Season 6 Episode 14

The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2004 on The WB

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  • A good one and finally magic school.

    I don't get people who didn't see this coming. Chris referred to Leo as dad in a reference to Wyatt but the way he said it was still coming from him. He has witchy powers which he's had since last season. He's always had this sense of love/respect towards Piper that isn't that obvious but it's there. Wyatt said "you of all people". He dislikes Leo no matter what, but at the same time always reaches out to Leo like he wants his approval. I'm sorry but this to me doesn't seemed 'pulled out of nowhere'. I think maybe they wanted it to be revealed later possibly but because of Holly's pregnancy it couldn't be, but it's definitely not 'random'.

    "I think his intentions are good' "oh please" .. I'm sorry but what then? I get he's a bit weird, but how can you act like he hasn't been pushing and pushing for you to hunt demons which doesn't support his mission?

    And the charmed ones are supposed to be all powerful but Phoebe's power is being taught to an 11th grade class and is practiced probably better than she can do it...

    I think Piper's 'normal' thing gets old fast. I mean she spends the start of the episode neurotic about Wyatt and his powers but then she sees other kids and calls them freaks and says it's not what she wants.. how is it not and so you think your own son is a freak then?!

    I thought it was completely stupid and careless that Paige take her class into her house. Especially one of them conjoured it, so you take them out into the world where people can die and conjour it in the real world? Stupid.

    It's kind of hard to vouch for Chris, but they were overreacting a bit, and they never ever let anyone explain themselves in this show it's always "what I saw had to be right" even though he's done nothing to be doubted for! Why come back and chase demons constantly if you don't want the demons gone.

    I don't get how Paige thought they couldn't do magic outside magic school. A kid conjoured it, he has magic, another building isn't going to make a difference. Was just bloody stupid.

    Finally, it isn't Paige's place to just decide to bind Richards powers. She has a right to think about it and tell him about it as an idea but not just do it. I'd be furious if someone did something that serious. If I woke up one day bald because someone just decided "well you can't work with your long hair anyway" I'd be furious. Who are they to make that decision.
  • The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell

    The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was entertaining, exciting and engaging. There was a lot of character and plot development, good character development, and lots of magic. It was great to learn more about the Magic School and get a sense for it's existence. Phoebe learns the truth about Chris. A lot happened and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Harry Potter and The Chamber of Rip-Offs


    The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell-The Charmed Ones help out Leo's mentor, Gideon, when he wants to find out who cast the spell of darkness over a magic school and conjured the Headless Horseman who has been beheading the teachers. Meanwhile, Phoebe goes on a vision quest and discovers who Chris really is.

    It's officially, the writers have completely run out of ideas as this episode introduces us to Magic School aka acomplete rip-off of Harry Potter from the Howgrats-like sets to the teacher's costumes. It's like Brad Kern and his team have no shame, Magic School is not only a boringdevelopment for the series, appearing until the end of the series but it's a boring set.I never liked Magic School and it was just a terrible way for the writers to captalize on the Harry Potter craze. Despite that, "The Legend ofSleep Halliwell" (....remember when these pun titles werecute? sigh) is a pretty dcent hour considering most of the cast gets something to do. Paige becomes a temporary teacher atMagic School, Phoebegoes on a vision quest and Piper comtemplates whetherWyatt should go to Magic Schoolsince he is anti-social around other children as of late. Even the guest stars are solid likeBetsy Randle as Mrs. Winterbourne, Christopher Neiman as Sigmund and especially Gildart Jackson as Gideon. He's first appearence is mysterious and makes you want to see more of him.

    The Headless Horseman plot is pretty silly as Charmed can be at this point, but at least the mystery behind who unleashed him is played out seriously with little hijinks or cheap laughs. Phoebe's vision quest was eerie, intriguing and when we get to see the possible future, we see she'll have a child of her own. The bad thing is that this starts Phoebe on her tiresome arc of finding "the one" so she can have a baby. Anyway, at least Phoebe manages to find out the identity of the Horseman's conjouror adn while Zachary's motive was your typical "adolescent teen crying out for help", it was a nice reveal and the actor was decent enough. The episode ends with a hugh twist, turns out Chris is...Wyatt's brother!! Talk about pulling a plot point like that out your a$$ writers!! All and All, a watchable hour of Charmed to say the least.

