Season 8 Episode 15

The Last Temptation of Christy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2006 on The WB

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  • The Last Temptation of Christy

    The Last Temptation of Christy was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of great character and plot development as Billie finds her sister, Piper continues holding on to hope for the return of Leo, and Paige gets a romantic proposal from Henry. There was a darker side as the Triad was summoned and it seems they have plans of their own. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Surprise, Christy is back! But do we know how she got rescued? Of course not! We must have all missed episode 8x14.5, "Christy's Rescue!" That or Charmed just sucks!

    I don't even know what to say, this episode was just so horrible. Right from the beginning it made no sense at all. We get NO explanation of Christy's rescue, we just have to deal with her randomly being rescued and in the manor (though that might be a good thing as an episode like that would just involve Christy and Billie anyway, which surely would equal pure suckage). Apparently Christy was just held in some room in the underworld for 15 years and is all traumatized and since she's been rescued she won't say anything and hides in corners. Whatever.

    We move on to Christy learning to control her new powers within a single episode, which is just ridiculous, especially since she was held captive for 15 years. And when she set Christy on fire - that was such a horrible effect it was disgusting. We'll just assume that the money saved by using that crap effect is going towards the "Leo comes back for the finale" fund.

    Christy and Billie's horrible plot, the main plot of the episode (gag me please) goes on and on, Billie trusts Christy even though she attacked her, blah blah boring.

    Paige's sideplot with the suitor was mildly funny, but pretty random so that made it sort of lame. And the marriage proposal? "Paige, since this show is ending in 3 months, will you marry me?" That really seemed a big forced. Overall though, I liked the way Paige acted throughout the sideplot.

    Piper's sideplot was pretty good, and she said some pretty funny things in this episode. And refusing Greg? Awesome. But the "Leo is..away" - not so awesome, just sort of weird.

    So this episode was really some filler junk (the suitor, Greg) used as something to bring about future plots (Paige's wedding, the Triad plot). There was 0 connection between this episode and last week's random Crap Staff of Retards episode, and to make it worse there was no explanation of Christy's rescue. The episode also seemed to not hold together too well. The sisters only came together briefly, with too much focus on Billie and her emotionless can't act reject sister. Horrible.
  • Oh, by the way, Christie has been found, and she's HOT.

    So, the final story arc for Charmed finally and mercifully gets underway after 4 brutal post-Leo filler episodes that presented some entertainment offset with much irritation. Christie has been found, somewhat anti-climactically as apparently she was crouching in Billie's room the whole time, and since she spends about half the episode huddled in a corner hissing portents of doom, there are about 3 other story lines to separate our focus. Let me first say that Marnette Patterson, as Christie, is a very welcome addition to the cast. As I have said in prior reviews, I always enjoyed when hot female bads opposed the sisters; so it was a great choice to end the series with this ultimate of female baddies. And the dozen or so of us who actually suffered through the horrific movie- Who's Your Daddy?- are well aware of how easily Marnette plays a bad girl.

    Paige and Henry's story line was mostly there for lighthearted comedy, and I was generally entertained by it. The suitor, for all of his obnoxious self-assuredness, did have a good point about Henry and the dangers of a sister dating a mortal. At least since Henry is a cop, he is used to danger. The whole duel part was quite funny, and Paige as usual is adorable. The suitor doesn't know the favor Henry did him since however adorable and sweet she might be I wouldn't wish a marriage to Paige on my worst enemy. Excellent proposal scene, as well, though I am not a huge fan of Paige and Henry hijacking Leo's spot.

    Piper's short story line involves a chance collision, literally, with fireman Greg. Greg apparently is eternally single and interested in Piper, regardless of the fact that she has been married the entire time he has known her. Unfortunately the actor has his hair cut, which judging on the reviews has made it difficult for many viewers to recognize him. Anyway, the concise story line is merely another reminder of Piper's determination to get Leo back, and though I enjoyed it for the most part, the writing at the end could have been a little better. How about Greg shouldn't be kissing Piper because she is married and loves her husband, regardless of whether he is coming back or not? Of course, this was my problem with them two dating back in Season 6. Paige has the best line here, when Piper is reluctant to go anywhere with Greg because she says they used to sleep together (rewriting series history here? they were never clearly said to be sleeping together in Season 6 and Chris in fact made it his personal mission to make sure they never did sleep together), Paige says, "So, don't sleep with him. Simple solution."

