Season 3 Episode 14

The Good, the Bad and the Cursed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2001 on The WB
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When Phoebe feels the pain of an injured American-Indian trapped in a time loop of a deserted town she visits, Prue and Cole enter the time loop (which is stuck in the mid-1800s) to save the man, and Phoebe, from death at the hands of a local thug.moreless

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  • Another meh.

    Oh look once again she makes it about herself.

    I thought Cole had given plenty of time to the sisters since they found out, and since he knows WHY Phoebe never vanquished him - like the rest of us fans - he assumes Phoebe would've told her sisters because why not. So I thought it was reasonable for him to show up eventually. And I thought Prue completely overreacted, I mean he hasn't used his powers, he is being friendly for gods sake. If he wants to kill you I doubt he'd announce himself first. But she sends him flying nearly damaging everything Piper has set up for the wedding.

    I didn't like the story in the west either really. Oh look Prue is acting stubborn and up herself in a time she knows nothing about, dressing in clothes a woman SHOULD not be wearing in those times and oh look she knows how to perfectly fire a gun all of a sudden as well.

    Phoebe's acting was great I thought. Definitely made me believe she was in pain. And I liked the chats between Victor and Leo. Although I get why he hates whitelighters, Leo didn't steal her though, she wasn't cheating to be with Leo.. well I suppose she was, but she met Leo first and fell for him first technically so in my mind Dan was the affair.moreless
  • The Good, the Bad and the Cursed

    The Good, the Bad and the Cursed was a perfectly fun and entertaining episode full of character development. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot action, suspense and drama. It was interesting to see the characters in this type of story taking place partly in the old west of the United States of America. I liked seeing Prue and Cole work together and both looked good dressed in old west attire. Leo has lunch with the sister's father, Victor, who tells Leo to watch out for whitelighters and it was hilarious to see this scene unfold. I liked how things worked out and look forward to seeing what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • The usefulness of a demon...

    If Charmed going Old West sounds like a terrible idea to you, I agree, but this is actually a very entertaining episode, showing that a good script and gifted actors can carry nearly any idea.

    This episode is the 2nd of what could be considered Charmed's best 6 episode run in its history, starting with Bride and Gloom and ending with Sin Francisco. A big key to that run is Cole. The whole idea of the sisters having a powerful demonic ally is perhaps the best one Brad Kern ever came up with. Unfortunately, Cole is an ally for a rather limited time period. Though he gave Phoebe some good direction, very Leo-like, last episode, this is the first episode where he really shows how useful having a demon as an ally can be, and the fact that he gets paired with a very reluctant Prue only ups the ante on the entertainment value. This is the only episode in the Charmed catalogue where Prue and Cole are forced to work together alone, and the two actors show the combo is nearly magical. I loved how Cole just showed up at the manor out of the blue and how Prue wanted to immediately vanquish him. Great interaction between those two throughout this episode.

    In a smashing subplot, the always excellent James Reed is back as Victor, as preparations for Piper and Leo's wedding are kicking into full gear. It is completely realistic that Victor would mistrust any whitelighter, and so the conflict with Leo is a softball that the writers and actors both hit out of the ballpark for the most part. Leo tells Victor at the end- "Don't think too hard about it. It'll just give you a headache," a line that instantly brings up images of Forever Charmed. Indeed. The rip off of numerous westerns for the resolution of the conflict was somewhat regrettable, though decently handled. In the end, it doesn't really matter. The sisters, for a time, have heavenly help in Leo, and demonic help in Cole, and us fans have the best of both worlds.moreless
  • The Boring, the Overlong and the Forgetful

    One of the worst episodes from season three, this is a case of a missed opportunity, with a decent setting spoilt by some awful plotting, bad acting, bad costume design and too many unnecessary, vomit-inducing close-ups on Alyssa Milano's sweaty, pasty face.

    The Good, the Bad and the Cursed sees Phoebe sensing the pain of an American-Indian from cowboy times. Prue and Cole travel back in time to save the man from being shot to death and save Phoebe from dying from his wounds. In the present. Or something.

