Season 1 Episode 7

The Fourth Sister

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1998 on The WB

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  • Just to throw in my 2 cents.

    While I have no real qualms with this episode, I found Aviva interesting enough, her back story was kinda sucky for a teenage girl, her aunt is obviously not accustomed to having a teenage girl around and she's being tricked into doing things. I just hated Prue in this episode.

    1. As someone else said, you have to get 2 (3 including Leo) people to leave the house, where if you went to Andy's you'd have it all to yourself - all night, and have less chance of having a family problem present itself.

    2. The second night she made plans she gave her sisters no notice for that night, if I was told "oh by the way disappear tonight" I'd be angry at that person.

    3. The MOMENT Aviva mentions wicca Prue is "get out or else". I get it was bad timing and Aviva obviously wasn't caring about exposure so yes being defensive I understand. But no - "Look this is a bad time please come back tomorrow" Nothing of that sort just "Get out.. or else looking all evil like she's about the murder her. And then the next day with "If I ever see that arsonist again" Like you'd think Aviva murdered their Cat instead of simply 'finding it' and 'returning it'.

    I just found Prue's character quite annoying here, and she wonders why Andy is sick of it? How many times must you ruin a guys plans with NO reasoning at all besides "just trust me" before you think he's going to get mad at you.

    Nice seeing Piper and Leo with their beginning, kinda sucked Prue automatically assumed Phoebe had no interest in him, for all we know Phoebe and Leo could have been a better couple than Piper and Leo, but it was still cute.
  • A boring main story + A wonderful sub plot = An average Charmed episode.

    Troubled teenager Aviva follows the directions of a demon in a mirror, that seeks to steal the Charmed Ones’ powers. Aviva befriends Phoebe and sees killing Prue as a way to take her place in the sisterhood. Meanwhile Piper and Phoebe has a fight (or rather war) about who should get the hunky handyman Leo, whom they both are interested in. Prue, on her side, is having troubles finishing her dates with Andy, who gets more and more frustrated with the endless family emergencies.

    This episode is fairly good, despite a very boring main plot. Kali (the mirror demon) is uninteresting and portrayed by a bad actress. Most of Aviva’s story is boring and her immature character just annoys me to now end. The vanquish of Kali, which basically was Prue smashing the mirror she was in, was bad and seemed way to easy; it’s something that even Aviva could have done. The fact that Danielle Harris gives a poor impression as Aviva, doesn’t heighten my liking of the main story.

    No, this episode wins because of the interesting sub plots and hilarious moments between Piper and Phoebe. Their subtle fight is just wonderfully executed and very memorable. I loved how they kept telling Leo lies about each other, to make him like herself more. Andy and Prue’s relationship, which has in previous episodes been slow moving and mind-numbingly boring, is given new air and becomes slightly more interesting. I also liked to see Rebecca Balding in this episode; it’s always fun to see her, even if she’s much more fun when playing Elise. All in all a boring main plot with fun sub stories. A bit filler, but still ok.
  • The Fourth Sister

    The Fourth Sister was another exciting episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was magic, drama, and intrigue. A young girl named Aviva gets caught up in lies told by a demon named Kali who wants the Power of Three for herself which was the main story. It was fun to watch Piper and Phoebe in contest for Leo's affections, and it was equally interesting to watch Andy and Prue deal with some issues as well. There was a lot of character and plot development which was accented with true chemistry between all the actors. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The goth byotch that won't go away..

    Ugh. This is one of the more painful early episodes.

    I give it a 7 because of Leo and because of Piper and Phoebe's sparring over him. Great stuff! Piper's line about Phoebe attending a gay and lesbian group, and then Leo approaching the subject with Phoebe is hilarious. Phoebe's comeback line about Piper being on meds isn't as good, but Alyssa and Brian both have fun with it. We have our first fire-starter here, Aviva, who even throws the first fireball of the series. Unfortunately, from her very first scene she is so obnoxiously irritating that you'll be pulling for the evil sorceress well before the end. If she was trying to ingratiate herself into the Haliwell coven, then picking fights with Prue right off the bat wasn't the way to go about it. What a difference having all the black stuff off her face makes at the end though. She is actually attractive.

    We also have our first appearance by Rebecca Balding, who later will return as Alise, one of the few recurring characters in the show.