    Phoebe has given up, yeah right, on love. Otherwise, she has very little to do here. Coop shows up next episode, which invigorates her story for the rest of the season.

    Once Christie is done babbling and lighting couches on fire, her and Billie combine to destroy the hapless and apparently relatively harmless demons who held Christie captive. Anyone seeing this vanquish after Christie's "mistake" of setting Billie afire has to already know that Christie is the big bad we've been waiting for.
  • At last Charmed is going up!!! A good episode that is not all about Billie and we some new demons to fight...

    A "strange" episode but a good one! We have two original stories by two of the sisters (I don't know why, but Phoebe is not shown a lot in the episode, anyway she only does anoying comments in this episode) We have Piper with the fireman and Paige with the "england" boy. Two stories are great! Enjoyable to watch. The camera job in the episode is fantastic! I loved the scene with Piper and the car and the boy orbing at the same. Cool job by the camera. The story of the demons, and the effects are great! When they summon the triad for exemple or when the fireball is orb and gets Henry. The fights are great aswell, specially the last one with Billie and Christie. And the demons were different at least!

    So a great episode that has a good puntuation... 8.5

    It's all falling into place

    The season arc kicks off at last! After four dismal filler episodes, the countdown to the last big battle seems finally to have begun. As the name suggests, the big story this week is Christy. I don't really see how this can be her last temptation as she's barely been in the house five minutes but hey-ho. And, speaking of which, is my DVD missing an episode? I don't recall seeing her being rescued. Shades of Prue's death there. Despite this, I do like her firestarter power and I'm glad the writers have chosen not to reveal she's evil just yet.

    So there's a new triad in town? At least, I'm presuming it's a new one, since Cole reduced the last one to ashes. It's fitting that the Charmed Ones should square up to another evil threesome to end the series but all that talk of 'the most powerful evil ever known' is insulting. Some of us did watch Season Four, you know.

    Sadly, the Charmed Ones are reduced to subplots yet again. Piper's is surprisingly touching. When she bumps into an obscure ex-boyfriend, the stage looks set for a pointless ten minutes of mush but it ends up reaffirming her search for Leo, which is nice.

    By contrast, Paige's subplot is awful. The world's most annoying bloke decides he wants to marry her and won't take no for an answer. Ok, there are a few funny lines, and the sword fight looks good, but the bloke is just so unlikeable. Then, after a whole three weeks of dating, Henry proposes to her. Utterly ridiculous. I hope not everything about him is that premature.

    Once again, Phoebe barely features this week. It's such a shame the way they're treating her character this season. This may not be a classic, but it is on the right track. And did I hear Wyatt speak?!?!

    Score: 8.7
  • Billie finally finds her sister Christy. Henry proposes to Paige.

    Good episode. That Simon guy was sure a pain! He was funny though. Trying to make everyone believe that he is the one for Paige. Henry beated Simon in a duel even though he isn't magical but punching him in the face. Henry picked a good place to propose. Even though it was really quick its better than waiting forever! Billie finally finds Christy. Christy was awesome with her power and destroying all those demons.
  • Boring and unoriginal !!

    Paige begins to realize the difficulty in dating a mortal when Henry tries to immerse himself in her magical world. She finds herself even more conflicted when a suitor, Sir Simon Marks, arrives hoping to convince her to marry him so they can become the ultimate magical couple. Piper also faces a romantic decision when she runs into her old flame, Greg, and begins to wonder if she is ready to put Leo's death behind her. Meanwhile, after Billie finds her missing sister, Christy, who has been held captive by demons for several years, she and Phoebe try to help her cope Hated it !!!
  • The sister, the British guy and the proposal.

