Season 8 Episode 19

The Jung and the Restless

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on The WB

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  • Are you a Buffy-lover & Charmed-hater? You might like to know this is Buffy material. You into S5? this is your mediocre episode; The lines arent intelligent? you might change your mind; Or are you new to the show, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME?!

    Okay, introduction blah de blah

    Following up from last episode, Piper and Phoebe are arguing about whether or not to take out Billie and Christy. Paige plays mediator. It goes on and on until they split and Paige focuses on her charge to get her mind off having to take sides. Piper’s “credibility was diminished” several times in this episode about her obsession for her husband. However, it gets worse as the girls were put into deep sleep causing them to dream. And as we all know, atleast in the Charmed world, dreams create insight. (I personally just wanna enjoy a good night sleep)

    In this dream, Billie (after possesses the red crystal …same type Zankou used to make the girls paranoid the other day) was able to transport into each individual’s dream. And its like Kaley’s role model is Alyssa when it comes to acting. In her first scene in magic school, she was speaking just like Phoebe would.

    Anyway, in each of these dreams each of the sisters seem to be “doin’ it for themselves!”. They seem to shirk the concept of the greater good and prove Christy right that whatever the girls do is just for their personal gain.

    Cameron Litvack did a great job. And Either Brad decided to not over edit this episode or maybe he did but got some intelligent lines to add. I remember reading a Vaya Con Leos review that said the episode was mediocre because the lines were plain. They gotta have depth and so when they’re conveyed it has an impact on the audience. Generally when you have an episode on dreams…on any show in general…its not what you see….its every detail, every metaphor, every irony that adds up to make it an enjoyable hour.

    I remember sitting half way through and didn’t really feel it. Because for starters, its something they’d done on Buffy when THE KEY to the ultimate goddess was involved. And second of all, it was a carryover episode and most of all a filler. Everyone knows Paige has always been the enlightenment character, Piper obsessive and Phoebe love stricken (even though you might wanna consider her a whore). They are all stuff we already knew before and just like I predicted, Brad’s idea of big bang finale is that where the second to the last says, “to be continued!”

    One thing I always loved about Charmed is that, even though there are carryovers there is always a demon of the week. And even though the girls are ‘ultimate’ they’re not invincible. The demon of the week was a dark lighter who managed successfully to shoot Paige with a dark lighter arrow. And the scene was so powerful and unexpected that I actually did gasp. And Rose did pull off the emotion well. However, he was vanquished anticlimactically with Piper’s power. No action scene nothing.

    Highlights: Piper threw a potion at the Jenkins sister, Pheobe’s acting was hilarious. And she was so beautiful, Paige didn’t have seizures (apparently they only happen in non-serious episode) and Piper wore a very wrong outfit especially when she put a coat over it. She complains about Phoebe’s sex dreams. (totally laughed my ass out on that one) Paige pinned Billie. Excellent acting. The sisters come together at the end of the episode to talk just like they used to when Prue was alive. And most hilarious of all, Michaela says, “Blacklighters!” OMG! I used to say that when I first started!

    Most importantly many questions were raised about them being selfish. And when Phoebe asked Cupid, before he answered I yelled YES. She’s the most selfish. However, this episode puts episodes like Malice in Wonderland into perspective…others like Extreme Makeover…that even though these girls are THE CHARMED ONES…they’re still human beings, who have constantly given up friends, jobs, lives, career, love (or shld I say sex), spouse, all at some point in time. Its gives the fans that think they’ve become selfish something to think about. They’ve been Charmed for 8 years you cant expect any more. They would be tired. I understand that with ultimate power comes ultimate corruption…we’ve all seen that in Cole…but they just need to be jolted to the right path once in a while. That’s what Charmegoddon and episodes like this are meant for. And everything was structured right to give Billie a real cause to think the girls are evil.

    Congratulations to the writers. They really did work hard on this one. And earlier on in the season, I didn’t feel the whole WB’s “concentrate in their personal lives” shtuff but with any episode like this they’ve done good. Still don’t really like it though!

    Peace out y’all!