    The constant rescheduling of Prue and Andy's dates are kinda stupid. Why not just go to HIS place? DUH... It is really a shame with what the writers decided to do with what could have been Charmed's first fertile relationship. Instead, it never really gets off the ground. I guess, in the end, it is just a casualty of Prue's overcautious nature. Frankly, I think the writers should have let Andy in on the secret much sooner. He was an even more useful character for the brief time that he knew.

    Besides Piper and Leo, the other really good thing this episode has is a cool vanquish at the end. We have our first possession, of many, and the first time that Piper freezes the demon so that the innocent can fall free. Prue then moves Cali into a mirror so that Phoebe can break it and destroy her. Good teamwork. Except, don't we see this same mirror in the attic in later seasons? Perhaps Leo restored that too.
  • A troubled teen befirends Phoebe to try and join the Halliwells as a sister witch. Piper and Phoebe compete for Leo's attention. Prue and Andy can't seem to get together.

    I thought this was a good episode. The troubled teen Aviva was a good character. She was used by a demon named Kali who took advantage of her lonliness to try and steal the Haliwell's power. The episode showed diferances between Phoebe and Prue in how they accepted Aviva. Phoebe more trusting and Prue cautious. There was some comic releif that was pretty funny with Piper and Phoebe competeing for Leo. it is a little creepy in hindsight seeing Phoebe trying to get Leo.

    The Prue and Andy subplot continued with them unable to complete a date without Prue ending it early because wicca problems. I really started feeling sorry for Andy. I was a good ending where Andy isn't sure if he wants to continue to see Prue.
  • The Lost Cat, the Witch and the Wardrobe

    Quite a dark episode, this, but with plenty going on: a strong main plot, an interesting baddie and boy trouble for all three sisters.

    It was good to see the girls meet another witch for the first time, and their reactions to her were all completely in character. That said, I can't blame Prue for being hostile - Aviva managed to spoil her date with Andy not twice but thrice in the same number of days. The final scene, where Andy tells Prue he doesn't want to see her any more, is very sad and you can't help wondering whether they maybe shouldn't have taken it quite so slowly.

    This is Brian Krause's first full hour as Leo and it's great to see Piper and Phoebe scrapping over him. You do get the impression (confirmed in the next episode) that Phoebe is only chasing after Leo for something to do, and the way she latches onto Aviva so swiftly shows that, for all her confidence, she is actually very lonely.

    Although I enjoyed seeing a new witch, I found Aviva rather too stroppy and spoilt. You can't keep a cat in a wardrobe, for heaven's sake! And, if she was a witch, why would she need a demon to give her a power?

    It was a great vanquish at the end. I loved the way the demon froze and Aviva dropped out of it. Very clever!
  • Boring...

    Just another filler and boring episode. Nothing happened at all. Aviva, a young girl shows up in the Halliwell's Manor, in order to be friend with the Halliwell sisters so that her master can steal their power. Andy tries to date Prue several times, but every time he fails, as Prue rejected it. I hate this episode SO MUCH that I feel like I want to stop watching this series anymore! This is probably the WORST EPISODE I have ever watch in this series. Awful, awful, awful. The writer should done a better job to this episode. This is a filler, boring, awful, rubbish episode and the worst episode ever.
  • Mirror Me This!

    The Fourth Sister-A troubled teenage girl befriends Phoebe with the hopes of joining the Halliwells, but she's been lured to the dark powers of witchcraft by a sorceress. Meanwhile, Prue tries to find time with Andy and Phoebe and Piper vie for the attention of Leo.

    Despite the "goth chick into dark magic" cliche, "The Fourth Sister" is entertaining for the most part and has an intriguing villainess for the sisters. Its nice to have another witch on the show at this point besides our 3 leads, although Aviva is written as more as an annoying brat, then a respectable young witch. Danielle Harris is okay in the role but you wish you could sympathize more with her character but you just don't. Yet as the same time, both Aviva and Phoebe have some nice scenes together as both love the fun side about magic. I do like Rebecca Balding's performance as Aunt Jackie though (who will play a much more significant role later on in ther series), especially her scene with Prue when she describes Aviva's msyertious behavior.

