Season 8 Episode 19

The Jung and the Restless

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on The WB

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  • While Piper prepares to fight Christy and Billie, Phoebe is more in favour of reasoning with Billie. Christy, however, takes great pains to convince her sister that the Charmed Ones must be stopped, and traps them in a dream state to prove it.

    This episode continues the thread from the preceding The Torn Identity with good results. Christy goes on to convince Billie totally that her former mentors are the bad guys, and the Charmed Ones are forced to agree that Billie and Christy must be fought. The ending had both sides coming to these conclusions, and it was a nice, ominous cliffhanger that really drew up the lines for the approaching series finale. The dream sequences could very well have become empty and corny, but in the hands of brilliant writer Cameron Litvack they did become bearable, though still somewhat pointless, as they weren't really that deep.

    Piper's talk with the Elder was well done, and it added depth to the Christy storyline that the plan apparantly was made long before Charmed's beginnings. Such things make the story and its universe seem more believable and well thought out, whether it is or not. Paige's 'must save charge'-subplot was pretty pointless and was an obvious excuse to even have a demon (or in this case a darklighter) in the episode. I am warming up to Kaley Cuoco. She was more believable now, actually doubting Christy's words. There is genuine suspense in the scenes where she (and Christy) confront the Charmed Ones. Although this episode really did nothing but draw up the battle lines, it was a good hour with some excellent writing. This season is definitely moving towards a climax.