    The entire cowboy storyline isn't interesting and way too much time is spent on the plight of Bo Lightfeather (?) and his wife than on the cowboy fun they could have written in to the episode. Shannen Doherty and Julian McMahon also look bored throughout the entire hour, something you would think would be rare when you're involved in an episode which takes you outside of the normal locations.

    Alyssa Milano does give the best performance (shock horror) and it looks like she's trying to pull off the pain etc. convincingly. Despite that, there aren't enough memorable scenes to make this episode special.moreless
  • Wild wild west

    Season Three has some real gems and this is one of them. When Phoebe visits an abandoned town with her father, a link forms between her and a character stuck in a time loop. When he gets shot, so does she and the race is on to break the loop before she dies. The time loop idea is not well explained but, to be truthful, the bigger picture isn't that important. What really makes the episode is the writing, the acting and the interaction between the characters.

    Alyssa gives the performance of her life as the wounded Phoebe. The shots of her screaming as Beau is being flogged are truly harrowing and the way the two scenes are cut together is first class. Suffering isn't something normally shown on Charmed but, on this evidence, maybe it should be. The decision to stick Cole and Prue together is genius. Julian and Shannen have a great chemistry about them and they both get some wonderful lines. Cole must have the patience of a saint to put up with Prue's constant gibes. He had every right to set that bloke on fire at the end. He was about to get shot! Prue's world is far too black and white sometimes.

    Piper doesn't have a lot to do this week but Victor and Leo have a memorable subplot as they try to get to know one another ahead of the wedding. Brian plays the wide-eyed son in law perfectly in what must rank as one of his best performances yet.

    The Wild West setting certainly makes a change and it just about avoids the usual clichés. None of the characters is particularly memorable but they did find a very good guest actress to play Isabel. Can't say the same for Beau.

    I like it when the baddy is a mortal and Sutter is suitably mean. This is a good episode made all the better by some excellent acting. Certainly worth far more than a measly 8.4.moreless
Michael Greyeyes

Michael Greyeyes

Beau Lightfeather

Guest Star

Kimberly Guerrero

Kimberly Guerrero

Isabel Lightfeather

Guest Star

Ed Lauter

Ed Lauter


Guest Star

James Read

James Read

Victor Bennett

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Phoebe gets shot via a psychic echo during a premonition of Beau getting shot. She then lies bleeding on the couch dying because Leo can't heal her. Why don't they just take her to a hospital, or if they are worried about exposure, Leo was an Army medic and probably took out how many bullets at war?

    • When Cole and Prue are trying to convince Beau that they have gifts too, Prue tells Cole to go ahead and show him. Why didn't she just show him her power?

    • TRIVIA: This is Prue's fourth time traveling in time. Although it is the first time she does so without her sisters and the first time the travel does include the Halliwell line.

    • When Leo and Victor are at the diner, Leo orbs out. Why would he do that out in the open? Wouldn't he be afraid of exposure?

    • Before Cole and Prue shimmer back in time Cole has some facial hair on his face but when they get to their destination his facial hair is gone.

    • TRIVIA: The newspaper that Piper and Leo read in the ghost town said "Half-breed to die at dawn". This was in reference to Bo however since Phoebe is half witch (her father Victor is mortal), this smart play on words includes her since she can feel what Bo feels. If he dies, she dies, since he is half Native American and she is half witch. they are not only linked psychically but they paralell each other.

    • TRIVIA: This episode marks Shannen Doherty's second time directing an episode of the series.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode Prue and Cole make a lot of jokes that implicate that they hate each other. Ironic since in the 2001 film Another Day Shannen Doherty and Julian McMahon play a couple.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode Victor is not happy to discover that Leo is a Whitelighter, due to past tensions between Patty and her Whitelighter.

    • Victor tells Leo about Patty's whitelighter having been in her life, "trying to steal her away" since before they separated. Yet in previous episodes, Leo says that Piper, Phoebe and Prue were not supposed to find out he was their whitelighter.