    Kali is a pretty inventive villain and I like how she exist only in a mirror by manipulating others with her power. The scene where Kali possesses Aviva is a tense scene and I like how the sister use their powers to defeat her by Piper freezing Kali within Aviva then Prue sending her flying back into mirror just as Phoebe smashes it. Other good scenes are Phoebe's premontion of Aviva throwing a fire ball at Prue and Kali possessing Aviva. Also, the sub-plots are good with Phoebe and Piper's hilarious competition over Leo. I loved how Piper makes a comment about Phoebe being a lesbian to Leo and Phoebe comes back about with lie about Piper being on medication. Then there's the end of Prue and Andy's relationship, which is nicely done. The 2 characters have been dating ever since the second episode and while Andy is an underusable character, both Ted King and Shannen Doherty have quality chemistry and it's interesting to see where they go here. All and All, a pretty good episode with some great scenes despite some weaker developments.
  • wow

    a pretty compelling episode for early charmed.
    after a sturdy episode before it thjis episode just amplifies and relishes in everything the show is about.
    pure witchcraft and it all culminates in a great showdown in the attic.
    all this in 45 do the writers do it?.
    this was basically a written apology after the abysmal predessessing episode.
    all three act very well in this episode...and in a way it forshadows what will happen in season 8.
    Betrayal of a newcomer witch.
    its all exciting stuff,with actually some pretty decent visuals too.
    i dont and will never understand the hate for this episode.
    its great :)i recommend it.
  • Enter a troubled teenager and a handyman who is helping around Halliwell Manor and to whom both Piper and Phoebe are attracted.

    I have to say right from the beginning that I found this to be one of the worst episodes of the entire series and it's difficult for me to say that given how much I loved most of the show.

    When a young girl meets Phoebe and tries to ingratiate herself with the Halliwell sisters, Phoebe feels very sorry for her as she is clearly pretty much a loner and doesn't have a lot of people to care about her. What The Charmed Ones don't know is that, in her lonliness, she has alligned herself with an evil being who manipulates her into doing her bidding by promising her great rewards.

    Meanwhile, the plumbing has packed it in at the house and handyman Leo Wyatt comes to fix it. Predictably, both Piper and Phoebe find him very cute and he is indeed personable and friendly. I know that Leo was a 'good guy' and that he did a lot of great things throughout the show but I found the character very dull and boring, particularly after he and Piper married and became parents so, all in all, not impressed with this episode and I was glad when some much better ones came along later in the season.
  • A young girl being influenced by a demon who wishes to posees the Halliwell's powers tries to infiltrate the sisters coven. The sisters are reluctant to open their house to this girl but Phoebe being naive takes her in like a stray cat causing problems.

    Another difficult storyline that just doesn't seem to produce. It is actually a great idea. An innocent young girl tries to fool her way into their hearts only to fail in the end.

    Unfortunately the girl Aviva played by Danielle Harris was anything but innocent. The demon Kali played by Rebekah Carlton did nothing to prepare her for trying to get into the sisters trust. This was a failure on the way to happening. To push the story forward they let Phoebe be all naive again about reality of the situation and not listen to anyone else. How did she know the Halliwell's were witches? If she knew the chances are it was not from a good source. Her powers were pretty cool, but nowhere before has there been any talk of witches exchanging powers. This opens up all sorts of possibilities.

    The acting was fine I think it was the story itslf that fell short. The truth came out when her aunt got hurt. She was not really willing to go the last mile to get this done. You didn't even get the feeling that the demon was hiding the fact that she was going to steal the Halliwell's powers so I am not sure what Aviva would have gained in the long run. She really wasn't looking for power. She was looking to belong. So the story was sort of mixed up in general.

    The rest of the happenings with Leo and Andy were fine. It is interesting to see the three women interact with people all the while trying to keep a low profile. The relationship with Leo and Piper is looking promising. The relationship between Andy and Prue not so much.

    Not a terrible episode, but I found myself waiting to see how it would end more than watching to see if they it would be clever. The one thing positive you can say is that Alyssa, Holly Marie, and Shannen are certainly getting more comfortable about playing their roles and they seem to at least to be having some fun now at times. Thanks for reading...
  • The worst episode of the first season.

    Seriously this is the worst hour on tv-history. Well at least in Charmed History.

    The actress that plays Aviva has to be the worst in all L.A. I don't even want to know what she did to score this role. I mean did you notice that her eyebrow never comes down? What's up with that?

    The story is boring, the sister moments are overdone, the demon is not scary in the least, the Aunt of Aviva is completly useless and Andy gets to stay around a bit. If you can leave this one out of any rerun of Charmed, I sure do every time.
  • This episode is a fine example of what the three sisters are going to go through almost on a daily bases. Some one will always try to take over or replace one of the sisters. Most of the time there is always someone behind it.