  • Magic School and Gideon are introduced, and we get a bigger reveal about Chris than we did in Chris-Crossed.

    I first have some advice for some people- DUCK.

    In usual Charmed style, the writers juggle about 6 balls at once, and they do a more than admirable job in this episode of keeping them all airborne. We have dark magic, a new recurring character, a new full time setting, further study of the sisters' characters, a big secret revealed, AND much lighthearted humor all in one episode.

    The main plotline is a whodunit, an original idea for Charmed, which involves the introduction of Magic School and the head schoolmaster, Gideon. The Magic School, even if unoriginal, is very cool and becomes a mainstay throughout the series, in fact, sometimes underutilized. Gideon, played by Gildart Jackson, is a fantastically played character who ends up being one of the best bad guys the show has ever seen.

    The Headless Horseman not only incorporates another storybook character, but it also leads to the humor in the show as our actresses get to show how well they can act from the neck up. And of course we get more progression for our characters. All three sisters are unhappy with magic's intrusion into their lives at the start. By the end, they are more at peace with who they are. Paige finds her calling, sort of, and Phoebe gets the first of many premonitions where she sees the future following the end of the series. The writers were brilliant to do this. It gives us the viewers something long term to look forward to even when the short term is not going very well. This premonition happens to have a wallop of a reveal, none other than the fact that Chris is Wyatt's little brother.
  • Awesome Episode and Discovery!

    It is really awesome that Phoebeo discovered Chris is really Piper and Leo's son in the future and Nephew of Aunt Phoebe and Paige! Chris admitted it, later Chris needed Phoebe to help him too! Anyway, the boy who conjured headless horseman to get revenge on magic school then later, he admitted he really want to go home where he belongs. Anyway, Leo need to chill and trust Chris. It is for baby Wyatt's safety to make sure if he is not evil or not! Chill, Leo!! Chris made right decision, I agreed. It is very interesting and revealing episode!
  • All aboard for Hogwarts!

    Ok, so there may be nothing new under the sun but there is stuff that's new to Charmed. This week, we are introduced to the imaginatively titled Magic School, which will stay with us for the rest of the series, and to Gideon, its creepy headmaster. The idea of Magic School is, of course, straight out of Harry Potter, but to be fair to the producers, they've gone the whole hog(warts) and given us as near a replica as copyright allows. The camerawork is lovely and that shot of Leo and the girls looking up at the door is class. My only complaint is the school's recruitment policy: Paige is basically grabbed from the corridor and shoved in front of a class with no training whatsoever. They don't even tell her which class she's running!

    For once, there are no demons to worry about, just the odd headless horseman. The plot has a refreshing whodunnit? feel and I confess I didn't guess Zack was the culprit. The beheadings are great fun and the effects work well. It is, perhaps, a little lighthearted but there's so much going on that this isn't a problem.

    Thanks to a decent guest actor, Gideon manages to be sinister without coming across as evil. This is despite some very naff lines. The kids are more of a mixture: some good, some bad. I thought Zack was a little wooden.

    I liked that Paige was still concerned about Richard. Credit to Cameron Litvack for keeping him in the story between appearances.

    For me, the best part was Phoebe's revelation about Chris, both her vision and his confession. The only thing I found annoying was that she needed some stupid wolf woman to tell her to use her power. In nine months, hasn't she once been tempted to force a premonition from Chris? Interestingly, the future she sees is almost exactly what is shown at the end of 'Forever Charmed.' In case I forget to say it at the time: nice continuity!
  • Interesting episode, but also full of corny jokes. Spoilers within.

    **spoiler warning!!**

    This is a very corny/cheesy/inserthereyourfoodofchoice episode. But it's also quite revealing--in a good way.

    The girls discover magic school, one of the most important locations and elements of the rest of the series. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige all discover the solutions to their emotional problems at the school and Phoebe discovers much more: Chris's secret. The corny part, you ask? Well, the Headless Horseman attacks the girls and removes their heads. The magic of magic school prevents their deaths but corny jokes appear such as "let's put our heads together". It takes away from a very creative, pivotal episode. Other than the jokes, it's enjoyable, except the "villain" aka the misunderstood student isn't very likeable even before we discover his mistake. Did I pity him? Yes. But did I like him? Not really. I would've liked more focus on HIM as a character than some of the other students. It made it more "mysterious" but less interesting.