    I don’t really know how I feel about this weeks episode of Charmed. The movement and direction of the Christy storyline is very good. It’s nice to have an interesting main arc of the season, and the presence of Christy has opened up a lot of opportunities for good episodes in the future, and she has also managed to make Billie an agreeable character. She’s no longer the inexperienced, annoying screw-up. She’s become a level-headed and quite enjoyable character, and she actually has things to do. Christy on the other hand seems to be a horrible character, with absolutely no personality. Of course, that may be a consequence of being trapped for 15 years, and her closed and blank personality could have been acceptable if it hadn’t been for the actress. It is, of course, too early to pass judgment on her, but the acting skills she showed in this episode isn’t much to brag about. She expressed no emotion whatsoever, and couldn’t deliver her lines with any credibility. But although the character and actress are bad, her storyline is very interesting and actually very intriguing. The last scene with the two of them sitting on Billie’s bed was sweet and it was nice to see the two sisters bond. I don’t, however, like the amount of power the two sisters have. As I’ve said before, Billie is way overpowered, and by the looks of it, so is Christy. I like that she is a fire starter, but she is way to powerful. And I hated how Billie treated Christy as though she were a child or a puppy. Very condescending.

    Piper’s storyline about Greg the fireman may at first glance look extremely pointless and boring, but I found it very good. It was realistic and Piper’s doubts whether Leo’s return would ever come to pass is understandable and emotional. It’s good to know that the writers still can come up with interesting subplots that keeps some of the realism of the show. I don’t really know how I feel about The Triad yet. The remark about their being the most powerful force of evil in the history of Magic is just crap, and we all know it’s no true, so I don’t understand why they even had to mention it. The fact that they’re portrayed by different actors doesn’t make it better. But it is fun to see some of the Charmed Ones’ previous villains back. And their involvement with Christy is very promising. I’m hoping for the “Evil Jenkins Sisters” as the Big Bad of the season, and The Triad’s plans for Christy might make that possible.

    Now for the storyline of Simon, the irritating man from nowhere. First off, his being half whitelighter, half witch makes no sense. Have the writers forgotten about that little law saying it’s forbidden, and Paige being a unique exception? Although Simon being there opened up some great emotions between Henry and Paige, and the fact that the character itself was very well-written, his presence was just so annoying. The actor portraying him was plain bad, and his hand movements and way of talking could drive anybody crazy.
    That leaves the best part of the episode, which without any doubt is Henry and Paige. They have throughout the season showed that they’re one of the best couples in Charmed history, and the sparkly chemistry between Ivan and Rose is breathtakingly sweet and realistic. They shine in every scene together, and their last one at the bridge when he proposes is just pure perfection. I almost cried, which is very unusual, seeing as I can’t cry, and do it like once every two years. I sat in my chair and cheered to my self, and felt genuinely happy.

    All in all, The Last Temptation Of Christy, was a fun and yet exciting episode, with some annoying parts, and some wonderful. A bit over average, and a pivotal episode for the Christy/Billie storyline.
  • Not a great episode, not great at all.

    I really thought the discovery of Christy would be more significant, but really you don't see it, you have to assume what happens. Billie has found her sister Christy, and they are staying with the Halliwell's. Christy is in shock and Billie is trying to talk to her. Christy tells her that 'they are coming' and Billie alerts the sisters. When the demons attack, Christy gets down on the floor screaming and Henry gets hit on the shoulder with a fire ball. Christy sets the couch on fire, and they realise she has the power of a fire starter. Paige heels him for the second time and tells him that it is too dangerous for him to be around. Piper runs into her old flame Greg, when she backs into his car by accident. He tells her he has a friend who can get the repair work done for free and she goes with him. He asks about Leo, and she tells him he’s away, but he’s coming back. Sir Simon Marks, a magical suitor for Paige appears in the hopes that she will marry him. She tells him no, but he won't leave her alone. He tells her the oracles and soothsayers have foreseen them as a powerful couple. Simon then challenges Henry to a duel, and Henry fights to the best of his ability but it hurt by Simon's magic. Paige orbs in and stops him, and they tell Simon their in love, and Henry is not going anywhere. Simon disappears. It is revealed that the demons who took Christ are the Triad (unbeknownst to the charmed ones). Billie and Christy fight them, and destroy them all, or so they think. On top of the Golden Gate Bridge, Henry proposes to Paige, who says yes. The Triad shimmer in and claim their target (Christy) is in position.
  • Is it just me, or Christy doesn't look like Billie Sister?

