Season 8 Episode 19

The Jung and the Restless

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on The WB

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  • I actually luhuved this episode!!! I was glad that they addressed fully the girls being "selfish" which has been a major fan concern since S6 and really put the nail on the coffin as far as the Halliwell Jenkins plot is concerned.

    It's like the writers are actually listening with stuff about self involvement, making Billie the enemy and lines like "there I froze someone! Happy!?". I thought Piper anger and frustration was pretty in character. It's pretty blatant that the Jenkins' are a threat, even Sandra (my favourite of all Elders) gave her the nod. And her dreams showed just how much she wants Leo back, the grandchildren scene and the barman telling her to stop neglecting all else for him. I thought at times (like when she threw the potion that wouldn't have done any real damage) she was a bit prematurely standoffish but overall I understood where she was coming from. I love her in offensive, eldest sister mode - reminded me of Prue's actions toward Cole/Belthazaur.

    Phoebe, my television sweetheart, was as loveable as ever. She was very much the middle sister, trying to talk it out, but Christy and Piper seem to have no uncertainty or hesitations as to what's gonna go down so it was really no use. Her dream was enjoyable but without any real shocks - a man and her daughter remains her #1 desire. They cast Ladybug pretty well, her and Phoebe looked like family imo. The lighting and directing generally in the dreamworld was stellar I thought. Loved Pheebes in the last scene virtually confirming that she was on board with taking out the Jenkins'. In fact that whole scene in general was satisfying, I like the sisters together like that and it's been lacking a bit with their individual lives taking off. I'm gettin' all anxious for their smackdown!! I also hope they bring Coop and Phoebe closer (and not just their skin) before the finale.

    Paiges dream path thingy was great and really consistent with her. She's always been independent and expressed feeling of repression in the sisterhood, even last week she was afraid of losing herself in the marriage. So I liked that they had her inner truth being enlightenment and wanting to find and sustain her own identity. Plus the wise-meditation Paige was nifty floating in orbs like Leo and Ramus have. Even better was her all whitelightery - protecting none other than Sara Downing (Courtney from Roswell!), like when slammed Billie against the attic wall and blasted her!!! Too bad she died, and her blood is totally on Billie and Christy's hands mind you. While they carried on about the Charmed Ones not helping one of her charges was dying because of them! Narrow minded fools.

    About Billie being easily misled, well, yes and no. She is kinda naive, especially for ignoring that Christy was spewing munbo jumbo about the Triad!!! But then, the Triad has only ever been professed as evil by the Charmed ones so... Perhaps she just let that one slide seeing as how she's so confused. Also, while Billie even said the sisters weren't wrong for wanting these things she did agree that it was wrong to use their magic to get them through forced visions, utopia's, faked identities and so on. Christy I loved as per usual, I strongly disagree with her but she is pretty convincing from the perspective of somebody dim and impressionale like, say, Billie. And she's mighty powerful! She makes a good oldest sister and could definitely duke it out with Piper.

    All in all, I really did adore this episode. One of this seasons best and worthy of a 9 outta 10. Cameron Litvack and Derek Johanson both did an incredible job on it. I am freakin' devastated that I have but three episodes left.
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