Season 3 Episode 14

The Good, the Bad and the Cursed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2001 on The WB

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  • Another meh.

    Oh look once again she makes it about herself.

    I thought Cole had given plenty of time to the sisters since they found out, and since he knows WHY Phoebe never vanquished him - like the rest of us fans - he assumes Phoebe would've told her sisters because why not. So I thought it was reasonable for him to show up eventually. And I thought Prue completely overreacted, I mean he hasn't used his powers, he is being friendly for gods sake. If he wants to kill you I doubt he'd announce himself first. But she sends him flying nearly damaging everything Piper has set up for the wedding.

    I didn't like the story in the west either really. Oh look Prue is acting stubborn and up herself in a time she knows nothing about, dressing in clothes a woman SHOULD not be wearing in those times and oh look she knows how to perfectly fire a gun all of a sudden as well.

    Phoebe's acting was great I thought. Definitely made me believe she was in pain. And I liked the chats between Victor and Leo. Although I get why he hates whitelighters, Leo didn't steal her though, she wasn't cheating to be with Leo.. well I suppose she was, but she met Leo first and fell for him first technically so in my mind Dan was the affair.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Cursed

    The Good, the Bad and the Cursed was a perfectly fun and entertaining episode full of character development. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot action, suspense and drama. It was interesting to see the characters in this type of story taking place partly in the old west of the United States of America. I liked seeing Prue and Cole work together and both looked good dressed in old west attire. Leo has lunch with the sister's father, Victor, who tells Leo to watch out for whitelighters and it was hilarious to see this scene unfold. I liked how things worked out and look forward to seeing what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • The usefulness of a demon...

    If Charmed going Old West sounds like a terrible idea to you, I agree, but this is actually a very entertaining episode, showing that a good script and gifted actors can carry nearly any idea.

    This episode is the 2nd of what could be considered Charmed's best 6 episode run in its history, starting with Bride and Gloom and ending with Sin Francisco. A big key to that run is Cole. The whole idea of the sisters having a powerful demonic ally is perhaps the best one Brad Kern ever came up with. Unfortunately, Cole is an ally for a rather limited time period. Though he gave Phoebe some good direction, very Leo-like, last episode, this is the first episode where he really shows how useful having a demon as an ally can be, and the fact that he gets paired with a very reluctant Prue only ups the ante on the entertainment value. This is the only episode in the Charmed catalogue where Prue and Cole are forced to work together alone, and the two actors show the combo is nearly magical. I loved how Cole just showed up at the manor out of the blue and how Prue wanted to immediately vanquish him. Great interaction between those two throughout this episode.

    In a smashing subplot, the always excellent James Reed is back as Victor, as preparations for Piper and Leo's wedding are kicking into full gear. It is completely realistic that Victor would mistrust any whitelighter, and so the conflict with Leo is a softball that the writers and actors both hit out of the ballpark for the most part. Leo tells Victor at the end- "Don't think too hard about it. It'll just give you a headache," a line that instantly brings up images of Forever Charmed. Indeed. The rip off of numerous westerns for the resolution of the conflict was somewhat regrettable, though decently handled. In the end, it doesn't really matter. The sisters, for a time, have heavenly help in Leo, and demonic help in Cole, and us fans have the best of both worlds.
  • The Boring, the Overlong and the Forgetful

    One of the worst episodes from season three, this is a case of a missed opportunity, with a decent setting spoilt by some awful plotting, bad acting, bad costume design and too many unnecessary, vomit-inducing close-ups on Alyssa Milano's sweaty, pasty face.

    The Good, the Bad and the Cursed sees Phoebe sensing the pain of an American-Indian from cowboy times. Prue and Cole travel back in time to save the man from being shot to death and save Phoebe from dying from his wounds. In the present. Or something.

    The entire cowboy storyline isn't interesting and way too much time is spent on the plight of Bo Lightfeather (?) and his wife than on the cowboy fun they could have written in to the episode. Shannen Doherty and Julian McMahon also look bored throughout the entire hour, something you would think would be rare when you're involved in an episode which takes you outside of the normal locations.

    Alyssa Milano does give the best performance (shock horror) and it looks like she's trying to pull off the pain etc. convincingly. Despite that, there aren't enough memorable scenes to make this episode special.
  • Wild wild west

    Season Three has some real gems and this is one of them. When Phoebe visits an abandoned town with her father, a link forms between her and a character stuck in a time loop. When he gets shot, so does she and the race is on to break the loop before she dies. The time loop idea is not well explained but, to be truthful, the bigger picture isn't that important. What really makes the episode is the writing, the acting and the interaction between the characters.