    The episode, for itself was nothing special. Of course, we are learning more about the whole Ultimate Power, but i'm just so shock with Christy that i can't think of anything else. She just doesn't look like Billie sister. Maybe cause i imagine a whole different Christy, but just doesn't fit! Of course, she's blonde and that would be enough, but side to side, they're totally different! And she have a very weak acting, can't fool anyone. But anyway, back to the episode, this Power thing, is very boring. As you can see, even the Charmed Ones aren't worried about it! So...
  • A witch from where, a strange character and a storyline that is a bit disjointed.

    This episode was definately not the best from season 8. It could have been written better. Billie could have had a fight with a low level demon guard while rescuing Christy
    from her cell, instead of the strange english witch appearing although he did bring a bit of light hearted humour. Maybe development of Paige's relationship with Henry a bit more building up to the proposal at the end. Piper and Greg interesting but i don't remember him much maybe i need to go back a few seasons. I Think also That Phoebe should have had a bit more of a part maybe she was having a break. All in all not a good episode.
  • Christy is home but definatley not safe, the demons who captured her head to the manor to recapture her and a magical suitor arrives for Paige.

    When I saw the start of this episode i felt like i had missed some because christy was already home and safe, but i guess thats one of the downsides of a low budget! Christys line makes up for that...they-re coming! which really got me into the episode! I really felf how much billie and christy care for each other when billie is trying to teach christy how to use her power and at the end of the episode when christy tells her how much she cares about her, but does she really feel this way?! Another thing i really felt throuout this episode was the love between henry and Paige. One of the highlights of the episode was henry prposing to Paige! Overall a great start to the big battle of the season!
  • A witch turns up, intent on marrying Paige to make the ultimate magical couple. Billie is trying to get through to Christy (btw where the hell did she come from?!)and Piper bumps into Greg, eho she dated when Leo left her.

    First of all, if Piper had got together with Greg, that would have been rubbish, but it wass also obvious she was not going to. Wyatt actually speaks, have we heard him speak before?

    What really annoys me is that suddenly, at the beginning of the episode, it's just lyk, "oh yeh, Christy has been here for days," that could have been an amazing moment, you know, big fight, hugs etc. But no. It was the same wen Prue died. They just don't bother doing things right. Basically, we start to not trust Chirsty, although Billie does. But the show is called 'Charmed' as in 'the charmed ones' not 'Jenkins: Billie and Christy.'

    A man witch turns up trying to persuade Paige to marry him, so they can make the 'ultimate magical couple.' A very very bad and offensive English impersonation. If he hadn't been so rude... Anyway, Henry proposes at the end.

    Basically, a poor try, as they had no stamina to follow throught the good story lines. Charmed has lost it's touch. The fight at the end, where demons are closing in on Billie and Christy won't help her is cringing. I judt don't believe it.
  • A very good episode, even with the non-seen rescue, and the annoying british guy.

    Really good episode, no matter how centered it was in Billie and Christy; we finally get to see the woman after NINE episdoes of Billie looking for her and annoying us to death.

    The Paige storyline and the Piper storyline were both lame and extremely unnecesary, and they served only to confirm us things that we already knew, Paige loves Henry, and Piper will wait for Leo... We knew that..

    I'll now proceed to do my math:

    Acting: Everyone's performance was good in this evening, except for the fireman, whom not only is useless, but the actor who plays him is so dull that I thought I would die...
    I'll give the acting 2,25 out of 2,5 points.

    A plot (Billie, Christy and the return of the triad): FINALLY!!!!!!! She appeared... and we never knew how... that's the only thing that bugged me in this plot, because I liked the fact that the
    triad came back from the dead, I thought that Christy's powers are cool, and I loved that they were used on Billie abuse. :)
    I'll give this plot 1 out of 1,5 points.