    But the final scene in the episode where Phoebe confronts Chris makes it worth it. That's why it has its rating--because that makes up for all the cheese. Anyone have nachos?
  • A Season 6 Favorite!

    Aside from no demon fighting in this episode, I love everything about it. Play off of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was done well and how the writers made it into their own was even better.

    Music score to this episode is the best and sets the tone for the rest of the season.

    There is plenty of humor in this episode, especially coming from Piper.

    The introduction was great, having Wyatt orb from preschool to the manor where he is attracted to the entrance to Magic School.

    Phoebe's vision quest was a nice side story and it was exciting to see Phoebe pregnant in the future and find out that Chris is Piper & Leo's son.

    Whether or not one likes the Magic School storyline, the Magic School introduction is very mysterious from meeting Gideon to setting foot in Magic School with endless halls and seeing what others may not and it was shown well.
  • Brilliant episode

    Leo's old mentor at Magic School, Gideon, calls upon Piper, Phoebe and Paige to find out who cast the spell of darkness upon the school and conjured up the Headless Horseman, who has been beheading the teachers. Meanwhile, Phoebe is sent on a vision quest by Enola, a young shaman student, and gets a glimpse into the future, where she discovers Chris' true identity which causes secrets to be revealed.
  • We find out about magic school.. excellent ep!

    This is 100% the best episode so far this season! The story has you watching closely the whole time and you are anxious to find out what everything means.

    The plot is .. wyatt is at preschool, then he orbs home where a magical doorway has appeared. It opens and a head, yes a head flys out to deliver the message it was meant to. This leads to some funny jokes trust me ;)

    Gideon, Leo's old mentor and master of magic school ( a lot like hogwarts), is asking the charmed ones for help to rid the school of the evil headless horseman who keeps beheading teachers. Paige and Piper and Phoebe all have separte missions but ultimatly work together to stop the student causing the mahem.

    Very good ep which is very funny. And we find out who chris is!
  • The girls discover Magic School, a place in which new generations are taught the constructive use of magic, where the Headless Horseman is beheading the teachers. Great episode. Revealing, probably the most revealing of the season!

    This is a great episode. I liked the storylines and I\'m happy that we finally got to see what was Chris\' true identity.

    The Charmed Ones get a cry for help from a teacher at Magic School because someone has conjured the Headless Horseman and he is worried that if he continues to behead the teachers, the new generation of magic might be in peril, without them to teach the students the proper constructive use of magic. Gideon, Leo\'s mentor, sends the girls to find what they seek in the school, and interestingly, Phoebe is sent on a vision quest. What she discovers in the future is that she is pregnant and that Chris is Piper and Leo\'s son, Wyatt\'s brother.

    Great plots/storylines in this episode, one that was touching and some people could have related to, and the other, more important and essential for the show. Overall, fantastic effort, not anything too special, but I liked it. Very revealing though...
  • The Headless Horseman wreaks havoc on the sisters lives.

    I totally loved this episode mainly because I loved the legend and I felt the writers did it justice. Of course they molded it to their own liking but I really enjoyed this episode.

    We start off with Piper getting her ear talked off by those Devil Soccer Moms. I seriously hate them and I was wishing through the entire scene Piper would either freeze the chick or blow her up. SHe doesnt do anything instead she actually delves into what she is saying. THe scene is saved by Phoebe and Paige coming. Phoebe looks relatively nice whereas Rose should have thought about that lipstick. ANyway these girls are neurotic to the fullest. Phoebes issue is one most females go through but last time I checked the biological clock thing happens late 30s and Phoebe is late 20s. Paige wants to save Richy Rich and Piper is worried about Wyatt. Almost on cue he orbs out and none of those soccer moms catch this. Turns out the Manor Sisters recently built a door in the staricase. Well its actually a portal to Magic School. WHen it opens some nerd cuts his head chopped and of course the censors have them cut out a second before the blade hits the neck. THe head is still alive and Piper and Phoebe gawk.

