Season 8 Episode 19

The Jung and the Restless

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on The WB

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  • Amazing. Simply amazing.

    The Jung And The Restless really took me by surprise. I’ve liked the Christy/Billie/Evil story line since its beginning, but the reason why the previous episodes weren’t that good was that the sub plots weren’t as great as the main one. But this one managed to have one of the best main stories of the B/C arc, and a couple of side stories that were really interesting. The writer of this episode, Cameron Litvack, has always been great at binding the different side stories together, with each other as well as to the main story, and this episode is a great example of that. All the stories are interesting and they fit together with the main one.

    The acting of the episode was simply amazing, and especially Rose did a wonderful job, once more showing what a great actress she can be when she really gives some effort into it. Also Marnette Patterson continues to show her great acting skills, and even Kaley Cuoco’s acting was fair. The best thing about the episode was probably the dialogue. Cameron Litvack is Charmed’s best writer at the moment, and his scripts are always funny and full of energy.

    I loved Paige’s side story with her charge and the dark lighter, and the guest stars are pretty good, for once. I actually enjoyed Phoebe’s story a little, even though I feel for Victor Weber and the uselessness of his character. Piper was great as usual, and her rash conclusions were very fun to watch. I also love Christy, and her manipulative ways, and the questions her little dream quest made. They all made sense, and actually could convince someone that the sisters were bad.

    All in all, The Jung And The Restless was one of the best, most action packed episodes this season, and the main story is looking to be really great. Let’s all hope the writers won’t disappoint us and that Charmed goes out with a band. Hopefully with most of its dignity left.