    B plot (Paige): totally unnecesary, and they couldn't find anything for Phoebe, so they just made her useless.
    This plot gets 0,5 out of 1 point.

    C plot (Piper): confirmation that Piper would wait for Leo... we knew that since "Vaya Con Leos"...
    It gets 0,5 out of 1 point.

    Development of the story: Overall, this was a silly, dull, and unnecesary filler episode, so the development gets 1,5 out of 2 points.

    Conclusion: Phoebe is useless, Paige loves Henry, Piper is stuck on waiting for Leo, and the triad is back, even though I know what happened next, the triad returning was great, so the conclusion gets 1,8 out of 2.

    This episode gets a total of: 2,25+ 1+ 0,5+ 0,5+ 1,5+ 1,8 = 7,3 points.
  • The Triad is back!

    The Triad is back!

    Billie found Christy in the cave, and now has brought her back to the manor, we also find out that Christy is supposed to be some sort of key to some ultimate power. And Christy's power: starting fires. Is it just me or is Christy acting really wierd, she even seems a little evil.

    An old flame from Piper's past (Greg) is back in her life, no thanks to Simon who was annoying Piper at the time & made her hit Greg's car while she was backing out of the parking lot.

    Simon was so funny, loved the accent & how he wouldn't take no for an answer from Paige. I also loved how he kept calling Henry different names, and when he orbed into the manor thinking Greg was Henry, the poor man was so confused!

    Simon orbing himself into Henry's office and telling him to back off because *he* was Paige's future husband, that was classic, and then challenging Henry to a duel, fantastic! And the duel was funny especially after Paige arrived. Henry finally standing up for himself and telling Simon every little detail about Paige that only someone who truly cares about her would know.

    And my favorite part of the episode, Henry proposing to Paige on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. That was so romantic.
  • Jesus Christy, Superstar

    The Last Temptation of Christy sees a shaken Christy staying at the Manor and Billie trying to get her to open up. Meanwhile, a demonic faction, led by The Triad, plan to abduct her again. The actual Charmed Ones are all regulated to subplot filler thought with Paige being proposed to by a British annoyance and Piper getting seduced by one of her old boyfriends whilst Phoebe... uh, well... she's... just, uh, there.

    Christy was immediately promising. Marne Patterson didn't have much to do besides scream, wail and shudder but she already seems way more talented than the actress playing her little sis. The Christy storyline is becoming more interesting but the whole Triad thing seems out of place. This episode wrote them to be the most powerful demons in the demonic world, almost completely forgetting The Source and the fact that, oh yeah, the Triad got vanquished 5 years ago! Whatever "incarnation" of Triad they are, please somebody tell them to change their outfits. They looked ridiculous with their new robes...

    The special effects were really good, in particular the TK'd fireball thing at the end. I also loved the scene where Christy set Billie on fire. When Paige and Phoebe ran in, I was screaming at the TV, "Let the witch burn!! Burn!!!!" Easily the best Billie-abuse moment of the season...

    One thing that really ticked me off about the Christy storyline was the fact that everybody kept calling her "The Key". Jesus, Brad Kern, couldn't you come up with something a little more original? Buffy had their own "Key" six goddamn years ago!

    The Paige subplot was extremely boring. It felt like some rejected Sabrina the Teenage Witch script and Sir Simon was just plain annoying. The main point of the storyline though was to get Henry to propose to Paige and the actual proposal scene was done really well. I really like Henry and I'm glad that he isn't the latest 6-episode boyfriend character as Ivan Sergei is excellent in the role. Sadly, Rose McGowan went back to her twitchy, seizure-mode in her subplot and I hope it was just a one-episode thing. She's shown signs of improvement this season and I really don't want her to fall back into that acting style.

    Piper's subplot was pretty pointless. We know Piper would never do something like cheating on her husband and it was annoying that we had to go through 15 mind-numbingly bad minutes before she actually told the Horny Fireman her true feelings.