    Next scene Feebs is carrying the head and Paige orbs in with Leo, Damn. Apparently these two have met. TOdays case: Crack the mystery behind who let the Horsman out of the book. I also enjoyed this episode because it had a detective feeling to it. THey go to the School which is like a Hogwarts rip off but atleast we wont have to constantly deal with annoying rugrats running around the joint. Feebs sees a wolf and everyone sees a poorly done special effect with a girl flying across the floor. Over at the Main Hall the sisters meet Gideon who supposedly has all met them which goes against everything relating to Paige we have learned. Her birth was a secret but anyway I totally like British guys and this one can act. He separates the sisters.

    Piper: SHe is sent off to investigate the school and witness magical kids in their own environment. SHe sees what she doesnt WYatt to be in so her journey is pretty pointless because she is the "nromal" sister. HEr journey gets cut short when her head gets cut off. OK I always thought Piper was the smartest out of the bunch but I guess everyone has their days. SHe just stands there and waits for the blade to hit her.
    Phoebe: SHe is suppose to follow the wolf which of course means talk like a baby until it appears. HEr journey is quite intriguing and she finds out a lot about the future. The whole vision quest thing was very cool and we find out there is a demon free future and Piper has another kid. Well duh. If you didnt figure that out episodes ago then maybe you should be in 3rd grade. BUt there is a downside to this: Phoebe from this episode on becomes baby centric which isnt a bad thing just, at times, annoying.
    Paige: SHe becomes a teacher and learns to help people. Yeah whatever with that.

    THe action in this eppy is very nicely done. I felt the scene with the horseman in the manor was a great scene. But this episode had to have a bad scene. Leos confrontation with CHris in the bedroom was horrible. Keep talking like that Brian maybe you will get fired. Only Milano does the teeth talking thing and if you steal it she will fire you, ha. WHile her sisters are off trying to track down the conjurer, Pipers head gets stolen. CHris gets Phoebe to help with the investigation. SHe figures out who the conjurer was. I was extremely surprised, I had no idea it was him. Did not see that coming at all. THis shock totally won me over. THe girls try to retrieve her head but instead lose theirs. ANd once again no one does anything. Milano makes this weird hand gesture and ROse does something stupid. I was screaming orb the hell out but no, they lose their heads. Zack impersonates Paige and sends Gideon flying across the manor. Sidenote: Leo can now orb a whole bunch of people with out saying anything.

    THe humor is fantastic, especially Pipers one liners. THey conjure the horseman. THey do the same thing from the Premiere which I still have no clue as to why that works. THey cast a spell and the explosion was very nice. Phoebe gets all touchy with her body, but I must say her outfit this episode kicks ass. THey get all Lifetime on Zacks ass and totally make him believe the crap they believe now. I am all for normality and if you want it you should have it. Let the kid do what he wants.

    Wrap up: Phoebe gives little bits about their respective futures. SHe corners CHris and makes him spill. Now we have to worry about him being conceived. This kid can not do anything right.
  • The Charmed Ones are taken to Magic School, a place for the next generation of magic to learn the trade. They must find the student who conjoured the Headless Horseman, who is cutting off teachers' heads. Phoebe goes on a quest of her own.

    This episode is a variant from normal procedure in the Charmed world. The typical 'girls meet demon, demon does bad, girls kick demon ass'isn't used. Instead, the plot has evolved to show a whole new viewpoint on the storyline. Gideon's includement in the story is definitely not over. This episodes elaborates and stretches what we know about magic and introduces a new setting used many times in the future.
    Piper shows real additude in the way she handles the students. This episode shows a new side of her, and her humor truly shines through in a bitingly sarcastic way. Paige becomes more headstrong in this episode, as well. She is really fighting for something she believes in, and it affects her future as becoming a teacher.
    In this episode, we find out that Chris is Leo and Piper's son. It's almost a relief to find out was Chris has been hiding, and this lets us move on comfortably with the plot.
  • Great the first time I watched it.

    This episode was ok when I was younger, but now this episode seems a bit silly. I hate the idea of magic school, it seems a tiny bit like Hogwarts, I think magic school is needed due to other episodes and storylines.

    I liked the Phoebe's storyline, Phoebe previewing her future, which I thought was planned out really well, I was also pleased to see that Piper wasn't the only one who has kids. I was also happy when Phoebe figured out Chriss's secret.

    The Magic school storyline was good, and I know they had to bring in magic school some way, but I just feel the door in the wall was quite stupid.

    The storyline is kind of based on Sleepy hollow, it isn't the same it is very different.

