Season 8 Episode 19

The Jung and the Restless

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on The WB

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  • not better episode then last week episode but still exciting to watch... actually im a bit dissapointed with this episode , the episode ends excatly like it 1st started and im not satiesfied , read more inside :sad:

    hmm this episode not better then last episode in my opinion and i think its a bit boring episode , i mean we have like 3 more episode and i want action episode ! this episode ends exactly like it first started and i hate it ! i found this episode is short too , probably cuz the dream part is too long ! i like the whole blue tones in the dream part , really warm and cool and i do agreed it have a bit suspense cuz the sound of it ! lol

    Piper : eh u look good , i like her quote line... and i found u a bit annoying in this episode... your storyline or subplot blalala i dont care , i cant believe u throw that potion at Billie & Christy ! that will make Billie thinks u evil ! stupid ! yeah i know u cant wait to get Leo back but u need to think or have a plan first before do ya thing even though u just want to scared them ! i thought u were the smart one !

    Phoebe : we have only 3 more episode and u still didnt end up with Coop yet ?! dont u realized Coop love u ? also in the dream part its obvious ! but i must say she look really gorgeous in this episode... i still havent see a sign she will get her power back... i found her part is not boring and i actually like it and shes not annoying in this episode , that part when u tell Cupid to get out of your sit in your office are hilarious lol !

    Paige : u the best in this episode , u really good , funny , shine , cool and all... your acting are great in every way in this episode example like when u got that darklighter arrow , i like your expressions and u the big sister in this episode ! u great ! that white thing in your dreams when u levitate (sorta) are soo coool !

    Coop : boring in the 1st part but then nothing new... u all about love , u should just kisses Phoebe in the dreams cuz Phoebe cant see u love her !

    Billie : u good in this episode but i still didnt like u so die fast... u still a moron dumb by your sister

    Christy : starting to become annoying lol but im not blame on her cuz her character like that and i like it that way

    Mickelle : nothing to complain about u but u cant acted sweety

    Henry : he should appear in Paige dreams or in this episode , he already married with Paige so he should have in every episode till end of Charmed

    Fightscene : duh ? theres noooo one in this episode , only in the Phoebes apartment when Piper trying to throw that potion to Billie & Christy , and it was pretty cool but not awesome

    Overall : this episode trailer make it look good and awesome episode but actually it isnt so im really not satiedfied wathing this episode... and im starting to becoming dont cared about Charmed next episode now

    sorry for my bad english yall ! dont bother to read if ya didnt like it !