    This episode starts out that kit the cat becomes missing and some how a new witch shows up named Aviva. She claims to be a witch also but later finds out that she was under someone else's wing. She becomes friends with Phoebe and later befriends her and trys to take out her sister Prue. But Prue already new what was going on because she went to the hosipital to see Aviva's grandma. The three sister learn that she is under some else's wing and takes her out by getting her back in the mirror and destroying her own image (by breaking the mirror).
  • The Evil Sorceress Kali

    The Halliwell sisters are missing their cat Kit that disappeared. Actually, she was stolen by the troubled and lonely teenage girl Aviva, who has conjured without knowing the evil sorceress Kali to become a powerful witch. Kali advises Aviva to use Kit to get close to Phoebe, with the intention of stealing the powers of the Halliwell sisters. While Phoebe welcomes Aviva, Prue investigates the girl with her aunt and discloses that she was lured by the evil spirit of the mirror. She joins her sisters trying to find a means to destroy Kali.

    "The Fourth Sister" develops three parallel stories: the lead one, very interesting, with the evil Kali luring and possessing Aviva; the second one, also nice, with the troubles in the relationship of Andy and Prue caused by her secret; and the last one, very silly, about the dispute of the unpleasant and inconvenient Phoebe, trying to "steal" the handsome Leo from Piper.
  • A young wannabee witch, Aviva wants to join the Halliwell sisters but is being used by an evil spirit to steal the sisters powers

    A reasonable episode not great, not bad either. The episode contains an interesting evil entity, Kali who is confined in a mirror and an annoying, depressing wannabe witch Aviva that brings down the episode, I especially didn't like her when she called Prue a b**** that was kind of unreasonable considering that she nearly exposed the sisters and herself in front of Andy and the (supposed) mortal handyman Leo

    Another thing I didn't enjoy was Phoebe flirting with Leo, it was very uncomfortable. This made me lessen my views on Phoebe she is perfectly fine in dating and getting men why does she think she needs to steal Piper's love interest

    The vanquishing was very well played out, I enjoyed it when Kali possesed Aviva and Piper froze her seperating AViva from Kali, very cool. Overall an interesting episode which could have been a lot better if Aviva was not depressing and Phoebe kept her hands to her self
  • A Priestess teaches a young girl about witchcraft.

    While Prue tries to find time with Andy, Phoebe and Piper vie for the attention of a handsome handyman. A troubled teenager, Aviva befriends Phoebe with the hopes of joining the Halliwell coven of witches. Aviva has been lured to the dark powers of witchcraft by Kali, a priestess who appears to her through a mirror. It turns out Kali has given Aviva a mission to gain the sisters' trust and steal their powers. Although Phoebe is originally trusting by the dark powers of Kali, Prue and Piper bring her back to her senses and end Kali's power over Aviva.

    This wasn't my favourite story line but it was revealing !! .
    did anyone notice Aviva's Aunt, its actually aleece from the bay mirror !!
  • A good witch wants to be the charmed ones friend and there sister but is being controlled by a sorceress

    When Aviva a high school teenager who is also a witch befriends Phoebe she envisions herself being the charmed ones sister. Being told what to do by sorceress Kali, Aviva soon turns evil and tries to kill Prue. Phoebe has a premonition and stops this from happening. The charmed ones stop Kali.

    Piper and Phoebe fight over Leo

    I thought that this episode was average and could have been better
  • Phoebe really needs a friend and a focus. This episodes shows that Phoebe has so much potential for growing. Piper and Pru already have focuses.

    Reminds me of the movie, "Craft." This episode opens the door for a great deal of character development. This also shows that females can be bad, but teenagers just need help to find the right road.

    It was good to have the tour of the downstairs of the manor. They certainly do have a lot of room and need a handyman around. Giving Leo a skill of Mr. Fix-It was right on the money. The more we watch the early episodes, the more we realize that Piper grew a lot after season 3. This reflects Holly's acting skills. This episode is a keeper.
  • Not my favorite.

    A troubled teenage girl befriends Phoebe with the hopes of joining the Halliwells, but she's been lured to the dark powers of witchcraft by a sorceress.

    Ok, I like all the episodes of Charmed but this one wasn't all that great. I really did not like the character of Aviva. I guess she was just to dark for me. The ending of the episode wasn't bad though.

