Season 8 Episode 19

The Jung and the Restless

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on The WB

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  • Billie goes into the sisters' dreams, and the sisters all end up agreeing that they must kill Billie and Christy. The show is getting there;I actually felt suspense...but things are still too rushed and it's still showing.

    This episode was better than the last few, I guess because there's less time until the finale, but it still could have been done quite a bit better, as there were some major flaws.

    Of course Piper would be the one to trust Billie and Christy the least, and she has a point...but then she also might be acting a little too quickly, especially when she threw that potion and them in Phoebe's apartment. What I don't get is why Phoebe talked to Billie instead of Paige - I mean, Billie was Paige's charge, not Phoebe's. But still a good effort I guess. I think the most horrible, disgusting part of the episode was when Christy mentioned to Billie that she was working with the Triad. Hello - the freaking TRIAD! How the heck did Billie not even flinch at that??? She had no reaction at all. Billie definitely knows the Triad is EVIL, so why did she not suspect Christy of some foul play after hearing that. There's really no answer to that other than the series has to end in less than 4 weeks now and the writers feel they have to make moves like that. That was really stupid though in my opinion. We're supposed to think Billie is okay with Christy working with the Triad but not okay with the Charmed ones wanting normal lives. Yeah, okay. Whatever. We're not retarded, sorry.

    The other big thing was Billie's decision that the wants of the Charmed Ones were something that made it okay for her and Christy to try to kill them. ????? That is retarded. Okay, first of all, Paige did absolutely NOTHING wrong - she tried to save a charge. That's doing just what she's supposed to be doing as a witch. And Piper wanting her husband back is really not that bad. Phoebe's dream was selfish yes, but still, wanting a daughter isn't something that makes her evil. The Charmed Ones are people too, they have wants...sort of like how Billie wanted stupid freaking Christy back for half the season, and put everything else aside just so she could get her back. Why doesn't someone bring that little bit of information up? Oh yeah, I guess there's no time now that only 3 episodes are left. Ugh, again, whatever.

    Also...why was Piper once again being randomly dumb? Billie pretty much told Piper how to wake up from her dream, but then Piper had to ask Phoebe what to do when they met up in the manor. At least they added in something about Phoebe's psychology background...but still the scene was pretty lame.

    The suspense was there though, which is good. Minimal time was wasted on Phoebe's stupid useless subplot, which is a major plus. And I think the biggest plus, which is really amazing and something we haven't seen lately, is the sisters being together throughout most of the episode. They worked together in their dream, tried to help each other out, and had a talk on the couches in the living room at the end of the epsisode. Nice, very nice. That is what this show should be about - the sisters being sisters, and it's nice that we got to see that in this episode. Also, way to go Paige for getting a charge, that's something we haven't seen in awhile. Now all we need is for Phoebe to have a premonition...