too much. Charmed's plotlines continue to move at break neck speed, and as such, Cole's secret won't last for long.
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