    Phoebe hardly did anything in this episode, besides go on and on about her frickin' condo. Post-baby obsession and post-Dex, Phoebe's had absolutely nothing to do this season, generally popping in and out of the show. I really don't understand why this is happening. It's also making her more irritating than usual, her condo storyline being eye-gougingly bad.

    The main problem I had with this (and most of the current season eight episodes) is the lack of the three sisters being in scenes together. They're all split apart on their own little quests and it just doesn't feel like Charmed anymore. Christy's storyline is definitely intriguing but all the rest of this episode was pretty sucky.

    Rating: C-
  • This episode was great. In this episode I started to see why Billie & Christy were so important. I didn't like Billie in the beginning but this episode makes me want to give them a chance.

    This episode was great. In this episode I started to see why Billie & Christy were so important. I didn't like Billie in the beginning but this episode makes me want to give them a chance.

    I thought that when Christy put Billie on fire it was funny. But then when Christy turned evil and went with those demons, Billie still came after her and talked Christy out of it. Then they combined there powers and killed all those demons that were trying to kill them.

    That sort of reminded me of the Charmed Ones. Like when Phoebe went evil, her sisters were there to talk her out of it. They didn't but they tried.

    And I also think that this episode gave me a better understanding of why Billie was put into the show and why she is important.
  • This is Charmed isn't it?

    I was just wondering if this was Charmed or the Billie and Christy Show.
    Sorry to say it but I like Charmed with the Charmed One's being the Ultimate not pushed to the side for 2 newbies to come along and show that they have more active powers then the girls themselves. As this is probably the last Season for the show would like to see it end on a Charmed high not a billie and christy low.
    I can't really add anything else to this as the episode was not centered on them. The sideline stories (piper and fireman & paige and henry & pheobe and well zip) were nothing more then small very small fillers.
  • once again da haters prove wrong , this is really cute , exciting and funny episode.. like always , read honest review inside !

    i cannot believe that some of yall vote this episode low like 1-6 , it actually deserve more then that.. or at least 7+ , Charmed season 8 start with low storyline and plot but it definitely kept getting better n better ! since episode 12 , this show definitely improve like in season 3-6 ! yall just hate Charmed i guess or angry cuz its boring or whatever blalala..

    this episode is good but not amazing or awesome like that ! da girls like always acting really great from Alyssa , to Rose then Holly , i love Phoebes clothes though , it soooo sexy ! i love Rose part when she defend her boyfriend Henry in this episode when Simon want to take her as her future wife lol ! that was funny sh!t , Alyssa really didnt do anything in season 8 except she just helped da girls , doing potion and mooore but i still love her , overall shes still my favourite character lol.. i also love when Simon told Phoebe that she is beautiful then Phoebe laugh , that was sooooo cute and hilarious

    that Simon guy was a bit annoying but i think he bring da show mooore comedy in this episode lol ! hes acting are good too ! i love da scene when he fight Henry with da sword lol and some more scene with him and Paige ! he really hilarious lol ! Holly also didnt do much in this episode , she just acted great like always , go to store , buy something and etc.. i think Greg part was useless in my opinion , why they bring him again to da show in this episode.. and he's face now look like Glen now lol (Paige friends in season 4 & 5)

    Billie & Christy part was great too , i already like Christy (i dunno her real name lol).. she less annoying then Billie , her fire power was great too ! but i think both Billie & Christy has a really powerful power ! i think thats not fair to Phoebe (give Phoebe power back Brad !!!!!!!) and wheres Piper 3rd power , absolutely not fair ! da Jenkins sister have an outstanding power then The Charmed Ones now ! look at da last scene when Billie & Christy at da underworld combine their power ? that tooooooo much and powerful ! da girls doesnt even fight in this episode except at da minor only ! but i seriously think this has to do with da big final battle though about why da Jenkin sister are powerful.. i hope The Triad make Christy & Billie da big bad battle soo da girls can take Leo back ! i have no problem with da Triad much.. i need to watch next episode sooo i can comment on The Triad , but not now.. they didnt do much in this episode

    da special effect and power in this episode are totally cool and amazing then some of da previous episode in season 8 ! its definitely improving ! great job ! da storyline and plot in this episode are exciting but still they just talking n talking and less fight and mooore focus on da Billie & Christy.. overall im sure some of yall didnt like this episode but i do ! its really great ! i really can imagine my life without Charmed , only 7 more episode :( :( :crying:

    and one more thing , im glad Paige accept Henry to married with him ! i cant wait to see next episode cuz Paige finally marry ! yeaaaah although its too early lol , but of course they want to make it hurry cuz its Charmed last season ! watch it , dont forget u guys !

