Season 8 Episode 19

The Jung and the Restless

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on The WB

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  • Piper and Christie are ready to throw down, but the rest of the sisters aren't... until the end of this episode.

    So, Christie sends Billie into the sisters' dreams to see that they no longer care about the greater good. Meanwhile, Piper convinces her sisters that Billie and Christie must be stopped. For us, the audience, on the other hand, we aren't so convinced.

    Outside of the dream sequence this is a great episode in most aspects. The tension is really building to an exploding point as Piper, who is correct in her assumptions I might add, and Christie are ready to do battle. I loved it when Piper threw the potion at Christie. Who asked that byotch to show up at Phoebe's flat in the first place? Might as well dispense with the formalities and have at it. Of course, that only puts Billie more on the defensive, but her seduction to the darkside is pretty much inevitable anyway since her sister is a lot smarter than her. Doesn't it ever strike Billie as strange that Christie is suddenly such an expert on everything Charmed Ones related? And Christie even goes so far to mention the Triad this episode. That is kind of bizarre considering it is the mere mentioning of the Triad by Dumain in Forever Charmed that turns Billie back around again. I don't see how she can be so surprised considering her very sister told her she had direction from the Triad just this very episode.

    Anyway, the beginning and the ending of the episode are tremendous. It was pretty shocking to see Paige get ambushed by the darklighter at the end. He had to know he was dead once the sisters showed up. It was also a surprise that they had the innocent die, though it ended up being crucial since that allowed her to heal Paige. Anyway, very good subplot though it didn't get much airtime. So, that was all good. I think at least a secondary purpose for the dream sequence was to reacquaint us with what each sister is hoping for at this point. It sets us up for the ending of the series. In that regard, it works perfectly. In the regard of proving something to Billie, it doesn't work at all. I don't get it. Didn't Billie ask the sisters to train her so that she could take over the demon duties and they could lead normal lives? Weren't the sisters actually incognito and avoiding their demonic duties altogether when she met them? So, the fact that the sisters are more concerned with their own lives than the greater good is not news for Billie. But how is that a reason to kill them? Christie and Billie keep talking about "stopping them," or "they must be stopped." Stopped from what? Can someone answer that one? Stopped from having any more kids? What are the Charmed Ones doing exactly that needs to be stopped? There was nothing in those dreams that justified their deaths or even the removal of their powers. To have ones own dreams and desires is to be human, nothing else.

    Other than the character development benefit of the dream sequence, I think the writers could have come up with something more extravagant and sinister to convince Billie. How about a dream sequence where the Triad manages to omit or distort parts of the dream to make the sisters actually appear evil? Something like that may have taken more work, but it would have been more convincing to the audience. Instead, the writers basically chose to go with Billie being stupid and just listening to whatever her sister tells her.

    Phoebe at least being determined in the end to fight is a positive development. And Marnette Patterson continues to shine as the evil hottie bent on taking down the Charmed Ones. We are almost there.