Season 3 Episode 1

The Honeymoon's Over

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2000 on The WB

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  • Not a bad episode, not the best. Few good lines. Intro of Cole

    Well I'm back I couldn't even bring myself to finish season 2, Prue's storylines get so ridiculous that it's almost unbearable to watch the episodes.

    I must agree with most people here. It is not the best as far as season openers go. And like usual, I'm not going to just write what the episode was about, I love the show, I'm just letting off steam about things that nag at me because if I had a friend who currently watched this show I could talk to them.

    I thought it was semi interesting that Piper had been away for so long, although I don't get why time moves differently up there, and it's never explained why either.

    I actually like the court setting, it's different from usual, and actually shows how dangerous their job can be. Although Darryl's arrogance about 'I'm a cop I can handle it" is as annoying as Prue's arrogance every episode. Darryl - you're human, against a demon. You got lucky that you lived.

    I love the Cole and Phoebe relationship and I'll bring my hatred about how it ends later in season 5 but, at the start they're sweet. And I thought Cole's 'human' behaviour was very believable, wanting serious answers opposed to vague lines that everyone else seems content with.

    Guardians are interesting demons, and I like that they come back again in season 7 (I think, maybe 6). I liked the Judge, thought he was cool and evil, but honestly if someone just kept letting people go free other judges and higher powers would start questioning that (I'd believe).

    Prue's judgmental look when Phoebe gets all giddy when she sees Cole (yeah it's pathetic but hell, she's young and has a crush - understandable). But no, Prue when you fall in love with people at first site who you KNOW are bad, that's not pathetic.

    Is it just me or does Emilio (however it's spelt) have one of those faces you just really want to punch the smug off! He definitely suited his role.

    Loved when Piper orbed back in and said 'just a second', the look on Phoebe's face was perfect. But I'm sorry the way Prue handled Phoebe yelling at him was quite rude. She's upset, been extremely worried and was quite condescending and not letting her say anything she wants - to Leo or Piper.

    Have to say though, the first Phoebe scene I thought was ridiculous was when she kicks Cole when he taps her shoulder. I get you're a jumpy person with demons coming out the wood work, but you're in public, and the whole 'hee-yah' was a bit unnecessary.

    The iconic bathroom proposal :') and Piper bursting in wondering who he's talking to. It's a bathroom, people often practice things in the mirror so doesn't seem that stupid. And it is Piper's fault for not letting him do this not in the bathroom.

    One thing I noticed watching this episode for the 1000th time, is that they didn't really seem to care about the guardians after Piper gets back. Like it's there, but not.. When they're in the bedroom with Piper, and just chilling out, you'd think it was completely out of their mind. And I'm sure if they read the book again they'd have been able to get all these answers themselves.

    I don't really get Piper's whole 'oh he's immune now', that's never come up, never explained either really. And them constantly telling her 'do it now, do it now' seemed pointless - just let her control her it.

    I don't get when they all became Martial Art experts as well. I liked Phoebe training in it for a long time, and slowly becoming an expert, especially being such a tiny person with passive powers (come on, levitation is hardly active). But randomly in season 3, Prue is better at it than Phoebe (who's been training more full on and a lot longer than Prue) and Piper is proficient I suppose, so I guess I could believe her taking a few classes.

    I liked Cole's line "it's not in my nature" (to accept something good). It's a hint at him being a demon I guess, but being a prosecutor you'd see bad things daily so it works with that job too. And I like them having someone who's actually trained in Law and I thought he was a smart plant.
  • The Honeymoon Is Over

    The Honeymoon Is Over was a perfect episode and season three premiere of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because we meet a new character named Cole who is apparently more than he seems. The story was awesome and fun as Phoebe and Prue realize a courtroom is overrun by demons while Piper finally returns with Leo who ask her to marry him. There was a lot of character and plot development and seeing Cole's true nature was great. I certainly look forward to watching more episodes, especially after the upbeat ending with good news for Leo!!!!!!!!!
  • Cole Turner appears, and Phoebe and the stakes immediately rise...

    Charmed is not known for its season openers. It basically has two distinguished ones- the series' opener, and the series' changer- Charmed Again. Considering that, this is probably above average when compared to the other 5 openers.

    The story itself is pretty good. The demons involved, Guardians, are nothing special and are easily disposed of. Piper is a confusing mess throughout the episode. She coldly rebuffs Leo's famous attempt to propose to her, and it seemed to me that the writers really struggled to give Piper a comprehensible reason as to why. Ultimately, we know it was just to drag it out, though they managed to do that only until the end of the episode. Season 3 wasted no time getting Cole Turner in the mix, and Julian McMahon is good from the get go and great in the scenes with Alyssa. We went all Season 2 without a long term antagonist, and not only has that been addressed, but in Cole we have something new- a long term bad and love interest simultaneously. It was a great scene when Cole vanquished the judge, and I do believe that Cole is the first demon to shimmer on the show, which is definitely the coolest way to travel. It was also a well-done transition from the end of Season 2 to give Phoebe the power to levitate. We don't see it much here, and unfortunately, we don't see it at all after Season 6, but it was still a great idea to add something new to the series in the first episode of the season.

    The big courtroom fight was clearly the main action set of the show, and though it was well-choreographed, I thought the whole scene was ridiculous. Prue could have take care of all those guys with her power and never needed to go hand-to-hand. When since did Prue and Piper become martial artists? Whatever. It was all about girl power, I guess. And, of course, at the end Piper sees the error of her ways and agrees with Leo, which is always a good idea. I would like to go through the entire series once and count the number of times the sisters foolishly refuse to listen to Leo only to have it bite them on the butt.
  • What a difference a month makes...

    Season three gets off to a lackluster start with The Honeymoon's Over, a season premiere that fails to seperate itself from any old episode. While certain elements work in favour of the hour, particularly the scenes involving the sisters bickering and/or Piper and Leo's post "honeymoon" troubles, it's business as usual in an unlikely setting - order in the courtroom please!

    So Piper has been gone for a month and Phoebe and Prue are having difficulties keeping things under control, not to mention being a Charmed One down and so any demonic attack could prove fatal, what's a witch to do? One credit sequence later and Piper arrives under the belief she's been gone a day and Leo asks her to marry him. Oh and there's some boring trial going on in the midst of this already wafer thin intro and Phoebe gets a new power. ~~

    There's an attempt at some drama, calling morality into question through Phoebe's inability to hide the truth from the law. Only it's never fully realised and simply amounts to overly simplified spouts between Phoebe and Prue - "I don't feel right about this." "Do you want us to get exposed?" "Uhm, no." "Good". "Oh Ok". The entire demonic storyline is about as compelling as your typical Care Bear Countdown, although it does provide one of the more entertaining action set-pieces from the show, even Piper gets a few decent moves. ~~

    Final Vanquish: An underwhelming premiere that has some strong moments where Piper and Leo is concerned, but much like Julian McMahon's performance throughout, this episode fails to convince.
  • Law & Order: Special Wiccan's Unit

    As the season premiere, I was expecting something a little better. This episode's main objective is to introduce the character of Cole Turner, the lawyer who wins Phoebe's heart but is later revealed to be a demon working for the Triad.

    The Honeymoon's Over has Phoebe and Prue dealing with the absence of Piper (who's up with Leo in Whitelighter Central) and investigating demons called The Guardians, who protect murderers and collect up the souls of innocent people. Phoebe and Prue have to testify in court against a murderer who tried to kill Darryl and meet lawyer Cole, who Phoebe is immediately attracted to, and discover that the Judge himself is a demon.

    I found the main plot really boring. It seemed like the writers tried to mash together Charmed and Law & Order, which didn't work to their advantage. Cole eventually becomes a very interesting character but he doesn't have much to do of interest in this episode and I think the revelation that he is evil should have come a little later in the season. Again, Holly Marie Combs keeps the show together and her performances get better and better each week.

    Rating: C
  • It's Season 3 and Cole Turner has finally arrived on the scene, along with some evil beings known as Guardians. Get ready for a bumpy ride, folks!

    Piper and Leo are away,which means that Prue and Phoebe are left alone to battle whatever comes their way and they are hoping that it isn't much! Unfortunately, they don't get their wish as some nasty chaps known as Guardians, who take care of mortal murderers in exchange for human souls, arrive on the scene, leaving the sisters with quite a job to do.

    After having to save Darryl from a Guardian, the girls find themselves needing to appear in court, where Phoebe first sets eyes on the handsome new District Attorney, Cole Turner, and, for Phoebe, it's very definitely lust at first sight!

    I wonder if this fellow will have any impact on the show? I think we will have to stay tuned to find out!
  • The third season premiere, has the Charmed Ones fighting Guardians, and the introduction of Cole Turner. Starring Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and Alyssa Milano, Brian Krause, Dorian Gregory, Dorian Gregory

    The Guardians as a demon was a really good idea, and i loved the active power that Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) got, and it reminded me of the power she has in the future, where she killed Cal Green. I never really expected Piper (Holly Marie Combs) to have so much power as she was shown to have in the court room, nor how good of a hand-to-hand fighter she was. The personal lives of the girls got heated up, with Phoebe starting to fall for Cole (Julian McMahon), who is secretly a demon, and it reminds me of the storyline of Buffy Summers and Angel from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel". Also, love takes a back seat as Piper and Leo (Brian Krause) are faced with a dilemma from the Elders, as if they can really screw anything else up with their stupid rules. I liked that Daryl (Dorian Gregory) was in the episode, i always liked him, and was excited when he appeared in episodes. The plot twist of the Judge William Harrison (Harry Danner) being a demon was amazing, as well as everyone in the court being infected, if that is the right word with Guardians was really great. The episode pulled in 7.7 million viewers and i think that it definitely deserved a high viewership.
  • Conspiracy Demon

    The Honeymoon's Over-While Piper and Leo are away, Prue and Phoebe must face a series of demons known as Guardians, who protect mortal murderers in exchange for the souls of innocents. After saving Darryl from a Guardian, Prue and Phoebe must testify in court, where they stumble upon an evil conspiracy. Meanwhile, Phoebe falls in love with the new district attorney, Cole Turner.

    A fun and very entertain season opener as Prue and Phoebe are still on their own with Leo and Piper no back from their trip to the beyond...literally. It's great to see Prue and Phoebe working together for the majority of the episode, especially when dealing with being minus one sister. I like the concept of Guardians and them being like guardian demons to evil doers being like how whitelighters are guardian angels to witches. The special effects were cool with them possessing their vessels and I liked how they were stabbed in the forehead by Prue. Not to mention, Phoebe finally gets a new power which is about time since a while since a one of the sisters got a new power. Levitation is cool power for Phoebe, if not a bit random and having nothing to do with her premontions, and it will be a power that will add to her martial art skills.

    Piper and Leo return, but it seems their relationship is on the rocks again after their trip to the Elders means they can't be together. Both Holly and Brian are great together throughout, especially the scene after Leo proposes to her. It's a great development that we saw coming as we know they will get married some time in the future. But the reasons that Piper have for not accepting his proposal were well written and you feel bad as these 2 are so close to being together they just don't know how to make it work. At least at the end, Piper finally accepts Leo's proposal but how they are going to get married is left in question.

    In the mist of all this, Julian McMahon (The Practice) makes his debut on the series as Cole Turner is introduce. While Julian starts off with a shaky performance, his district attorney persona makes for a great cover-up identity as he turns out to be a demon. It's a good twist, but it would have been better if the writers played Cole being just normal for a couple of episodes and then being a demon as it would have been a much more better twist. Anyway, the courtroom brawl has to be one of the best staged fights Charmed has ever done. It's a hold-no-bar fight as all 3 sisters fight side by side for their lives. I loved how as Prue and Phoebe were kicking demon a$$, Piper was struggling just to get one hit in, lol. All and All, a solid start to one of Charmed's finest seasons to date.
  • The beginning of season 3...

    Piper and Leo have vanished for one month, and Phoebe and Prue are wondering if they will ever come back. When the sisters save Darryl from the killer Emilio Smith, the Assistant District Attorney Cole Turner builds a case with Phoebe and Prue's testimony. However, Judge William Hamilton uses the pretext of the missing weapon to release the criminal. Piper returns with Leo, and he proposes to her. When Emilio attacks Cole, Prue and Phoebe save him, and in the court, the Halliwell sisters find out that Guardians are protecting the bad guys.

    In this Third Season, the mysterious new character of Cole Turner is introduced and I believe this is the greatest attraction of this show. In this moment, the questions certainly are if he is a good or a bad guy, and what are his objectives.
  • Disorder in court

    An intriguing start to the new season. It's not the most explosive storyline but it makes good use of the cast and sets up the season's new themes nicely.

    As plots go, it's pretty routine - a series of murders turns out to be demonic and the Charmed Ones must vanquish the demon behind it - but the courtroom setting is a first and works surprisingly well.

    The guardians were interesting but a bit lame at the same time. I did like the bloke playing Emilio though. He has the most wicked grin and it's a shame we'll probably never see him again. The fight scene is the biggest we've yet had on the show. Was I the only one thinking "Charlie's Angels"?

    What really brings this episode to life, however, is Cole. The way he vanquished the judge was just awesome. Julian McMahon seems the perfect choice to play him; he is sharp, charismatic and has a wonderful coolness about him. I am a fan already. As for his character, I'm glad they didn't take the easy option and go for another Dan (cringe!). It's about time Charmed had a bit of intrigue. My only gripe is that they had to let on he was evil quite so soon. He could easily have passed as a rival witch; that would have explained why he didn't freeze. I thought Piper and Leo's sub plot could have been more interesting than it was. His proposal seemed a little pointless until she said yes at the end. Watching him rehearse his lines at the mirror was hilarious though.

    I'm so glad Phoebe now has the active power she's been craving for so long. It's going to work well with her kung fu moves. Well done Brad!
  • The beginning of Cole and Piper and Leo's return and the lameness of Guardians

    The beginning was pretty interesting. I love seeing Prue on edge like that. It was crazy how she flew Phoebe across the room when she heard her come into the attic.

    I always enjoy when the girls work with Darryl but this time working with Cole took away from trying to keep a low profile. It also was terrible with Phoebe and Cole flirting and Phoebe feeling all guilty for lying to him. Cole just made the episode almost painful to watch.

    Leo and Piper were so cute though! I loved how Prue and Phoebe were all ready to b*tch at Piper and then she just froze Leo and took off! I felt really bad for Leo though! I loved how Leo was talking to himself trying to get ready to ask Piper to marry him and then Piper walked in it was cute. I liked Leo's idea of getting married behind the elders' backs.

    The Guardians were a little odd. Why would someone want to protect murderers? I mean I understand the soul taking thing but it was just so lame!

    The court being full of bad guys was funny in a way but also lame! It was cool though that when everyone else went down the Judge got all their powers. Cole fake freezing and then killing the Judge like her did proved that he was evil like you were inclined to believe early on.
  • cole turner we finally meet.

    this is the episode where we get to meet cole turner. Piper and Leo become engaged and phoebe gains a new power of levitation. Prue and Phoebe have to save Daryl from the latest threat - the guardians. Piper has been up there with Leo and her sisters don't know when or if she will return. Cole Turner is the new ADA/demon. Watch out charmed ones I have a feeling this demon is going to get close.
  • Hello Cole! It is about time. Yes, I do so enjoy the handy man - angel, but now it is time for the 007 almost.

    The best part of this episode is the introduction of Cole Tunner. Yes, as he admits, he is a poor prosecuter, but he is certainly a great piece of eye candy. No, eye candy is not for men only.

    Phoebe was told in the last season that she was going to bed with evil. Who knew that it would be Cole...Julian....

    my my....and how many times did they need to tease Holly, I mean Piper, about being late. Everyone is allowed. I mean Prue set the stage.

    Anyway. It is great that Piper and Leo finally agree that they are the couple of the century. I was cheering for them all the time.
  • phoebe got an active power!!! its about time

    While pipers away with leo phoebe and prue battle demons called guardians. phoebe has a new active power its levitation and she has a small crush on the new district attorney which is half demon.Leo proposes to piper and they hope that the elders wont find out.

    this episode was a great start to a 3rd season
  • Cole is sooooo hott!


    After watching seasons 3, 4, and 5 (all have Cole as a main character) and then going back to watch seasons 1 and 2, I am sooo happy that Phoebe actually has a relationship now because she really didn't have any boyfriends or anything for the first 2 seasons.

    I think this episode could have been better. It wasn't that exciting and didn't seem like that good of a way to start a new season, besides the arrival of a new character. However, I am happy that Piper and Leo are finally together after the whole thing with Dan and him NOT being around a lot at all in season 1. I just wish the Elders would stop with the constant rules that get in the way of Piper and Leo's relationship.

    They're finally engaged!

  • Prue and Pheobe pursue a killer that is protected by a demon,while fighting him pheobe learns she has a new active power she long for,Levitation,but is not good at controling it,meanwhile piper and leo comes back after their honeymoon.

    Yes, finally Pheobe gets an active power,well I guess it'll come pretty handy when fighting the forces of evil, is cole the new man in pheobe's life? what is he suppose to be? is he a friend or a foe? only the next episode can tell, and I'm happy to see that Leo and piper are now and I hope those pesky elders will keep their word, well because their good and all and they have to respect their love, well, it seems that Prue wasn't given any much attention since she has no love story for now, well this episode is cool!
  • my 1st series i bought

    Prue and Phoebe set a killer free in order to protect their identites, then they must fight a soul-stealing Guardian with out Piper b/c shes on vacation with leo and the have disappeared with Leo and Piper when she gets back thinks she has only been gone for a few hours or a day. and Phoebe thinks she has abandoned her. it was a really great episode. i think they did a faboulas job acting. it was a great season opener. Cole is now in the show it was his 1st charmed episode and hes did a great job acting.
  • Cole is so cute!

    This episode was not one of my favourites although it is interesting. I enjoyed the flirting between Cole and Phoebe, as well as the scenes in the court but got fed up with the whole Leo and Piper storyline – this is the season opener, it should be more exciting than those two fighting. I really like Cole and am glad he stuck around for so long, it is nice to see Phoebe have a love interest who sticks around for more than ten minutes. Overall, a good episode, and I loved the beginning scene which reminded me of a horror movie with all the suspense and then it was just Phoebe who Prue flung over the couch.
  • Phoebe and Prue are left alone, while Piper and Leo are up with the elders, besides Cole makes his first appearance.

    Phoebe and Prue discover some sort of demon that uses spirits or something like that to attack innocents and get souls or something like that. While saving Darryl, Phoebe meets Cole, and afterward we discovered how a powerful and strong demon he is after killing the leader, but the thing is when Piper finally returns Phoebe and Prue don't explain her anything at all, and they go to face like ten demons in the court. This was not the best season premiere I have seen in Charmed, but at least Cole make his appearance and they fight lot of demons.
  • Piper & Leo are getting married!

    A very nice beginning for the 3rd season!

    ADA Cole Turner is introduced to us in the beginning of this episode & Pheobe is instantly atttracted to him & he's also attracted to her.

    Also it's been a month since Piper orbed out with Leo & she still isn't back. Pheobe & Prue are worried that she might never be back. When Piper finally orbs back with Leo, not realising that she's been gone for a month Pheobe is very mad at her.

    Pheobe finally gets an active power "leviation" (and it's about time).

    In the end it's revealed to us (and too soon I might add) that Cole Turner isn't who he appears to be and we discover near the end that he's actually a demon.

  • cole

    wow. coles firs t epiosde! wow, phoebe gets her new power. leviata ion! wow! i love this episode! it was cool to find out that all the court pp l were all demons / worlocks. and that cole pretended that he was frozen when he was not. how did he know that piper was going to freeze time? well, it wqas a good epiosde!