Season 1 Episode 7

The Fourth Sister

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1998 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Aviva: Come to me Kali. I conjure thee Kali. Come to me Kali. I conjure thee Kali.
      (In the mirror, Kali appears.)
      Kali: I'm here Aviva.
      Aviva: It's been over a week.
      Kali: I know. Be patient Aviva.
      Aviva: But I've done everything that you've asked. I've followed the Halliwell sisters. I know their every move.
      Kali: Which will all become valuable in good time. You must trust me. You must make them want you as badly as you want them.
      (Aviva looks at the closet.)
      Aviva: I talked to my mom today.
      Kali: How is she?
      Aviva: I don't know. She's better...I think. I miss her.
      Kali: She's gonna be so proud of you.
      Aviva: Yeah? I hope so.
      Kali: Are you ready to receive your power?
      Aviva: (giggling a little) You know I am.
      Kali: Remember, it's a sacred power. If I give it to you, you must use it only as I say.
      Aviva: I will. I promise.
      Kali: Very well. Reach for the mirror. Put out your hands. Feel the power. (Aviva reaches her hands towards the mirror. Aviva's hands begin to glow. She receives the power. Her hands stop glowing and she puts them down.) You know what to do. Go to Phoebe, Piper, and Prue.
      (Aviva grabs her coat and leaves. We see flames in the mirror. Kali appears as her evil demon self.)