  • The episode entitled, ‘The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell’ focused on a conjured headless horseman and his antics at the Magic School.

    The episode entitled, ‘The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell’ focused on a conjured headless horseman and his antics at the Magic School.

    It was cool to see the sisters go to the magic school and have separate little adventures. I really enjoyed Phoebe’s “journey” to the future.

    Well, finally everyone knows who Chris really is. I’ve been telling people since the beginning of the season and now everyone knows. The only question remaining is whether or not he will be conceived, and if so, when will the others find out?

    Overall, I would give this episode a 9 out of 10. I can hardly wait to see how the future of the Halliwells plays out.
  • I loved it, it was so interesting, a great plot with a great outcome.

    It's really shocking to find out that Chris is Wyatt's brother. I had no idea. And what we learn from Phoebe's vision quest is great, I just hope it all works out that way.

    I liked the 'whodunnit' guessing style for the headless horsemen summonee. It was a very unexpected outcome, but sad at the same time because the boy felt misunderstod.
  • Thank God! A Good Episode!

    I bow to you Cameron Litvack!! Yes, this episode is massively unoriginal but when Charmed has been making episodes as bad as the ones so far this season, even if an episode about a young woman called Bunny who goes around slaying vampires was mildly interesting, I would praise it!

    The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell has the sisters investigating a series of beheadings committed by the evil Headless Horseman at Magic School, a, uh, school for magical people. Things turn from bad to worse when the student controlling the Horseman decapitates all three sisters.

    The episode is completely unoriginal, the Magic School is straight out of Harry Potter (the set looks exactly the same, if around $5,0000 cheaper) and the headless horseman is, well, the headless frickin' horseman! But, compared to the rest of this awful season, it's a blessing to get an episode which doesn't reduce itself to sex gags and awful story developments. All the cast are brilliant in this episode, possibly because they're acting out a good script for once! There's also a nice "whodunnit" mystery to the episode, with the identity of who conjured the horseman kept secret until the final act. It's rare to see a mystery in Charmed anymore and it's greatly used here.

    It's also good to see that the writers are expanding the show's mythology with the Magic School, which will be used for the rest of the season. You shouldn't be put off by the un-original storyline, The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell is the best episode of season six... by miles!

    Rating: B+

    this is deffinately my fave charmed episode ever. i was so shocked that chris what leo and pipers son i mean OMG!!!! i loved it. and he and wyatt looked so cute in the flash forward it wasl so cool. I also like the way a student finnaily got got thier own back on school (not that i would go to those lenghths. i love bit piper doesn't have a body.
  • this episode totally rocked.

    This episode DEFINITELY is one of my new favorites. If only for the bomb that was dropped on us in it. I think I about fell off my chair when I finally put all the clues to Chris\' identity together. This episode has everything that I like about Charmed that previous episodes this season had been sorely lacking. A shady character we\'re not sure we can trust, the sisters looking so screwed you\'re wondering how they are ever going to get themselves out of this whole, and DUN-DUN-DUN a major plot twist that leaves your head spinning. This episode kicked booty.
  • Bad storyline, good development

    Not the best storyline but still pretty good episode. We finally find out who Chris really is and see more of his motive to save Wyatt. That part where Phoebe finds out about Chris is still good to me. The main plotline.... to put it simply - sucked. The Headless Horseman? Huh? And the whole power stealing thing... Prue was telekenitic just like Zachary and we never saw her going Klepto with other peoples powers. So what's with that?
  • This episode had everything I like in charmed, a trouble maker who wants revenge, a close call with the cahrmed one's death, and learning more of magical life!

    This episode was a great episode. I got everything I need from a good episode. In this episode we discover that there is such a thing as magic school and that you cant get hurt in it.
    This is a solution for the problem about what to do with Wyat because he has problems at a pblic pre-school.
  • This was not one of my favorite episodes

    I really didn't care for this episode. It was to hokey. First of all it was out of character for evil to be in Magic School. Also seeing Piper the first to loose her head was not funny as it sat there on the mantel. Also with those kids all in the living room playing tricks and being all rightous and acting so silly. I am sure they have all heard of The Charmed Ones and why would any of them ry to mess with a Charmed One. It just didn't fit with the Charmed Ones reputations. I think this was just a thrown together episode.
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