    and sorry u guys i know my english sux but i still try my best ! :P
  • I have been an avid fan for all days. I love the twist this year and really feared the end was too close for comfort...

    I am leary of the two new sisters because I do not want to see the series end. I would love to see the show to develop into the next generation of Halliwells. I keep waiting for the relationship of Billie and Christy to the Charmed Ones - will the secret ever be told? Definitely a true mystery - great that Paige is getting married! Now if she can truly get married on the first try of the wedding - none of the other girls made it the first wedding day???
  • Christy is back, Henry meets his first demon, and the sisters are trying to find out who they are up against. Demons from the past: The Triad!! Average episode

    Average episode, it wasn't revealed how Christy was rescued, how The Triad came alive again and that Simon dude was the worst guest character it TV History.

    The kidnapping storyline is finally a little cleared up, and i don't really have a lot else to say about this episode.

    I hope the next ones will be better.
  • SWEET!!!!!

    Dude I am so gldd Pagie and o man i forgot his name again!!Any way i so happy they are geting married!!!I soo happy!Loved this episode but more PHEOBE!!!!!Sorry I love her!!!Anyway I am so glad Piper turned down the fireman.I don't like him then or now!!Dude i have a qustion.......WHERES CHRIS!?!There is Whytt but no Chris!Dude i swere Christy is evil or something!!!She is still very very fishy!And Billie is driving me NUTS!!!It is always about her!This show is about the charmedones not some dumb blonde gurl!!!Now I better shut up know befoure everyone hates me!!LOL!!!All in all this episode was AWSOME!!!OH yeah!!!I hated that one dude that said he was destined to marry Pagie.He was a real jerk face!!!I bet the one guy they were talking about on the preveiw who shows up is him!!
  • There's nothing new I can say that others havent already been said but here I go....

    I was dumb-founded when Christy was just sitting on the bed. How did she get here? Where has she been? Why doesn't she know anything? And when I got over those questions all I can think is that she is on the bad side and the sisters should know this. More importantly I don't care about Billie or Christy. Isn't every "evil" they come up against the worst and most powerful....yeah yeah yeah..

    Paige getting married? Kinda soon and while I like Henry I am not sure I trust him.

    One positive thing, I saw was Wyatt smiling for a change. But who would leave their child with a virtual stranger(the fireman). Piper knew who he was but I am sure Wyatt didn't. And even though the child can "protect" himself, I still feel it was inappropriate thing to do.
    And why give Piper a love interest anyway, it's not like Leo left them, he's frozen.

    The closer we get to the end, the more I am ready to just put us all out of our misery, if they can't make the ending worth the wait, just finish it already.
    Till next week......
  • Honestly...... i am a huuuuge fan of Charmed...... but this episode wasnt really that good

    Overall... the episode wasnt that bad..... we saw a lot of things happened..... and they revealed a buch of things that is building up for the series finaly...BUT.....IT WAS BOOOORING...... i mean... for starters..... how in the world did Christi get there???.......... and why in the middle of the episode does Billie say that they didnt now where Christy was.... if she was the 1 that found her?.....There were a lot of things that didnt add up... the british guy was very funny....and i think the kid that plays Wyatt is very good..... but why on earth dont they show Chris, i just think it was so stupid to make Piper have another baby just because Holly was pregnant.... and what the hell happened to Phoebe's powers...... she has had like less than 5 premonitions this whole season.... and it seems that the writers forgot that she can also levitate and that she is an empath... i know they took her powers away... but i think its time to give them back.....

