Season 1 Episode 7

The Fourth Sister

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1998 on The WB

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  • The goth byotch that won't go away..

    Ugh. This is one of the more painful early episodes.

    I give it a 7 because of Leo and because of Piper and Phoebe's sparring over him. Great stuff! Piper's line about Phoebe attending a gay and lesbian group, and then Leo approaching the subject with Phoebe is hilarious. Phoebe's comeback line about Piper being on meds isn't as good, but Alyssa and Brian both have fun with it. We have our first fire-starter here, Aviva, who even throws the first fireball of the series. Unfortunately, from her very first scene she is so obnoxiously irritating that you'll be pulling for the evil sorceress well before the end. If she was trying to ingratiate herself into the Haliwell coven, then picking fights with Prue right off the bat wasn't the way to go about it. What a difference having all the black stuff off her face makes at the end though. She is actually attractive.

    We also have our first appearance by Rebecca Balding, who later will return as Alise, one of the few recurring characters in the show.

    The constant rescheduling of Prue and Andy's dates are kinda stupid. Why not just go to HIS place? DUH... It is really a shame with what the writers decided to do with what could have been Charmed's first fertile relationship. Instead, it never really gets off the ground. I guess, in the end, it is just a casualty of Prue's overcautious nature. Frankly, I think the writers should have let Andy in on the secret much sooner. He was an even more useful character for the brief time that he knew.

    Besides Piper and Leo, the other really good thing this episode has is a cool vanquish at the end. We have our first possession, of many, and the first time that Piper freezes the demon so that the innocent can fall free. Prue then moves Cali into a mirror so that Phoebe can break it and destroy her. Good teamwork. Except, don't we see this same mirror in the attic in later seasons? Perhaps Leo restored that too.
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