Season 8 Episode 19

The Jung and the Restless

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on The WB

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  • In order to convince Billie that the Charmed Ones are evil, Christy makes Billie enter their dreams so she can see how they really are.

    The Jung and the Restless, i thought this episode was very original and the series is really leading up to the finale.

    It was nice to see Paige in her whitelighter role again and to see her play the big-sister role
    The argument between Piper and Phoebe about the Jenkins was also nice to see, and that Phoebe finally gets hinted about Coop by her doughter.

    I think all the girls were great in playing their roles and Christy (I don't know her real name..) is getting better in playing the evil role.

    Overall this was quite an amazing episode and will definetely miss this show