    Alyssa gives the performance of her life as the wounded Phoebe. The shots of her screaming as Beau is being flogged are truly harrowing and the way the two scenes are cut together is first class. Suffering isn't something normally shown on Charmed but, on this evidence, maybe it should be. The decision to stick Cole and Prue together is genius. Julian and Shannen have a great chemistry about them and they both get some wonderful lines. Cole must have the patience of a saint to put up with Prue's constant gibes. He had every right to set that bloke on fire at the end. He was about to get shot! Prue's world is far too black and white sometimes.

    Piper doesn't have a lot to do this week but Victor and Leo have a memorable subplot as they try to get to know one another ahead of the wedding. Brian plays the wide-eyed son in law perfectly in what must rank as one of his best performances yet.

    The Wild West setting certainly makes a change and it just about avoids the usual clichés. None of the characters is particularly memorable but they did find a very good guest actress to play Isabel. Can't say the same for Beau.

    I like it when the baddy is a mortal and Sutter is suitably mean. This is a good episode made all the better by some excellent acting. Certainly worth far more than a measly 8.4.
  • Alyssa Milano is a Brilliant Actress

    I absolutley loved this episode, it bought many tears to my eyes. The story was unqique as it started off quite comic but then went into heartbreak for fans of Phoebe, while feeling the pain of someone else we can see her scream in pain and Alyssa Milanos portrayal is amazing. I loved the fact that Prue had to to work with Cole to save Phoebe, as Prue hated him, but it really shows the bond as for Phoebes sake she would work with him. Coles struggle to help Phoebe at the expense of repressing his demonic side comes to the surface here and is played well by Julian Mcmahon. Overall, a brilliant episode.
  • Prue and Cole working as a team. Who would have thought it were possible?

    Phoebe gets herself stuck in a time loop in the Wild West as she finds herself strongly connected to a man who is also stuck there. The sticky part of the situation is that if the American Indian to whom she is connected dies, so does she. At this point, both Prue and Cole decide that they must do something to save her and temporarily put aside their differences in order to enter the loop themselves and stop anybody getting killed.

    I have to say the whole 'Wild West' thing amused me, but one of the funniest things was how short Shannen Doherty looked when standing next to Julian McMahon. The episode was worth watching just to see Prue and Cole try NOT to kill each other in order to save Phoebe but the storyline itself was a bit weak.
  • A man is trapped in a time loop that leads to his death, and Phoebe is connected to him psychically, and if he dies, she dies. Starring Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and Alyssa Milano, Brian Krause, Julian McMahon

    A cleverly plotted episode, and i really like that Prue (Shannen Doherty) was forced to work alongside Cole (Julian McMahon). The idea of psychic connection was really cool and i liked the idea of it, and the characters that the connection came from, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and Beau Lightfeather (guest star Michael Greyeyes). The idea of the time loop was cool, and i liked how Victor Bennet (guest star James Read) was involved in the connection. I love episodes with the family of the Charmed Ones, and the scene with Leo (Brian Krause) and Victor when he talks about whitelighters, and doesn't know that Leo is one because Piper (Holly Marie Combs) hasn't told him yet. The revolt that was needed from the group was well deserved and well written on how it came to be, as well as the final chase scene that Prue and Cole were involved with. I love it when Prue sends someone through a door or something like that, cuz i love to see the damage that they can cause, i dont know why but i love it.
  • How The West Was Wrong

    The Good, The Bad, and The Cursed-When Phoebe feels the pain of an injured American-Indian trapped in a time loop of a deserted town she visits, Prue and Cole enter the time loop (which is stuck in the mid-1800s) to save the man, and Phoebe, from death at the hands of a local thug.

    A rather dull episode that drags more than it interests, "The Good, The Bad, and The Cursed" tries to play out like a classic western but comes off as an underwelming hour of television. I guess I can give the writers credit for trying to find new settings for the show to explore, but the ghostown scenes in the past and the present just bored me. You also didn't care much for Beau and the cursed town storyline as all the characters seemed a bit underdeveloped despite some good peformances from Michael Greyeyes and Ed Lauter. Alyssa tries to once again breath life into a boring plot as she was obviously trying to make Phoebe's psychic wounds look painful, but even she couldn't save this storyline once again.

    Shannen Doherty makes her second attempt at directing this episode after her rather lackluster debut on "Be Careful What You Wish For". While there are some nice scenes visually and cinematography, some scenes felt a bit over directed with random slow motions. Also, it's nice to see James Read return as Victor as he already makes for a great recurring character. I loved his scenes with Leo, especially when he finds out his a whitelighter. Then there was the beyond hilarious scene of Cole casually walking into manor, then Prue sending him flying across the room. But all and all, this is pretty much a waste of time and an obvious distraction to what has been a season full of brilliant episodes!
  • Phoebe is magically linked and a time loop

    I really liked this episode. It was nice to see Victor and Phoebe spending time together in the beginning even if he was only trying to get some of her magical talents! I loved that he was questioning her about Leo too. It was great to see that Piper hadn't told Victor that Leo was a white-lighter. Phoebe getting the bloody lip when Bo and the other guy were having that fight was interesting.

    It was funny that Leo said that everything would be okay as long as no demons attacked and then Victor and Phoebe walked in the way they did. It was great seeing them all talk about Phoebe's injury and then seeing Leo and Victor go off together leaving the magic in the hands of the professionals. It was even better when Leo had to orb out when he was sitting with Victor.

    Cole and Prue working together and going into the time loop together was interesting. They were so annoying with the constant bickering and Prue telling Cole that he was just her ride was even more annoying. It was great to see how much Cole really cared about Phoebe and how much Prue just cared that they fix the time loop. I loved the look Prue gave Cole though after he used his demonic powers to kill the one guy!

    It was cool that Prue thought that the time loop was all about Sudder and Bo but Bo knew that it was about the Townspeople doing nothing and just watching it all happen. This was a really good episode of Charmed except for the constant bickering between Cole and Prue and of course the crows they were just freaky.
  • Amazing acting!

    This episode is one of my all time favorite episodes in the charmed series. It has suspense, drama, action, and comedy all in one. With Phoebe somehow getting the injuries of a man from the old wild west, Prue and Cole must travel there to save the man to save Phoebe. Because Prue hates Cole so much, they really provide top class entertainment when forced to work together. Also, in this episode, Alyssa Milano's acting is superb. Her acting keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering how she will survive the injuries she is receiving. This episode is well worth a watch and will not fail to impress.
  • I thought this episode deserved a ten well actually the 9.99 would be for Alyssa Millano's great performance and the 1.00 would be for the storyline.

    When Victor, the girls' father, takes Phoebe to a ghost town, she sees the ghostly figure of an Indian boy, named Beau. When Beau is punched, by a cowboy, he falls right through Phoebe and at that moment she becomes psychically and physically linked to him. Back at the Manor, Phoebe tells her sisters and Leo about her vision and she finds out that she is sharing Beau's injuries. Leo and Victor leave, and the girl's discover that the town is stuck in a time loop, on an alternate plane of existence, cursed to relive the same day forever. All of a sudden, Cole shows up to talk to Phoebe. As Phoebe tries to tell Cole and her sisters that their relationship is over, she receives a premonition of Beau being shot in the back. She falls to the ground with the same gunshot wound in her back. Leo can't heal Phoebe, because it's Beau who is hurt. So Cole suggests that he will shimmer to Beau and bring him back to the manor to be healed. Prue doesn't trust Cole and forces him to take her along. Prue and Cole travel to a town straight from the Old West and find Beau. They discover that a man named Sutter wants to kill Beau for killing one of his men and to keep the town under his power. Beau realizes that the only way to break the curse is turn himself in and hope that the townspeople stand up to Sutter and save his life. Sutter drags Beau into town and begins to whip him, Phoebe feels every lash. Prue and Cole try to rally the townsfolk to save him. The townsfolk step in and save Beau, the curse is broken. Prue and Cole travel back to the Manor and Phoebe confesses that she still loves Cole and asks him to stay, despite what Prue and Piper think.

    A very gruesome episode and i nearly cried out for Alyssa Milano for all that whiping and shooting and bruising "GOD HELP YOU". overall good episode but bad storyline.
  • Prue & Cole enter a time loop to save Pheobe because she is linked to someone inside it.Victor finds out that Leo is a whitelighter.Prue & Cole break the time loop. Pheobe & Cole get back together.l

    I love that this is set in the wild west.I thought Prue and Cole working together was extremly entertaining, but I didn't feel that Prue hated Cole as much as she was saying. And whatever happened to the fact that Cole threw an energy ball? I'm glad Pheobe and Cole get back togetheer because they are an awesome couple. The whole Victor Leo story was a little weird. Victor sounded crazy when he was talking about whitelighters,very out of character. Also how come Leo orbs out inthe middle of a diner? Wouldn't people notice. They would be exposed. All and all I thought this episode was really good.
  • the good the bad and the cursed

    a very special episode. i liked how the everything thing that happened to bo happened it was a very good concept and i also like the way way they did the setting it looked a lot like the 1800s alyssa milano did a good job at acting like she was being whipped it was very believeable.i also love how there dad is becoming a part of their lives great episode.
  • Phoebe and Cole get back together!

    This episode was very interesting.

    Between time loops, Victor thinking Leo is a mortal, Cole and Prue actually working together, and that crow that followed Piper and Leo home, this episode was pretty cool.

    I liked the fact that it took place in the "wild wild west" or whatever, just to change things up a bit instead of in the manor or in the underworld. However, I don't understand why in the end of this episode Victor seems kinda okay with Leo being a whitelighter, and then when he comes over for the wedding in the next episode he has such an attitude.

    Im so happy Phoebe finally let Cole back into her can tell she wanted to!
  • A week before Piper\'s wedding to Leo, the family plan a rehearsal dinner together. Including the girls\' father, Victor who has just returned to their lives. Things go wrong however as tensions rise between Leo and Victor and as Phoebe gets psychically l

    This episode is great for Cole and Phoebe fans who were looking for Cole to be reintroduced to the series but for the rest of us the appeal of this episode lay in the great plotline between Leo and his future father-in-law who hadn\'t previously been informed that his daughter was marrying a whitelighter. The tension comes mainly, some of you may not know, from the fact that Patty (the girl\'s mother) fell in love with her whitelighter. There is a great and memorable scene in a cafe where Victor lectures Leo on not trusting whitelighters who are \"sneaky little...\"
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Cursed, great episode!

    Phoebe gets the curse of an old ancient Indian, that soon seems to be dying and as Cole gets to the house, and everyone is worried about him, Cole and Prue decided to go to the past and save Phoebe, which ultimately brings great trouble for everyone, as Phoebe seems to be at the edge of dying, and while Cole and Prue are around in there, they must save everyone from the evil man that kills everyone who is in his way.
    Well the thing is that this episode is a very good one, I'm lucky to have the DVD
  • Wonderful episode. I normally hate shows that have anything to do with cowboys or the wild west, but this is an exception.

    Wonderful episode. I normally hate shows that have anything to do with cowboys or the wild west, but this is an exception.

    The girls' father doesn't know that Leo is a whitelighter & when he has a talk with Leo, he warns him how dangerous they can be to a marriage, but Leo is forced to reveal to him that he is a whitelighter when Pheobe is shot & he has to orb out of the cafe.

    Prue is forced to work with Cole in order to save Pheobe who is dying of wounds, mainly a gunshot wound, that are inflicted on a native american who is in the loophole & has to shimmer with him to the alternate dimention that is cursed to relive the same day over & over again until someone breaks the curse.

    My favorite parts of the episode were when Cole & Prue were working together & he was trying to convince her that he can be good.

  • Funny and confusing all in one.

    The way that this episode was written and mde grings it out really well. The characters and the problems (especially between Cole and Phoebe) makes it even more interesting to watch. I would most likely watch this episode over and over again if i could, but im not allowed to. 10/10 is what this episode deserves.
  • Cole & Prue go to an alternate universe to save Phoebe.

    Phoebe and Victor head to a ghost town for a day of relaxation. However, when Phoebe gets knocked down by a real ghost, she starts to have the same physical symptoms as the ghost who rusn through her. They girls figure out that the ghosts are cursed to repeat the same day over and over in a time loop. When the ghost is shot, so is Phoebe. Since the only way to get to an alternate universe is to shimmer, Prue is forced to work with Cole to save her sister. The interaction between the two is fun to watch and highly comical. Phoebe definitely gives the best performance of the series, with her accurate portrayal of someone dying of a gunshot wound.
  • This episodes about Pheobe almost dying from a vision and Cole and Prue have to work together to save her by traveling back to another dimension.

    I love Cole and Pheobe together and I think it's sweet he tries to save her! I don't really like Prue (but I was sad Shannon was kicked off the show, I like things as they originally are) and in this episode I hate how mean she is to Cole!