    • Right before Cole and Prue shimmer you can see that Cole's face has not been shaved for a day or two, but right after they shimmer, he looks clean shaven.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • (Phoebe has a premonition of Beau getting shot and collapses)
      Prue: Phoebe! What's wrong?
      Phoebe: (Seeing blood on her hands) I... think I've been shot!

    • (Cole kills one of the bad guys with an energy ball and he turns laughing, stopping as he sees Prue behind him)
      Prue: Like I said. Once a demon, always a demon.

    • Cole: You know, it wouldn't kill you to be nice to me.
      Prue: Really? It's funny that you should say that, considering how many times you actually tried to kill me.

    • Cole: Still think you should have worn that pretty little red dress drying on the line.
      Prue: It was a prostitute's dress. Not the impression I wanted to make. At least I'm not wearing some dead guy's clothes.
      Cole: I thought you'd be pleased. At least I'm playing the role of a good guy.
      Prue: Yeah, right.

    • Cole: Welcome to the Wild, Wild West.
      Prue: All right, just so we're clear, I'm in charge here. You're just my ride.
      Cole: Fine with me. What's your plan?
      Prue: Find Bo, lay low.
      Cole: That's a plan?
      Prue: Yeah. You got a better one?
      Cole: Maybe. But...first I think we better find something a little less conspiciuous to wear.
      Prue: Fine. Agreed. Any ideas?
      Cole: Yeah. Nothing you're gonna like, though.

    • Victor: But there are dangers out there worse than demons and warlocks. You do know about them, don't you?
      Leo: Well, yeah, sure.
      Victor: Well, the dangers I'm talking about will just sneak up on you and destroy your marriage if you're not careful. Leo, do you know what a whitelighter is?

    • Prue: So, Leo, you nervous? I mean, only one week before: Tam Tam Tam Tam...
      Piper: Thanks.

    • Victor: Piper's marrying a handyman?
      Phoebe: Well, no, he isn't really a handyman. Wait, you do know that he's--?
      Victor: All I know is he's a nice enough guy who seems to know the big, bad secret. Trust me, it's a lot better for a mortal to know he's marrying a witch before the wedding instead of after. Wish I'd had that...
      Phoebe: Mortal, right.

    • Leo (quietly to Victor at the diner): I have to go... and I don't think you're going to like how...
      (Leo orbs, leaving Victor in an unpleasant shock)

    • Bartender: What'll it be?
      Prue: Hi. Moonshine.
      Bartender: A what?
      Cole: She means whiskey. Make it two. Leave the bottle.
      Cole (to Prue): You watch too many old movies.
      Prue: And you'd be confusing me with Phoebe.
      Cole: Not a chance.

    • (There is a knock on the door)
      Prue: I'll get that.(She opens the door, and Cole enters the house)
      Cole: Hi Prue, is Phoebe here?
      (Next we see Phoebe and Piper on the couch, and Cole sent flying off toward them)

    • Prue: Hi. What am I? A potted plant?

    • Bartender: Things are getting pretty dangerous around here. Friendly advice. Wet your whistle, get back on your horses, and move on as fast as you can.

    • Victor: Leo! You lying little piece of...

    • Phoebe: Cole is gonna help
      Victor: How do you know?
      Phoebe: Because he loves me as much as I love him

    • Phoebe: Well, don't get mad at me, I've been shot.

    • (Cole and Prue are about to shimmer to a parallel plain)
      Cole: You have to hold my hand.
      Prue: This sucks already.

    • Phoebe: Dad doesn't know that Leo is a whitelighter.
      Prue & Leo: What?!
      Piper: Well, I've been meaning to tell him, but considering Mom had an affair with her whitelighter, I didn't think he'd be really receptive to the idea.
      Leo: Piper, he's gonna kill me when he finds out.
      Piper: Oh, don't be ridiculous, you're already dead.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Title: The Good, the Bad and the Cursed

      This is a reference to the 1966 Clint Eastwood movie "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly".