Season 8 Episode 19

The Jung and the Restless

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on The WB

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  • Christy is trying to convince Billie that the Charmed Ones are trying to kill them. Billie puts them in a deep sleep and jumps into their dreams.....

    Christy is trying to convince Billie that the Charmed Ones are trying to kill them. Billie doesn't want to believe that the girls would hurt them. They feel like sisters to her. Piper is trying to convince Phoebe that Billie and Christy are the Ultimate Power that they need to fight in order to save Leo. Christy tries telling Billie that the sisters have been selfish and focusing on other things, so Billie makes a potion that puts the girls in a deep sleep. She jumps in theie dreams to see for herself where their priorities are.
    Paige is focused on her new charge, a future whitelighter. Phoebe is still trying to figure out her love life. And Piper is so focused on getting Leo back she is neglecting everything else.
    After realizing that her charge is in danger, Paige orders Billie to get her out. Paige go to her rescue only to be shot by the darklighter. After Piper and Phoebe realize that Paige is gone that figure out a way to get out of there dreams by sorting out their issues. Piper sees Leo as an old man and a house full of grandkids. Leo tells Piper to help him. Meanwhile, Phoebe hears a little girl holler "Mommy." She rushes into the kitchen to see a little girl hurt on the floor. The girl tells her that she better hurry if she is going to have her.
    Piper and Phoebe wake up and go to Paige’s rescue. Paige’s charge also comes and she receives her powers and heals Paige.
    This was a great episode!
  • Billie needs some more convincing and Christy provides the help. The Charmed Ones have to come to terms with their supposed selfishness. The storm is about to settle in San Francisco

    These great episodes just keep coming. This one was great on the drama and suspence but lacked in the action department which was good because the drama was just flying around.

    Piper: I am still loving this powerful and confident power thats happening these days. She just doesnt care anymore. Shes been through it for 8 years and she knows how to get things done. I actually think Piper is the most selfish, but i really hate that word. Its more of an obsession. Piper has put a lot on the side and she just has Leo on the brain. That is fine and all its just her getting Leo back has definately clouded her better judgement and reasoning skills. Piper is way too trigger happy. It does provide for some drama and tension but piper just doesnt want to hear anything unless its about Leo and Killing billie and christy.

    Phoebe: She is more of the reasonable sister these days. She not that eager to jump on the killing cart so quickly, but that changes at the end. anyway she definately is torn in this situation. In phoebes case, billie totally reminds me of cole. She didnt want to believe Cole was a demon at first and then she eventually realized she had to kill him. which is exactly how it played in this episode. she came to the conclusion that she is going to have to stop them.

    Paige: Poor torn paige. She just has so much going on in her life. I feel she can be a good whitelighter if she actually cared. she doesnt seem at all happy with being a whitelighter. This eppy had to feature some of Roses best acting in awhile. She was really great, especially the cave scene when she yelled at Billie, just fantastic.

    Billie and Christy: Christy is just crazy and I love it. Her manipualtive styles are excellent and Marnette is just a great actress. Billie is finally on her sisters side, well not completely. theres something in her thats screaming its wrong. their methods in this episode were great.

    The Dreams: I consider them a character in this episode. the dreams were carried out very well. Phoebes dream was a little freaky with all those kids working on the paper. and when the little girl said " you cant keep putting me on hold." and they did it in slow mo, that was just insane and a bit freaky. i think paiges dream was the best. she did that Leo thing from back in season 4, floating on the orbs. Pipers dream was a bit pointless. They should of made it so that she can see how many times she drops the kids off at her father to go find the ultimate power.
    Piper most selfish/obsessed, phoebe second and then Paige is the least. wanting kids and enlightenment are totally not selfish in fact one should have enlightenment to help others more productively.

    What i liked:
    The darklighter vanquish. It looked very different from other vanquishes and it was a pretty big explosion. also the darklighters orbs were different but they looked better from the last darklighter.
    The drama and tension was at the top. the tension between all five of them is so thick and the tension is gonna explode soon.
    The scene in phoebes loft when piper threw the potiona nd christy set it on fire and the the explosion shimmered. I was expecting a bigger bang done on phoebe and piper but it was good anyway.
    they remebered phoebe was a psychology major.
    What i didnt like: christys way of reasoing that the girls arent all for the greater good anymore. First of all not every demon comes with an innocent attached to them. all demons in the underworld dont want to kill innocents they have other plans. therefore when they find demons and vanquish them without an innocent it doesnt change the fact that they are for the greater good. and the utopia thing wasnt fully selfish because it was for the world too. no more demons and Criminals in the world, plays for witches and mortals.
  • This episode is well written!, for the short lapse of time that we have until the end of the series, this episode was very necessary, and truely it was to me very entertained! I wanna see more of the power of two!

    to star the episode phoebe try to solve the situation talking with Billie but in the midle of the chat Piper arrives and confront Billie, she is convinced of the evilness of the Jenkins and stop the chat, later in a attempt to scare billie she throw her a vanquish potion!, but luckly christy is there to catch them!

    Also Billy discover the motivations of the charmed ones to use her powers!, billie use a spell who introduce her in the charmed ones dreams where she find out that the sisters's wishes are very normal, but still yet the Jenkins sisters think that they was using them!

    Paige leaves her charge aside in a beginning, and finally she cant save her and both are seriously attacked by a demon where the charge die, to after become a white lider and heal paige who almost die!

    to finish the episode the charmed ones (piper mostly) decide destroy the jenkins sisters before they attack them!

    good episode, 'cause for being the straight line haves a very good development of the conflict, billie isnt yet convinced by Cristy of the evilness of the charmed ones nor either phoebe and paige about the Jenkins.

    This episode is mostly for define the conflict!

    i still believe that billie should found her sister in the first episodes, to have more time to develop the character of Christy and the twist of billie againt the sisters!.

    but still yet i love charmed!!

    and i will enjoy the last episodes as they come!

  • Let's Do the Mind Warp Again...

    An absolute riot, The Jung and the Restless is probably the best episode of the season so far, with some weighty drama and some scenes that really made you concerned for the characters (in particular the shooting of Paige).

    The episode sees Christy trapping the sisters in the dream world in order for Billie to see that the inner most desires of Piper, Paige and Phoebe are all driven by selfishness. Meanwhile, Paige needs to get out of her mind to save her endangered charge.

    What this episode succeeded in was the fact that it raised some interesting questions about the sisters themselves. All of their decisions are motivated by things that directly affect them but, to be honest, isn't everybody like that? Christy brings up some interesting points but does Billie really expect the sisters to be constantly obsessed with demons and killing? The sister’s destiny was never meant to completely take over their lives. It was meant to be a destiny, sure, but not to have every moment of their lives dedicated to hunting demons. And is it really so bad for Piper to want to have Leo back and have a ton of grandchildren? Is it so bad that Phoebe wants a baby? Yeah, it's annoying but it's not like she wants one for some pointless reason.

    One thing this episode did confirm is the fact that Billie is a complete moron. To think she has greater trust for somebody who can't even eat with a knife and fork and has known for, what, 30 minutes to the people who trained her to become a better witch and the ones who helped her find her sister? Whatever. She's as thick as ape-sh... well, you get my drift.

    The acting was also really good throughout this episode, in particular Rose. She rocked when she pinned Billie against the wall and actually convinced during the hour. The guest stars were also good, in particular because they're more experienced than the nobody's that have been featured this season so far. Sara Downing is a capable actress who's excellent in everything she's in and Peter Wingfield always nails the "evil British guy" thing.

    Cameron Litvack's writing was also really good. I can honestly not praise him enough. He has single-handedly saved Charmed since he joined in season six and every episode he's written (including Chris-Crossed, Vaya Con Leos and Little Box of Horrors) have been saving graces in seasons which generally sucked.