    A lot of things that still are blak and need to b filled before the finale.... hopefully they will... otherwise i know that not only me... but a bunch of fans will be very dissapointed
  • To much invested, for to many years, for this huge change in the "story bible".

    Come on, Piper tried to get married, it was measured in Seasons!!! Not only that but she has had nothing but pain and torment since the marrage. I think its great that Paige is getting married, however, what happened to the cleaners, don't they care about the magic exposure prior to the marrage? Where are the Elders on this. not only is Paige a Charmed one, but she is also a White Lighter.

    Let's talk about the real issueI have with this eppisode. Many of us have years invested in the sisters lives, loves, heatbreaks, triumphs, failures,joys,and sorrows. Why have Billie and her sister, who frankly I have nothing invested in, been given such a prominent roll in the battle to come! Dump Billie and Christy, bring back Leo! Let's get back to the center and foucus on the Sistes!
  • Amongst the bad writing of this episode there was some very pivotal character development.

    Right from the start I had extreme issues with this episode. At first I had to pause the video and check online to make sure I had not missed an episode because it starts off with Christy being amongst the sisters. As far as I remember in the last episode 12 Angry Zen, Billy had only begun to figure out where Christy was being held. There were some clues dropped as to a possible story arc over at least 3 episodes. But instead the WB had decided to cut right to the chase. As they have done all season this year. They have been quickly developing new characters and plot lines. And for what? Is it because they do not forsee a 9th season? Are they providing a starting point for a spin-off like Sci-fi has done with Stargate: Atlantis? Or are they only catering to fan demand with the obvious lack of heart put behind this seasons dreadful rush through plot points.

    All in all I would make sure you do not miss this episode if you are an avid viewer of Charmed as there is a ton of key plot points and character development that will leave you scratching your head for weeks to come at episodes in the future which are sure to make sense of the mess we are seeing in this particular episode. If you can get past the poor writing and horrible and obvious lack of passion for the series by the production crew this season, it is a must see episode.

    All things considered I give this episode a rating of 7 due to necessity of viewing to be able to enjoy season 8 of the much loved series Charmed.
  • Christy is introduced to us...

    I am disappointed with The WB network. No wonder it has to merge with UPN to become "The CW"- they didn't even promote this episode very well. I, for one, was excited for this episode but the promos just showed Paige and a British guy nothing to do at all with the episode's central focus- Christy (played by Marnette Patterson). So... Paige, the British guy Simon and Henry. I quite enjoyed their storyline this week.... from the promos I thought it was going to be weak but it was actually kind of funny. So good that Henry proposed to Paige at their place- Golden Gate bridge. Piper and Greg were OK... Wyatt is cute! Piper and Greg developing their relationship would be interesting to see. Phoebe wasn't in it much so I cant comment on her. Billie and Christy were excellent- great acting from Kaley Cuoco (yes- Kaley can definitely act). I will definitely tune in to next week's episode.

    Episode Grade- B.
  • Please just shot me. I am a older viwer of Charmed, really like the show (1-6)for the fun and magic aspect. Now this is just dull, with demon of the week, love interest of the moment. And the I am thirty and just got my own places.

    Where the ---did Christy come from. Did I go in to a coma and miss a week. Next, Alyssa Milano need to be prosecuted for stealing, because she is not earning the money their paying her.
    This is getting hopeless. I though maybe some good show and interesting chacter might save this show for one more year. But just like Leo it is gone and looks like it went one year to many..
  • I loved this episode. I look forward to charmed every week!

    This was an awesome episode. This season is really looking up compared to 7. What more could fans ask for? Another charmed one is finally going to get hitched, the show is going back to siterly ties.(billie and christy kicked ass at the end, the HUGE firball and the telekenisis!! it rocked) and the are foreshadowing a huge battle at the end. This episode was awesome. I miss phoebe living at home but she deserves her own house. Wyatt is great too but wheres chris?
  • wicked episode cant wait to see it

    i really love the episode, i havnt seen it yet but i will download it later this week and watch the whole lot of it, and i really cant wait till i see it because the twins jason and kristopher were in it too and they are both so cute and adorable and i cant wait
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