    This episode also seemed really slow to me. It didn't seem like a whole lot of exciting stuff was going on. I think it was just one of those episodes that just fills in the time untill the next episode. If that makes any sense.
  • Scary Black-Nail-Polish Ladies and the Women Who Don't Trust Them

    The Fourth Sister sees a troubled young girl seeking acceptance into the Halliwell coven, after being told of it by a mysterious woman in her mirror. Prue isn't sure about Aviva but Phoebe immediately strikes up a friendship with her. The woman in the mirror, Kali, who is secretly evil, tells her protégée that it's the perfect time to become a part of the Power of Three and kill Prue.

    This was an episode I could never really get into before. Probably because there's a long build-up to anything happening and the whole "moody, bad dye-job, goth loner" schtick pretty much annoys me whenever I see it. Despite my initial hesitation, I stuck with it and The Fourth Sister surprised me. It's nice to see the sisters getting to know somebody with magical abilities but it's a shame that Aviva was so annoying. As said before, I hate this type of character and Danielle Harris doesn't do anything to separate her from the countless other "abandoned goths" seen in movies and TV before, creating a character with such a self-absorbed attitude that you can't wait for something bad to happen to her.

    The demon of the week, Kali, is pretty interesting in the fact that she looks good all evil-ed up and her death scene is awesome but, due to the confinement of just a mirror, only gets to do something exciting right at the end, meaning Rebekah Carlton is stuck just... standing for most of the episode.

    The subplot is excellent, with Piper and Phoebe both trying to gain Leo's affections. In retrospect, it's nice to see Charmed's longest-lasting couple in the first stages of their relationship and Holly Marie Combs and Brian Krause are both immediately likeable together. But seeing Phoebe act all doe-eyed toward Leo is... kinda icky.

    A hit-and-miss episode with a couple of bad performances and a dragging script letting it down, The Fourth Sister isn't a masterpiece but is sometimes interesting.

    Rating: C+
  • one of the best from season 1

    this is one of the best from the first season of charmed. we meet leo for the first time and a new witch that just want to have a family. there is a few top 10 from season 1 and this is one of those. i wish we could of seen more from the aviva thoughout the series though.
  • A troubled teenage girl befriends Phoebe with the hopes of joining the Halliwells, but she's been lured to the dark powers of witchcraft by a sorceress. Meanwhile, Prue tries to find time with Andy and Phoebe and Piper vie for the attention of Leo.

    A troubled teenage girl, Aviva, becomes friends with Phoebe. She has hopes of joining the Halliwells to practice magic together. But she's been lured to the dark powers of witchcraft by an evil sorceress who is trying to destroy the Charmed Ones. Meanwhile, Prue tries to find time with Andy and Phoebe and Piper are fighting for the attention of Leo. When Phoebe brings Aviva to the manor Prue gets upset. Aviva gets mad at Prue and tries to kill her. Phoebe gets a preminition of Aviva starting a fire on Prue. Phoebe runs upstairs and Aviva starts a fire. Aviva runs out of the manor. I thought it was funny when Aviva accidently starts a firs next to Phoebe cuz she thought it was Prue. I also thought it was cool when the sorceress controlled Aviva.
  • a new power...

    i liked the power avia had. the power of heat. i would want that power. i like how the demon was in the mirror. and pretending 2 be a good gut. that was good. avia did a good job. i liked how she popped th pop-corn with her power. i would do that. another prue and andy date gone bad... lol!
  • Interesting episode

    I like this episode for several reasons. One is the young girl caught on right away that Pheobe and Pru didn't get along real well. The other is that is shows Pheobe's humanitarian side. I felt so sorry for Pru and Andy. The whole witch thing is so far from being able to tell Andy about yet Pru is stuck. As we learn in later episodes their witch craft interferes with their personal lives all the time. But in these beginning episodes it wasn't as clear yet. Myonly wonder is how Pru knew who the demon was without really seeing it?
  • there wasnt a review about this episode, so i figured i'd write one.

    this episode is excellent to show the differences between the sisters. phoebe is more likely to trust than prue. it goes with there birth order. prue is the oldest, so she is the nmost cautious, phoebe is the youngest so she is more easy going, and piper as always is in the middle. the idea of a fourth sister could be foreshadowing paige. aviva had dark hair like paige, and does look similar to the sisters.

    this episode also offers comic relief with the war between phoebe and piper for leo. with piper telling him that phoebe was gay and phoebe telling him that piper was on meds, they took serious issues and turned them into comedy. i really liked this episode.
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