    The only thing that annoyed me was the seemingly never-ending Coop storyline. A complete bore, Coop does nothing but say exactly what Phoebe wants to hear ("you're not selfish", "you're so-so pretty, Feebs") and does nothing to raise any excitement on the show. I like Victor Webster and he's a decent actor but the dialogue they've given him since he joined the show has usually been god-awful.

    With only three more episodes left, it's pretty satisfying that the writers are trying their hardest to bring the series to a satisfying close. It isn't perfect but considering how bad Charmed has gotten lately, it's actually sorta good. I'm a little scared at the moment though. I've been having these weird feelings and I don't know what they are. I'm actually starting to... uh... (whispers) like this show again.

    Only slightly though. Don't wanna go completely insane, right?

    Director: Derek Johansen
    Writer: Cameron Litvack
    Rating: A
  • A really bad episode, with only one good point made in here and the soundtrack gives you a headache.

    FINALLY they decide to stop Billie and Christy. Finally. So we might have some logic story in the episodes left. This episode was really bad!!!
    These dream sequence got really on my nerves, especially the sound, that dumb noisy grumble in the background. I had to fast forward, because I got a headache.
    Then the Billie storylines has its holes. Remember back: Billie wanted to help the sisters, so they could have a life and now she wants to stop them to have their life outside the magic world? I mean the input of Christy doesn’t effect that part, at least I don’t see it like that. Christy tries to blame everything on the sisters, with success, but Billie’s character is totally confusing. On one hand she wants to let the sisters go and on the other she wants to stop them.
    The problem is that the story doesn’t works that way. Especially it’s unbelievable for Billie’s character. I ask myself, if the writers even forgot the beginning of this season, because of all those holes in the story and the character development.

    Then the entire thing with Phoebe’s daughter is getting on my nerves as well! It was a good idea to show her again, but it was really bad done! Why use some confusing daily scenes and not some “get a look at your daughter” like in the earlier seasons? They were fantastic and a bit mystic, but now it’s just too forced.

    I really don’t like this episode; the only thing that lets me hope is the decision to fight.
  • It was really good.

    I liked it a lot, although, Billie is a retard. She is totally letting Christy brainwash her, and it's really starting to bug me. I hate Christy and I wish she was dead! I really liked the episode other than that. The girl they got to be Pheobe's daughter is sooooooo cute! I can't wait till next episode. It looks really interesting. Piper went a little mental in this one. I think she's over obsessing about Leo just a little bit. I mean, sure he's her husband, but she does have a life that she needs to take care of. I hope they make Leo come back soon.

    Paige finds herself in great troubles, while Piper tries to talk out with the elders to find out what the hell is going on with what will happen with Billie and Christy, while trying too to devise a plan to get Leo back.
    This episode is one of the best episodes of CHARMED, I have ever seen apart from Centennial Charmed, and Chris-Cross which are also great episodes. Even tough I lost most of the episode, the part I was able to see was great.
  • Hey... next person to come on... could you give a step by step synopsis starting from where Billie knocks out the Charmed ones... There is a storm here and I lost the WB... not ALL channels, JUST the WB...

    Hey... next person to come on... could you give a step by step synopsis starting from where Billie knocks out the Charmed ones... There is a storm here and I lost the WB... not ALL channels, JUST the WB...

    Edit: Cable came back at 7:55, so I pretty much just missed from when all 3 passed out to when Piper and Phoebe woke up and Paige was gone... End Edit

    I just have to say, that preview really made you think things would happen differently than they really did, but what can I say really, ALL episode preview do that, be them for Charmed or any other show. (EX: 24)

    I\'m liking how the ending is looking though, even though half the time it seems like Billie is accepting what her sister says too easily... I mean, come on \"The Triad (demons) picked me and told me how the Charmed Ones are evil so I can tell you. (And we\'d better beleive them even though they are demons.) (I can\'t find a prophecy but I\'ll believe you anyway.
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